Monday, January 27, 2014

Perth & KK Day 3

Vacationing in Oz is incomplete if you don't get the chance to come face to face with a kangaroo & a koala.. No? Hence the enthusiasm of our third day in Perth. We were going to the wildlife park people!!

We were so lucky to have seen the dolphins in the wild the day before (you may read here & here on our 1st day in Oz) & a park full of animals is exactly what these kids looked forward to. 

As usual I was in charged of the food for breakfast. Had to cook all the foods that HB bought since we were checking out of the holiday park & heading to the city today. 

Our breakfast that morning was sure for a king!

After cleaning up we left our cabin. It was quite an experience to us. It was small but cozy enough for the 6 of us.  These are the side & back views of our beach cabin.

Ready to go

The entrance

We didn't have the time to take the younger girls here. But they sure had fun at the park in Madurah Bay

Before we left for the wildlife park that morning HB took us to Fremantle town hoping that the tour he gave was ample for us. I was hoping for us to have a quick peep of the town but the girls didn't seem to fall for it. 

The houses I managed to snap along the way

I loved the architecture. I knew HB loved them too but he has been so many times to Fremantle hence the quick tour. It reminded me a bit of Penang somehow. The same colonization back then. 

Them big trees did amaze me...

The girls? They only had the wildlife park in their head & nothing else bothered! I even caught one playing a game frm the tab!! A scolding of course from momma dearest...

But I was wrong after all.... A glimpse of this ferris wheel caught the younger girls' attention. Seconded by their big sisters who named it Eye On Perth (Yeah right! Hahaha...) they managed to make HB promised to take them back to Fremantle later in the evening. 

It was approximately 45 km from Fremantle to the park.  Closed to an hour drive but the repetitions of "Are we there yet..?" felt like the journey took us forever!

Finally we reached the destination safely. Caversham Wildlife Park is situated inside Whiteman Park,  a bushland area which offer lots of attractions. Anyhow we only had time for the wildlife...

The trees that welcomed us

Unlike the cruise in Mandurah, this time around we didn't purchase the tickets online. The line that morning was surprisingly bearable. The girls were with me getting the tickets whilst HB parked our car.  As usual Wardah was with the cam & with that gadget she babysat her sisters... hence these shots.

The first place we headed once we were in was the loo ;-) I made everyone go in. It would be really a hassle when in the middle of our little adventure we needed to stop or worse search for a toilet! 

A pose whilst waiting for papa

Guess which animal welcomed us? Yes... Not other than the kangaroos themselves. The girls were so thrilled! Imagine the excitement but off they were sent to the loos first. Hahaha... but it was really nearby. Now enjoy the photos of their maiden encounter with the kangaroos except for Yasmin of course but she could hardly remember then.

We moved on. It was sure a hot day but the girls didn't seem to bother. HB ushered us to this animal show which I had forgotten what it was called but we got to see the wombat!

Us with the wombat

A bird specie in the background… 

Owls & more owls!

A possum

Braved themselves with this python..

A baby wallaby

Family portraits under the hot sun! :-)

Check it out.. a dingo

Now here's a red fox

We were heading towards the koala when we were lucky enough to have met with there baby koalas. They were in a confined area but I managed to focus the lens through the fence.


Zooming out… hehehe!

Nowadays visitors are no longer allowed to cuddle or touch the koalas. We were even prohibited to make contacts with the eucalyptus leaves that these koalas eat!

This was taken back in year 2000 when Yasmin, then a toddler visited Cairns. We could cuddle them freely :-)

The girls looked forward for this next visit.. Molly's Farm. 1st is to pet the animals & 2nd the show

Not bad striking these poses huh donkey ? ;-)





A calf

The calf was somehow attached to HB ;-)

Who would have thought a goat & a llama could be be buddies? :-)

It was getting hotter but HB herded us to the stable. I remembered asking Nadeen before flying to Oz of what she wanted to see in Perth. Her answer was not a kangaroo definitely not a wombat but simply a horse! What do you know her wish was granted… ;-)

Awww… look at the face! I petted a horse mama...

We were still early for the animal show & it was getting hotter. Honestly I wasn't really looking forward to it. It was my 3rd of such show, 1 in NZ & another in Cairns. But I doubt the younger girls remembered.

Killing time..

As expected it couldn't beat the ones I've watched but it was ok really. Their main attraction was the park itself & the show was just an additional entertainment. Now enjoy the pictures.

Balqis surprised us by putting up her hand when the host asked for a volunteer. Well, she had a good time feeding the kid ;-)

It was indeed a hot day… A Dec summer day in Perth & a wildlife park sound very tiring don't you think? But we made the girls' day fortunately. Check out those faces… hahaha! Priceless…. and guess what? As we were making our way to the exit the girls whined to have another round of ….

the kangaroos & wallabies!! Yes… those faces brightened more running towards them kangaroos. But we were kinda lucky this time coz they were less visitors around.

It was indeed hard to bid farewell … hahaha!

 I don't know why but this trip I was really amazed with trees & plants. Something I used to take for granted. Perhaps it was the weather. My first time of summer in the south hemisphere. As the girls put it… "Mama loves dead trees!"

Of course I insisted on these shots!

Our wildlife adventure in Caversham ended but it still couldn't call it a day. Still many more activities to  venture… ;-)

We set the GPS to the airport. That day we were returning our rented mpv & get to know the public transport in Perth. So far the girls had not been introduced to the city of Perth. Once we landed the other day (you may want to read here ) we headed straight to Fremantle. I think it was a good decision. Loved the countryside & the beach a lot!

Arrived at Perth International Airport  with ease

A farewell pose with our rented Kia Carnival

We were making a move to the airport premise when the girls shouted… "Mama your favorite plant!" Hahaha!

Yasmin with our luggage & additional weight ;-)


They found Santa, got their goodies & of course a pose ;-)

This was our first public transport in Perth.


 The girls in the shuttle

Goody from Santa

It was a smooth ride. I knew the girls were tired but they couldn't stop talking about their new ventures today especially in the park. As I was about to dose off I saw a glimpse  of the city… & tall modern buildings emerged. Not long after we reached our stay of the night at the heart of the city itself.

I of course looked forward to a proper hotel room. The cabin in Fremantle was not bad. It was quite an experience yes but I longed for a bathroom not to be shared with another 5 persons!

The girls goofing whilst HB checking us in

Nadeen as always ready for a pose for the cam

Balqis too

 Wardah  who is never a camera shy neither behind nor in front of the cam 

Unlike this girl of mine… never a best friend to a cam ;-)

Even when the bed was next to her she couldn't be separated from her book!

We only had like an hour or 2 to rest. All because of me… You see, this was our 3rd day in Perth but we had not yet eaten Fish & Chips! The last I was in Oz I couldn't remember how often we had that for our meal. So special request from mama dearie… back to Fremantle for its infamous seafood galore plus HB promised the girls something ;-)

Without our ride this time we relied on the public transportation & by foot. It was a quiet Friday evening. Most shops were closed when we started strolling the city. HB's colleague joined us this time. He had never been to Perth & HB was playing tour guide :-)

Gratefully there were still a few shops operating… hence the bright smile :-)

It was quite a walk to the railway station from the hotel. Well not at the first 10 mins since I was busy searching for shops to hop in but after that the walk seemed to be forever.

At last we reached at the station

Now, this was HB & Afiq getting us the tickets to Fremantle

Fremantle again.. ;-)

Correct platform

In the train… almost there

A family portrait with Fremantle Railway Station in the background

We were catching the sunset. No time to ask for information of any available rides to the Fishing Boat Harbour. Made do with what was given to us… our legs hence the walk ;-) The temperature was dropping & we forgot to bring our jackets nor pashminas but the walk distracted our minds. Plus Wardah managed these shots of the architecture in Fremantle. They wouldn't be this great if we were in a transportation.

After quite a walk in the city of Fremantle we at last saw the glimpse of the ferris wheel. It was just our day… there were not many people queueing for the tickets. We managed to see the sunset from our gondola after all :-)

A father's love

You should witness the smile in the girls' faces… not only the younger girls but even Yasmin & Wardah. Seriously that was not their first ferris wheel ride ever… I suppose  getting in the "Eye of Perth" as Yasmin put it added up the thrill ;-)

I thought HB bought tickets only for the girls. I was wrong there. He got tickets for all of his girls! Hey what do you know… I got a ride too ;-) The child in me was screaming out loud softly… hahaha. Now enjoy the pics.

It was simply awesome!!

Next came dinner… another reason to do Fremantle again besides the ferris wheel. It was quite chilly outside which explained the crowd indoor. We had no choice but opted for the outdoor table. Cold? Yes… Whilst HB & Afiq, his colleague were getting our dinner I  instructed the elder girls to keep themselves busy with the cam. They sure did make full use of the toy. The coldness forgotten.

Nope. We didn't dine here.

When our food arrived I need not had to tell them to eat. They were famished. Even Nadeen attended to herself & didn't mind me at all. I tell you.. it was worth the train ride plus the walk all the way from the city of Perth to Fremantle ;-)

The walk back to the station was really a drag… hahaha. Anyhow none of the girls complained. The train ride back was way quieter. All was tired & so looking forward to get in bed. It was indeed a great day & the next day would be our final stay in Perth. 

Back in Perth. A family portrait before the walk to the hotel & called it a day :-)

*to be continued