Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Girl's Secret by Wardah

This morning, as I was about to switch on my desktop, I came across this piece of paper on the table. I could recognize the handwriting. It was my 6-year-old girl, Wardah with her art work. What captured my attention was not the drawing but the poem. Or could it be a very short essay?? Obviously at this moment of writing, she was in the mood of dancing. Perhaps was playing along with Yasmin & Balqis. However, the word forgeted really made my day.....

ps- English is her second language at home.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Look what Balqis brought home today....

Balqis was so happy showing me what she brought home today. It was a tiny plant which obviously she sowed onto wet cotton herself with the help of her teacher. She didn't allow her sisters to touch it. Kept on checking on it every minute. I put it on the kitchen top by the window & she looked so proud knowing that I liked her plant... Wonder what she will bring home next. I'm looking forward, of course!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Guess What?

I have a marvelous news to share. Have been planning for this for quite awhile. Though hubby was not really keen to the idea, being a headstrong as I am, he usually gives in. His losing phrase... "You always get what you want!" That is somehow true. I strive to get the things I dream of. A very determined person I am which hubby thinks stubborn is a better adjective. Maybe it doesn't really show to others but to hubby as my other half, it can really be a pain in his ass...!

So, back to the topic. As most of you are aware that I have 3 beautiful girls. Frankly, hubby is fine with 2 despite the gender. I disagree. 2 is less the fun & 3 is a crowd. To solve the matter, I think, I have got to make the number even. I am here to announce that I am in the family way again... Yes, I am exactly 4 weeks & 5 days pregnant. Really, really plan for this fourth round. I want to make sure that I will deliver during the school holidays. It will be unfair to my other girls if they are schooling & I do not want to trouble others. My EDD (Expected Delivery Date) is on the 15th of December 2007. That is almost perfect. Based from history, I normally deliver 2 weeks or 1 week earlier. School will reopen on the first week of January & by that time I hope I am well enough to chauffeur them to school again.

Everybody is excited. The girls keep on asking about the baby & little Balqis has been taught by her big sisters that there is a baby in mama's tummy. She simply imitates her sisters kissing my tummy over & over again. I know that this pregnancy is going to be fun. The elder girls are big enough to share stories about the baby's development & also to help me around. Hubby is of course enthusiastic with this news. Praying that this time we will be granted with a boy...

I hope that everything will go smooth. Of course I will keep on updating about the baby. I am yet to make an appointment with my obstetrician. Perhaps next week. As for now, I have been taking folic acid way before I was pregnant. Told you I am well prepared for this pregnancy!

Here is the pregnancy home test I did. The line in the test window is rather blur compared to the control window. But it is still considered positive... Hey, after all, I am a mother to almost 4!!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Meet The New Members Of My Family

I always have something against pets. I am no pet lovers, that is very obvious. Being rather particular about the cleanliness of the house put a big barrier whenever the girls ask me permission to have pets. Another thing that I do not agree is how the animal is locked inside a cage. Freedom is robbed away. I really can't bear that.

Couple of weeks back, we went to a mall & the girls wanted to go to a pet shop. Told them that we were just looking around. Anyhow, Yasmin felt in love with the hamsters. Trying her luck again with me, she asked to own a hamster. As always, I rejected. But looking at those cute little things I somehow asked the salesperson on how tedious it is to take care of hamsters. Of course he said no. He even took out one of the hamsters at put it onto Wardah's hand. She was thrilled & called out to Yasmin who earlier ran to hubby after I rejected her wish. I saw the changes in Yasmin's face when she got to hold that tiny creature. The worst enemy to all mothers... witnessing the joy in their children's faces! Hence, I gave in.

We bought not one but three hamsters. A male & 2 females. One for each of my girls.
Yasmin named the male, Mimo & the other 2 females Lulu & Chiki. On the way back home, they sort of had a meeting in the car. Deciding who to own which of their new pets. Heard that Yasmin declared Mimo hers, Wardah wanted Lulu & Chiki was of course with no doubt given to Balqis.

The cage...., full with activities.

Once home they didn't move from the cage. Talking & watching their pets. Frankly, I sort of enjoyed it too... looking at those hamsters exploring their new home. Wardah told me that she wanted Lulu instead of Chiki. I told her that she had to ask Balqis first. Of course Balqis didn't care, as long as she has one. Unfortunately, the next day Yasmin found Chiki bleeding bitten by Lulu. Took her out but it was too late. Chiki had died. Such a poor little thing. The girls buried Chiki on the frontyard. They even had a funeral for her...

Here is where they buried Chiki. I did not have the chance to even snap her photo.

We have separated Lulu from Mimo. She attacks him too. Her cage is smaller as it's like a punishment to her. After a couple of days, the girls put them together again but Lulu did not learn her lesson. She straight away attacked Mimo. So be it! Lulu now stays in the smaller cage permenantly. The girls would take both out to the garden in the evening & even at the open space Lulu once in awhile would try to bit on Mimo.

Yasmin with both remaining hamsters, Mimo & Lulu.

Lulu somehow likes Wardah. Look at them together.

Mimo, what an adorable little thing!

Lulu has a good appetite. Here is Lulu munching on a yoghurt chip.

The girls want to get a new hamster for Balqis. Obviously, Balqis knows nothing about it. Big sisters making plans for themselves using their little sister. Why does that sound familiar...??