Wednesday, March 9, 2011


9th of March. The date that made me a mom. Yes! How time flies.... You know, it does give me a lump in my throat when I see her standing as tall as me now. Where had the little bubbly girl in curls gone? She's 12 today!

Alhamdulillah, she turns out to be an amazing young lady. Doing good in school & as Wardah once put it... "Who doesn't know Kak Yasmin? I love to walk next to her just to get in the limelight". Hahaha! Wardah loves the attention not Yasmin. But it is Yasmin who is the popular one in school. Does she ever bother about it? Never!

Early this year, I wanted to get her a new school bag but she hesitated. She insisted to use her old bag which she claimed was still in a good condition. Bought her a new purse from Girls, she thanked me alright but was worried of the price. It was not even a designer's purse! Seriously... when we go shopping I admire something than only look at the price but Yasmin checks the price first than only admire... Oh yes! I have gotten the gentle scolding from her about a few things I bought. The only things she doesn't bother to check on the price are books... She has 0way too many of them & if only Wardah reads like her! (I haven't stopped hoping Wardah... ;-))

For her birthday, we wanted to take her out for dinner. But she has her tuition class tomorrow until 9pm. Told her that we will fetch her & go out to get something for supper. Guess what her response was "Can't we just have a take away..?". That's my Yasmin. Love you darling... Happy 12th Birthday!!