Saturday, October 13, 2012

38 going on 18?

Alhamdulillah.. we have settled in comfortably at this new house. It has been.... wow! 7 months? Will update more I promise ;-)

Now, someone just turned 38 early this month. She was rather down the morning of her birthday. No cards, no cakes, no gifts... Only Wardah presented her with a birthday kiss & a hug. HB too before he left for work. Yasmin was in her boarding school. The younger girls were not aware of their mama's birthday.

A day before on the 30th, we visited Yasmin. She kind of expected HB to think like her & have a small celebration with all her girls around. But there was none... Yasmin anyhow made her day by presenting her a self-made card & a dainty jewelry box she bought in school. Thanks darling... (the picture is missing.. will share once I get hold of it..)

On her birthday, after her morning chores were done she logged in to FB & there were lots of wishes came from dear friends. Instantly she replied & updated her status that day. Her first 2 sentences rhymed hence a simple poem...

A digit added to my age today. 
But hubby's away. 
The girls are all in school with friends to play. 
Home alone with bibik I'm here to stay. 
Waiting for the time to fetch them in gay.
 Not a second I feel forgotten no way. 
My dear friends are non-stopping posting wishes on my birthday. 
I feel loved which money can't pay. 
That's what I call a facebooktastic way!

What on earth made her write such poem.. I too wonder. It got to be the age factor! That's no doubt...

Her best friend whatsApped for a lunch date. A birthday treat! That sure put back a smile on her face.. My! It sure was tough being 38 for her!!

With her best friend

They couldn't spent too much time together though. Anyway, it was supposed to be a quick lunch but ended up until 3pm. A call from her best friend's staff hurried them to the basement parking. 2 patients were already waiting for their runaway doctor... ;-)

Upon reaching home, Wardah told her there was a surprise on her bed. Oh really? Things were getting better for her that day... A bouquet of red roses! With a card merely written - From : Secret Admirer

SA? Hmmm... that would be no other than HB. Positive! Called him up but there was no line. He was flying.( Psst... baby! If really you wanted to SA me, could you at least not use the florist card with  the address clearly written...)

She was indeed in cloud nine. HB is not really the type to give flowers.. Just not his way. He prefers to give me a cake... something he can share with girls he said. And it was the cake she expected when they visited Yasmin!

She didn't smell it at all. He was good. Normally all surprises she was able to guess.. Apparently that weekend they put up the night at her in laws. She drove & HB rode his bike for it had not been ridden for quite some time... It was on the way back home that he detoured to the nearest florist.

The supper they had together before he left for work on her birthday

That night each of her other girls made a birthday card for mama... The younger girls of course had no idea of her birthday. Wardah who is in charged now whilst Yasmin is away, was occupied with school activities now that UPSR is over. Hence the almost belated cards.. 

Last week when visited Yasmin,  they felt like trying their skill in basketball. She was just monitoring but when insisted by Yasmin she joined in. Shot twice in a row on both her maiden throws...! And Yasmin went... "Are you 38 going on 18 mama?" Ahaaa...