Friday, December 21, 2007

It's a big no 10!

No. 10! Nope. Not my favourite number. Far from my lucky number. Come on... give it a guess! Nah! Well... It's been 10 full years of me becoming Mrs. Azmir Idris.

That name is not that hard to carry. But... I didn't say it was easy either. What I sincerely want to share here is that I am honoured, proud & of course lucky to be the other half of Mr Azmir Idris.

He might not be romantic. A gentleman? Excuse me... not him! A decade married to him I've gotten to know his strengths, his weaknesses & I have accepted him as what he is. That's the key to a happy marriage. Love your spouse as he is & be grateful to what he can give. Build the trust & gain the love.

I consider myself grateful married to a cancerian - a family oriented person. Loves his girls & at times can be quite domestic. As his wife of 10 years, I not only know that he loves me & the girls dearly but I can feel his love! And.... it does not stop growing. Thank you baby for a beautiful 10 years. Happy anniversary!

(HB is away again today & Im still confined at home. Guess we have to do a rain check some other time. He thoughtfully, made my bro bought this cake for me. How sweet... Know what I mean of him not a romantic person... To him flowers are not worth buying. A cake, even the girls can have their share... See I told you he is a true cancerian)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

Which is worse? Aidiladha during confinement or Aidiladha without your husband around?

As for being confined, I definitely can't eat varieties of my favourites. What would ketupat & nasi impit be without kuah kacang? Rendang without lemang? Hmmmm... no choice then. Just ketupat & nasi impit with rendang. Not so great for my appetite though. Anyway, that's something than nothing at all.

Hubby not around during Aidiladha? Of course, that is worse than being confined. But he is just a phone call away. Besides, the girls & I are used to not having him around most of the time. Wonder what he's having on Aidiladha. What else? Another airline meal! My poor hubby...


Nadeen's first Aidiladha

Nadeen hospitalised

I have always been thrilled bringing back my newborn home. But I know that I still have to monitor her for any signs of jaundice, especially her first 2 weeks.

On the second day back from the hospital, a nurse dropped by to check on the baby & me. She noticed that Nadeen was slightly yellow. That was a sign of jaundice. 2 days after that, I took Nadeen to the clinic to test her bilirubin count. It was 13.8. She was 5 days old. The doctor sent us home but the follow up check up on her 7th day, her bilirubin count climbed up to 15.6. Of course Nadeen was sent straight to the nursery.

Nadeen in the nursery

She was monitored under the special light (not sure what it's called) about 20 hrs daily. That was plus minus, feeding time, bathing time & diaper change. Her second day, the bilirubin decreased to 12.5. On her 3rd day, it was 11.5 which was a good sign.

I requested to take her home. The paediatrician agreed because she was then already 8 days old. I just need to continue breastfeeding her at home. In fact, she was never fed with formula. I expressed my milk regularly & sent to the nursery. I even used the electric breast pump in the hospital to express milk for Nadeen. It was faster than manual but of course a little bit painful.

Nadeen's tag

My yellow Nadeen

Nadeen playing with papa after nursing

Back under the light (Still wrapped because she was still awake & in the mood to play)

Now, she is getting a lot better & Im recovering well too. With the older girls around, it's not hard to take care of this new baby.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The date is Dec 2nd 2007

Alhamdulillah.... (grateful to Allah) I have safely delivered my 4th princess. Her birthday is on the 2nd of December 2007. Remember? I was hoping to deliver after Balqis's kindergarten concert which was on the 1st? What a timing...

Well, let me share my experience with this delivery. It's true that every baby a mother delivers, will somehow introduce her to a new adventure. I had earlier felt mild & irregular contractions since the Tuesday, 27th Nov. Knowing that hubby will be away for a couple of days, we decided to stand by at my parents'. Furthermore the hospital is very nearby.

I kept on having the contractions especilly at the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes strong but most of the time mild. Worried of the condition of my baby, I decided to go to the hospital anyway. Based from the CTG result, my contractions were mostly mild only a couple of strong contractions. A staff nurse conducted a VE and I was only 1.5cm dilated. The nurse also discovered that I had vaginal infection which could cause the contractions. Since my EDD is still a long way (Dec 15th), my ObGyn advised me to go home.

The contractions days after that did not go away. I was very confused then. Though this was my 4th pregnancy, it did not make me an expert. What worried me was due to my pain threshold. I believe mine is high. During my contractions with Wardah, I waited at home until I couldn't bear the pain anymore. Once I reached the hospital, I was already 8cm dilated. 2cm more to a full dilation. Due to the non-stop contractions, hubby did not allow me to attend Balqis's concert on the 1st. It was a wise thing to do. I was in pain (which I still could bear) while my Balqis was having fun on stage.

Once more on that Saturday afternoon, after hubby got home from the concert, we were in the labour room again. No more infection but the VE result was a disappointment. I was only 2cm dilated. After all the pain! But this time, I was told by the nurse that according to the CTG, my baby's heartbeat dropped twice during my strong contractions. But it g
ot back to normal after that. My ObGyn instructed me to be admitted. I had to be monitored with the CTG again at 6 in the evening. That was like another 3 hours of waiting. So, we decided to come back at 6pm again instead of being admitted.

At 6pm, we headed to the hospital once more. Thankfully, the baby was doing well. Her heartbeat was normal again. In fact, she was still active moving in my belly.

My ObGyn suggested for me to be induced. Moreover, based from my history none of the girls delivered on the 40th week. It had always been early for me. Hubby agreed. And I... frankly was tired of getting mixed up between the real contractions and Braxton
Hicks (false labour).

I was admitted at midnight on the 2nd. (So that, we don't have to pay the room on the 1st!). I was woken up at 5am. A tablet was inserted to my cervix. I was earlier informed that the labour pain through induction was worse than natural labour. Also that some mothers need more that a tablet for the cervix to soften. As for me, a tablet worked even after 15 minutes being induced. The pain? It was beyond anything I could imagine. Yes, I have experienced natural birth twice but the labour pain this time around was so very painful.

The CTG record.

Half an hour after struggling with the pain, I without hesitate requested for epidural. Anyhow, I had to bear with the pain for almost another 3 hours. Once the anesthetist came to the labour room, he really made my day. The procedure for epidural was rather complicated & I dared not look at the apparatus used to prick holes out of my veins & worse my spinal cord . As true as the anesthetist's remarks, the slight pain that I had to endure during his procedure was nothing compared to my labour pain.

It was true. I behaved like a good girl during the procedure. Once completed, I managed to smile. I even managed to read a novel & let the contraction did what it had to do. I felt nothing. Perhaps at that time I was probably dilated at 3cm - 4cm. At around 10am, I felt a little bit of pain during contractions. I believed, the dilation was almost full to 10cm.

By 1015am, I felt nausea & asked for a kidney dish. I vomited & at the same time broke my water bag. My ObGyn arrived & I was already 10cm dilated & ready to push out my baby. After 4 times pushing hard, I delivered my beautiful baby girl. She weighed 3.03kg.

My baby, seconds after her birth.

A nurse attending to my baby.

I didn't know what got into me. When the nurse handed me my baby girl for her first meal, I suddenly felt quite emotional. I broke down when I was nursing her in the labour room. HB got panic. Thought that I was in pain again. Funny him! Frankly, I never did break down with any of her other sisters. I was only overjoyed with their arrivals. This one I was happy but at the same time felt a little melancholy. Most probably, knowing that the baby in my hand was my last baby. We plan to have for children despite the gender. The birth of my final princess might cause the tears.

Isn't she worth to cry for?

We named her Amirah Nadeen. Her sisters adressed her Nadeen for short. She completes my family of 6. HB, me, Yasmin, Wardah, Balqis & baby Nadeen.

Nadeen with her sisters. (Wardah had a cough...)

Nadeen dear, it was papa who washed your first poo.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Check out the tummy!

This is my latest photo. I weigh 68kg now, 16kg extra... & I have the feeling I'm gaining more. The baby at 35th week weighs 2.4kg.& now I am approaching week 37. Guess, I just have to work hard to lose the extra weight after the delivery. Please... I need all the luck in the world!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Congrats Girls!!

Here comes the school long break again. Glad that the girls understand, we cant take them for a holiday trip this year. I am almost due now & at my 36th week already. But they are happy enough to spend the break at my parents'. I will be staying with my parents for awhile once the baby comes out. At least until the school hol ends.

Right... back to the title. My elder girls, Yasmin & Wardah did great in their final exam. Hubby & I are so proud of them. Wardah scores 95.5% & is 3rd in her class. Yasmin maintains her 1st position with 97.7%. Wardah wants a laptop for a reward. Can you believe that? That's my Wardah... My down-to-earth Yasmin is happy enough if we buy her a mechanical pencil. But we bought her story books that we know she loves & Wardah, instead of a laptop, we got her a few Barbie computer games cd-roms. That should do the trick if they ever get bored when Im busy tending to my new baby.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

I hope it is not too late to wish my fellow muslim friends "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri". We are lucky again this year that hubby is not working on the 1st & 2nd day of Aidilfitri. Spent the eve of Aidilfitri in Klang (hubby's hometown) & in the afternoon we drove south to Rembau, my grandmother's place meeting my family. Here I'm sharing with you the cheerfulness of Aidilfitri this year. This Aidilfitri sure did mean a lot to my 2 elder girls, Yasmin & Wardah. Wardah managed to fast for the whole Ramadhan. Yasmin was down with a fever on the the 1st day but she did fast for 29 days. Mama is proud of you girls!

Yasmin, Balqis & Wardah. The banner ontop was their work of art.

The girls clowning around while waiting for papa from the mosque.

Papa's girls....

The girls with me & their unborn sister.

Wishing Aidilfitri & asking for forgiveness from their grandparents.

Yasmin hugging papa.

A kiss from Balqis.

"I promise to be a good girl mama"

My hubby's big family.

Here's my unborn baby!

I know... I know... Been a couple of months again without any updates. Today, I suddenly have the mood to post something & I'm sharing the 1st look of my unborn child. Just look at the pose! Well... I'm getting another girl & that sure is a girl posing! No son for me yet & with 4 kids... I'm done.

I am at my 34th week. Doing well but the cramps are getting worse. The girls are waiting anxiously for the arriving of their new baby sister. Whenever they see me holding my tummy with an uncomfortable look, they'd sure ask "Is the baby coming out?" excitedly. I'm due Dec 15th but have a strong feeling, it will come out sooner than that. Balqis's kindergarten concert is on the 1st of Dec. Hope I will manage to catch that.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th National Day..... Merdeka!

Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Malaysia's Independence Day. How grateful I am to be a Malaysian & more thankful that my children do not have to go through what our grandparents experienced in the olden days. Of course I won't fail to remind them of how tough it was before the independence. Together we pray that we will stay independent forever.... Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Poem - Merdeka!!

In conjunction with the National Day, the girls' school organized lots of activities for the students. Wardah took part in a choir competition & her class got fourth place for singing the "Jalur Gemilang" song. Way to go Wardah! Yasmin, on the other hand was voted by her classmates to represent her class in a poem recitation competition. Today the result was out. I could see her smiling away heading towards me when I fetched her up this evening. She won the the first place & was given the honour to recite the poem again today during the school's National Day celebration. What really made her proud & me even prouder was that the fact she composed the poem herself. The day she brought it home for me to read, I was really amazed that my daughter could write. Here is the original piece of her poem which she named "Merdeka!" (being free, independent). Of course there were spelling mistakes which I have corrected earlier.

Merdeka!! From 1957 till 2007, we're free!!
Free from Englishmen,
Free from Japanese,
So what shall we do next?

Let's celebrate National Day!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
Let us celebrate 50 years of independence!
Let us rule our very own country,
What about calling our country "Malaysia"?

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
We promise to be honest,

We promise to learn well,
We promise to respect the elders,
Shall we promise to take care of your name?
Yes, of course we do!

Now we are telling you,
We are proud of you Malaysia,

Thank you Malaysia!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Look Who's 33...

Yesterday, July 16th was hubby's birthday. We had earlier given him his gift.(Knowing my girls... once they knew there was a gift, it should be given straight away!) So on his birthday I thought there was nothing real special. He left very early for work & came back around 7pm. I knew going out for dinner would be a little bit tiring for him. In fact, the girls would want to tag along & it was not a weekend for them to stay up late.

Wardah asked me to bake something for papa. I am really not into baking nowadays. However, I've got an idea to kill two birds with one stone. The girls have been asking me to bake cupcakes & I decided to make the cupcakes as
hubby's birthday cake. We surprised him with his birthday cake once he entered the house. Yasmin & Wardah sang birthday song to papa but I could only hear Balqis shouting "Aqis blow! Aqis blow!" It was real funny. Too bad I was holding the cake & could not shoot the precious, cute moment.

The birthday cupcakes. He loved it. Mentioned that it was som
ething different. (But then complained the cupcakes were not soft enough..! )

Hubby with the girls. "Happy Birthday Papa!"

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Here is Balqis singing her favourite number...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Frankly, I was too busy to realize the beautiful date that perhaps to some people might bring a good fortune. What was registered in my head was that on the 7th & 8th, I planned to stay over at my parents' knowing that my siblings would be there. Only in the afternoon I realized about the significant date. It was boldly printed on the first page on the daily newspaper. 070707!

Then I remembered Wardah... She was born on 010101. Not C-section but normal delivery. I really didn't expect of her early birth. Even hubby was away in Nagoya, Japan. And 010101 was also printed on the front page!

I thought that 070707 would merely be another normal day. Nothing like my 010101... Who would have expected my baby chose that very date to give me his/her first kick on my tummy. I could feel the baby moved before but not that furious kick he gave me. Even my unborn baby knew the date to choose... 070707 ;)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I'm BACK!!

I know! I know! I've vanished for quite awhile. The thing is I sort of falling out of love over the internet & all the gadgets I have at home. But the real reason is due to the morning sickness I had to bear in the 1st trimester! Yippee!! I am now at my 17th week & has long waved goodbye to the 1st trimester. Though morning sickness fails to leave for good it sure is far better than what I had to go through on my 2nd & 3rd month... fooh! This pregnancy is really different from the other 3. Perhaps it's the age factor... I'll be 33 this October. Gosh!!

Well... despite the vomiting, headache & tiredness, there are of course lots of great things that I have ventured. Slowly I will recall & definitely share with all of you my amazing friends. Which I realize that my blog does have regular readers... Okay people, I will find the time to update. Till next time.. ciao.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Girl's Secret by Wardah

This morning, as I was about to switch on my desktop, I came across this piece of paper on the table. I could recognize the handwriting. It was my 6-year-old girl, Wardah with her art work. What captured my attention was not the drawing but the poem. Or could it be a very short essay?? Obviously at this moment of writing, she was in the mood of dancing. Perhaps was playing along with Yasmin & Balqis. However, the word forgeted really made my day.....

ps- English is her second language at home.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Look what Balqis brought home today....

Balqis was so happy showing me what she brought home today. It was a tiny plant which obviously she sowed onto wet cotton herself with the help of her teacher. She didn't allow her sisters to touch it. Kept on checking on it every minute. I put it on the kitchen top by the window & she looked so proud knowing that I liked her plant... Wonder what she will bring home next. I'm looking forward, of course!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Guess What?

I have a marvelous news to share. Have been planning for this for quite awhile. Though hubby was not really keen to the idea, being a headstrong as I am, he usually gives in. His losing phrase... "You always get what you want!" That is somehow true. I strive to get the things I dream of. A very determined person I am which hubby thinks stubborn is a better adjective. Maybe it doesn't really show to others but to hubby as my other half, it can really be a pain in his ass...!

So, back to the topic. As most of you are aware that I have 3 beautiful girls. Frankly, hubby is fine with 2 despite the gender. I disagree. 2 is less the fun & 3 is a crowd. To solve the matter, I think, I have got to make the number even. I am here to announce that I am in the family way again... Yes, I am exactly 4 weeks & 5 days pregnant. Really, really plan for this fourth round. I want to make sure that I will deliver during the school holidays. It will be unfair to my other girls if they are schooling & I do not want to trouble others. My EDD (Expected Delivery Date) is on the 15th of December 2007. That is almost perfect. Based from history, I normally deliver 2 weeks or 1 week earlier. School will reopen on the first week of January & by that time I hope I am well enough to chauffeur them to school again.

Everybody is excited. The girls keep on asking about the baby & little Balqis has been taught by her big sisters that there is a baby in mama's tummy. She simply imitates her sisters kissing my tummy over & over again. I know that this pregnancy is going to be fun. The elder girls are big enough to share stories about the baby's development & also to help me around. Hubby is of course enthusiastic with this news. Praying that this time we will be granted with a boy...

I hope that everything will go smooth. Of course I will keep on updating about the baby. I am yet to make an appointment with my obstetrician. Perhaps next week. As for now, I have been taking folic acid way before I was pregnant. Told you I am well prepared for this pregnancy!

Here is the pregnancy home test I did. The line in the test window is rather blur compared to the control window. But it is still considered positive... Hey, after all, I am a mother to almost 4!!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Meet The New Members Of My Family

I always have something against pets. I am no pet lovers, that is very obvious. Being rather particular about the cleanliness of the house put a big barrier whenever the girls ask me permission to have pets. Another thing that I do not agree is how the animal is locked inside a cage. Freedom is robbed away. I really can't bear that.

Couple of weeks back, we went to a mall & the girls wanted to go to a pet shop. Told them that we were just looking around. Anyhow, Yasmin felt in love with the hamsters. Trying her luck again with me, she asked to own a hamster. As always, I rejected. But looking at those cute little things I somehow asked the salesperson on how tedious it is to take care of hamsters. Of course he said no. He even took out one of the hamsters at put it onto Wardah's hand. She was thrilled & called out to Yasmin who earlier ran to hubby after I rejected her wish. I saw the changes in Yasmin's face when she got to hold that tiny creature. The worst enemy to all mothers... witnessing the joy in their children's faces! Hence, I gave in.

We bought not one but three hamsters. A male & 2 females. One for each of my girls.
Yasmin named the male, Mimo & the other 2 females Lulu & Chiki. On the way back home, they sort of had a meeting in the car. Deciding who to own which of their new pets. Heard that Yasmin declared Mimo hers, Wardah wanted Lulu & Chiki was of course with no doubt given to Balqis.

The cage...., full with activities.

Once home they didn't move from the cage. Talking & watching their pets. Frankly, I sort of enjoyed it too... looking at those hamsters exploring their new home. Wardah told me that she wanted Lulu instead of Chiki. I told her that she had to ask Balqis first. Of course Balqis didn't care, as long as she has one. Unfortunately, the next day Yasmin found Chiki bleeding bitten by Lulu. Took her out but it was too late. Chiki had died. Such a poor little thing. The girls buried Chiki on the frontyard. They even had a funeral for her...

Here is where they buried Chiki. I did not have the chance to even snap her photo.

We have separated Lulu from Mimo. She attacks him too. Her cage is smaller as it's like a punishment to her. After a couple of days, the girls put them together again but Lulu did not learn her lesson. She straight away attacked Mimo. So be it! Lulu now stays in the smaller cage permenantly. The girls would take both out to the garden in the evening & even at the open space Lulu once in awhile would try to bit on Mimo.

Yasmin with both remaining hamsters, Mimo & Lulu.

Lulu somehow likes Wardah. Look at them together.

Mimo, what an adorable little thing!

Lulu has a good appetite. Here is Lulu munching on a yoghurt chip.

The girls want to get a new hamster for Balqis. Obviously, Balqis knows nothing about it. Big sisters making plans for themselves using their little sister. Why does that sound familiar...??

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pity Dear Balqis...

In my previous post, I shared how great Balqis was coping with her new kindergarten. Unfortunately, the very next day she was down with fever, flu & cough.

I took her to the clinic & she was prescribed with paracetamol, ventolin and antibiotics. That night she was coughing continuously, breathing quite hard & was also wheezing. Balqis is not an asthmatic, neither is anyone in her paternal & maternal family.

I knew that an appointment with her paediatrician was wise. As expected, Dr. Tan the paediatrician confirmed our inexperienced diagnosis. Her lungs were parasited with phlegm & she was admitted in the ward. HB applied for leaves to attend to my elder girls & I stayed with Balqis.

Balqis, playing in the play room of the hospital.

Based from her X-ray report, her right lung was a bit infected. Nothing serious but was best to be monitored in the hospital. She had to take ventolin through a nebuliser. It was of course not her first time but she never did find it comfortable inhaling the gas. That was to be taken every 4 hourly. Even in the wee hours of the night, she had to be waken up. It was for her own good. After a few times, she was an expert with the nebuliser.

This was taken when she was in a good mood inhaling the gas.

And this shot when she was really in a terrible mood. Especially when she was in her deep sleep.

Dr. Tan was very impressed with her fast recovery. But he didn't allow us to go back until the fourth day. Wanted to make sure that the phlegm gone. Another reason was due the antibiotics given. It was strong & needed to be taken through intravenous.

This is what intravenous meant.The antibiotics injected through the tube straight to the vein. Nothing was wrong with her hand. It was covered as a precaution that she would not pull out the needle.

I took the advantage of spending quality time together with Balqis. I'm pretty sure each child needs once awhile to have a mother's attention only to herself or himself. In the ward, I only attended to her needs. Played with her, sang with her, talked to her, everything with her. No other sisters for me to divide the attention with. I missed it. Yes, I did. It was not that I loved the other girls less but the time spent only with her, strengthened the bond that was already there. I felt the same whenever I was alone either with Yasmin or Wardah. Sensed that they enjoyed my company too. Having me only to themselves.

Balqis with her sisters, Yasmin & Wardah.

Gifts from her sisters.

Sharing spaghetti bolognaise served in the hospital for Balqis. Can you tell who was the patient here by looking at their appetite?

At home HB was doing quite well with Yasmin & Wardah. Thanks to the modern communication technology that we were able to interact at ease. If Balqis were not admitted, HB would not have known how to get school books ready for the girls according to their school time table. He didn't even know where I put their school books....

I'm glad everything is doing great. Things are all back to normal. I am back at work as a mother, the girls are in school & HB is back working.