Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pity Dear Balqis...

In my previous post, I shared how great Balqis was coping with her new kindergarten. Unfortunately, the very next day she was down with fever, flu & cough.

I took her to the clinic & she was prescribed with paracetamol, ventolin and antibiotics. That night she was coughing continuously, breathing quite hard & was also wheezing. Balqis is not an asthmatic, neither is anyone in her paternal & maternal family.

I knew that an appointment with her paediatrician was wise. As expected, Dr. Tan the paediatrician confirmed our inexperienced diagnosis. Her lungs were parasited with phlegm & she was admitted in the ward. HB applied for leaves to attend to my elder girls & I stayed with Balqis.

Balqis, playing in the play room of the hospital.

Based from her X-ray report, her right lung was a bit infected. Nothing serious but was best to be monitored in the hospital. She had to take ventolin through a nebuliser. It was of course not her first time but she never did find it comfortable inhaling the gas. That was to be taken every 4 hourly. Even in the wee hours of the night, she had to be waken up. It was for her own good. After a few times, she was an expert with the nebuliser.

This was taken when she was in a good mood inhaling the gas.

And this shot when she was really in a terrible mood. Especially when she was in her deep sleep.

Dr. Tan was very impressed with her fast recovery. But he didn't allow us to go back until the fourth day. Wanted to make sure that the phlegm gone. Another reason was due the antibiotics given. It was strong & needed to be taken through intravenous.

This is what intravenous meant.The antibiotics injected through the tube straight to the vein. Nothing was wrong with her hand. It was covered as a precaution that she would not pull out the needle.

I took the advantage of spending quality time together with Balqis. I'm pretty sure each child needs once awhile to have a mother's attention only to herself or himself. In the ward, I only attended to her needs. Played with her, sang with her, talked to her, everything with her. No other sisters for me to divide the attention with. I missed it. Yes, I did. It was not that I loved the other girls less but the time spent only with her, strengthened the bond that was already there. I felt the same whenever I was alone either with Yasmin or Wardah. Sensed that they enjoyed my company too. Having me only to themselves.

Balqis with her sisters, Yasmin & Wardah.

Gifts from her sisters.

Sharing spaghetti bolognaise served in the hospital for Balqis. Can you tell who was the patient here by looking at their appetite?

At home HB was doing quite well with Yasmin & Wardah. Thanks to the modern communication technology that we were able to interact at ease. If Balqis were not admitted, HB would not have known how to get school books ready for the girls according to their school time table. He didn't even know where I put their school books....

I'm glad everything is doing great. Things are all back to normal. I am back at work as a mother, the girls are in school & HB is back working.


Mousie said...

poor little one, I do hope she completely recovered now...and poor mum, it's so worrying when a child is ill...I'm glad the other ones got on well at home...
I send my love to all of you, parents and children
see you
Mousie from France

jabishah said...

Tx mousie. Our love to you too...