Friday, March 16, 2007

I am fatigued

Wowwy... what a day! At the moment of me typing this, my day has not yet ended. I am at McD's waiting for my girls. Killing the time by composing this piece & later at home I would copy & paste this in my blog.

My elder girls, Yasmin & Wardah are sleeping over at their cousin's this weekend. Due to that, I need to carry forward all their weekend classes to make way to (according to Yasmin), their "slumber party". We got back from Cherating on Wednesday night. Yesterday Thursday, hubby & I had to settle a few things outside. Today Friday, I had to arrange their figure skating classes instead of on Sunday. Unfortunately, the coach was not available in the morning. She was free only after 11am. So they had their lesson at 11am. Right after class, drove to Megamall. Promised Yasmin her microscope & I can only get that at Toysrus.

Spent almost half an hour searching for a parking space. Balqis felt asleep in the car.Had lunch & managed to wake Balqis up ,then dropped the girls at Megakidz. That did the trick for making my shopping easier & faster. The biggest trick was to prevent them shopping for more toys at Toysrus. It was cheaper paying Megakidz than having to spend for their toys in Toysrus!

Grabbed the microscope & headed straight to Metrojaya to redeem my voucher. I didn't plan to buy anything either for me or the girls. So with the voucher, a considerate wife like me bought hubby a Superman T-shirt. Hope he likes it. I knew that he eyed the T the last time we were at the mall.

After the T, bought something for dinner & picked the girls up. Of all the days, today I accidentally took the wrong turn & was heading the opposite way from home... Luckily it was not yet peak hours & managed to reach home at 530pm. Rested for a while & at 740pm went out again to send the girls for their mental arithmetic class. And here I am waiting at McD's for their 2 hours class to end...

Tomorrow at 730am I am taxing Yasmin & Wardah again to Sunway for their swimming lessons. Right after that, straight to my brother's to send off both girls for their sleep over. Hopefully tomorrow evening, I can really, really rest.

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