Friday, March 16, 2007

Cherating, Kuantan

It's a school break again!! Though it's only for a week, I still need the break...

At first, we thought of taking the girls to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. HB will be there for 3 nights. Unfortunately, his last night there will the night before school reopens. I didn't think that was very wise. He suggested Medan, Indonesia. I disagreed. I wanted to go somewhere in Malaysia. I opted for a place I had never been to. I chose Cherating Beach, Kuantan.

Heard that the highway westbound has been improvised. Hence, we decided to drive there. The journey by car was tiring for hubby but fun to the girls.They didn't whine & surprisingly didn't even fight. Wardah & Balqis were singing away & Yasmin was most of the time reading. However, the 3 hours journey lasted for almost 5 hours! Stopping here & there especially for HB's cigarette break...

Some poses of the girls in the car.

The girls as usual never complain of any vacation we plan for them. I know besides holidaying what they look forward to is the hotel that we will be putting up the night. I browsed the internet & somehow was attracted to Impiana Beach Resort, Cherating. This Balinese concept resort faces a private beach & I really like the 4 posted bed with mosquito net. Though hubby was not really satisfied, the girls I could tell from their faces that they loved their room.

My 3 angels at the resort lobby.

Balqis was too eager to swim.

The beach was beautiful. But the waves were rather too strong. The sands were coarse. With one hit of the wave, your feet would go underneath the sand. That's very dangerous if one is in the water. No wonder I did not see anyone swimming.

Here are some of the shots by the beach.

The girls preparing to sleep.

The next day, we checked out & headed to another beach Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan. According to hubby the public beach there is more beautiful & the water is safer. True as he said. It was very windy too. I really liked it there. It rained for awhile but after that the view was picturesque.

Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan.

The girls made hubby bought a kite & all 4 of them sure had fun.

On the way to the highway, hubby stopped by a river, Kuantan River. These are the shots taken.

Frankly, the vacation this time was merely okay to me. But the girls, they enjoyed it so much! That is what important...

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