Sunday, October 23, 2011

Missing Wardah...

It has been more than a week since my last post. OK... I almost let the urge of updating this blog drift away. But I will not let that happen... Not this time.

Amongst the things I love about blogging is the friends you make. It feels so good to have Oldstock & Kak Sherry to drop by. It has been way too long. Dikny, I know in person & FB helps us to reconnect often.

I havent told you that Wardah is away. She's in Kelantan now, Bachok to be exact. Came home last week with the news & I well, was not so keen of the idea. Her school & another secondary school were selected from Selangor to participate in a Robotic Workshop, National Level. My concern was not merely because it was too far away but more to the traveling.. Kelantan is obviously hundred kms away & the transportation provided was definitely a coach or a bus. The long hours of travel without even one of her parents worried me.

The following day, she brought along the letter & it was clearly written, Bachok, Kelantan. The first thing that came out from her mouth after handing me the letter was... "Can't I take a flight...?". It crossed my mind earlier you see but since HB is in the airline, I didn't feel comfortable prompting the idea. Hence, the dilemma..

Later in the afternoon however, I received a phone call from one of the mothers whose son was also offered for the same workshop. She suggested for the kids to travel by plane & was asking for my opinion. Of course I agreed. Since she knows all of the kids' parents, she volunteered to make the phone calls. In the meantime, I was surfing for air fares. Both MH & AK. Obviously I was hoping that they get MH which is an advantage for us ;-) but of course I won't veto the situation. The price difference was like half 1k. Well, it was still a lot hence, the choice of anyone can fly...

The next day, the mother called that she had purchased those tickets but the differ between 2 airlines was very little instead after all the you know.. hidden charges. Oh well! I took it positively instead... At least Wardah can experience the other airline ;-) (even I have not..)

Here's Wardah with her friends, teacher & the other parents at LCCT.

Parting from my baby was kind of tough but it was not for her though!

They reached KBR 10 minutes before schedule. Way to go AK! Her teacher is a Kelantanese. Since it was a Friday ( a public holiday there), a relative fetched all of them at the airport & brought the kids to the family house. They had lunch there. In the car while we were on the way to LCCT, I told Wardah about Kelantan cuisine. Wardah is adventurous with food so I told her to try the many local foods Kelantan has to offer.

After lunch, they headed to Bachok. She was in the car when I gave her a call. Asked whether she had taken her lunch & all. At that point she kind of whispered. "Sedap mama....". I went, "Ye ke... What did you eat?" & she replied "Budu!". Hahaha! Well I expected her to try, Nasi Kukus, Ayam Percik but seriously budu was the last I had in mind!

She's still there in Bachok. Having a good time I assume based from the calls she made. At first her concern was the lodging. This girl of mine is very particular about cleanliness. She even wanted to bring her own pillow which HB objected. Settled only with a pillow case though...

The first thing she mentioned once she reached the school in Bachok was about her room. Sounded happy & satisfied ;-) 6 persons sharing a room with 6 single beds (no double decker..) & an attached bathroom is a bonus!

Can't wait for Tuesday... Most of all am looking forward to hearing Wardah's experience of Kelantan. Tomorrow in the itinerary is sightseeing. On Tuesday night she will fly back home... They are free from morning until departure time & her teacher has made plans to take the kids to visit his kampung. That is a golden opportunity... HB & I planned to fly off to KBR tomorrow since it is his off day & fly back with Wardah. We changed our mind knowing that a visit to a kampung side will bring her good.

I can see that Yasmin misses her sister. She denies it but a mother knows.. It was the same when Yasmin was away for a 3 days camp last few weeks. Wardah looked lost but refused to admit missing her sister ;-) Take care Wardah. We love you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Im here somewhere...

Oh dear! I have totally abandoned this blog. Really... I think the passion in writing is no longer in me. I won't blame FB for this. It's not it. It's just me who finds it more convenient to reach my friends via FB. But again this homepage was created not because I wanted to socialise... It was here because I wanted to cherish the memories I have with my family, my girls especially.

The last I updated was on Yasmin's birthday. That was in March! Wow... to think of the many things that she has achieved this year... I wrote none! Sorry
Yasmin. I've been very busy with my little business. Well you may want to have a peep here .

She has just finished her UPSR & is having a jolly time of post-exam... She's most of the time in front of the computer, FB specifically & that girl now has a new blog - Fearless Girl. She had What a Life! before but decided to change that I think because the blog sounds like mine.. ;-) The blog - My Whole Wide World has long been forgotten which she said it was her kiddie blog. Wow...! It sure is tough being a teenage nowadays!

Yasmin's latest pic

Wardah is as tall as Yasmin now. Well, we still do share shoes just that recently Wardah has outgrown most of hers. She wears a size 6 now unlike Yasmin & I who are still at 5. Yasmin as a senior in her school now is quite popular amongst friends & teachers. Wardah on the other hand, doesn't mind a bit of her sister getting all the attention because as she put it ..." Kakak siapa.. kalau bukan kakak Wardah..." ;-)

Wardah has always been entertaining us with her ambitious intellection & ideas. The only girl of mine who wants to be an Agung (a royalty) so that she will be invited to Prince Harry's wedding... The other day she was helping stirring the bolognaise I prepared. She was enjoying it at first but later I heard it loud & clear that she would invent a machine to make cooking process easier.. A stirring machine!!

Here's Wardah

Balqis is coping well in year 1. She has slowly built up her self-confidence & no longer the timid girl on the block. Thanks to her 2 elder sisters for the encouragement. She has always wanted to be like her 2 sisters :-)

Our Balqis

Nadeen enjoys school a lot. She is at ease making friends & even has her eyes on a boy in her class! Mention the word "Adam' & she will respond with a shy smile ;-) She is also very witty... The little boss in the family whom everyone adores.

Cunning little Nadeen

I shall make an appoint to update more. I happened to read the older posts. How vivid had I made our life journal... & I wouldn't want it to stop. So check it out people!! Jabishah is back in track ;-)