Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Im here somewhere...

Oh dear! I have totally abandoned this blog. Really... I think the passion in writing is no longer in me. I won't blame FB for this. It's not it. It's just me who finds it more convenient to reach my friends via FB. But again this homepage was created not because I wanted to socialise... It was here because I wanted to cherish the memories I have with my family, my girls especially.

The last I updated was on Yasmin's birthday. That was in March! Wow... to think of the many things that she has achieved this year... I wrote none! Sorry
Yasmin. I've been very busy with my little business. Well you may want to have a peep here .

She has just finished her UPSR & is having a jolly time of post-exam... She's most of the time in front of the computer, FB specifically & that girl now has a new blog - Fearless Girl. She had What a Life! before but decided to change that I think because the blog sounds like mine.. ;-) The blog - My Whole Wide World has long been forgotten which she said it was her kiddie blog. Wow...! It sure is tough being a teenage nowadays!

Yasmin's latest pic

Wardah is as tall as Yasmin now. Well, we still do share shoes just that recently Wardah has outgrown most of hers. She wears a size 6 now unlike Yasmin & I who are still at 5. Yasmin as a senior in her school now is quite popular amongst friends & teachers. Wardah on the other hand, doesn't mind a bit of her sister getting all the attention because as she put it ..." Kakak siapa.. kalau bukan kakak Wardah..." ;-)

Wardah has always been entertaining us with her ambitious intellection & ideas. The only girl of mine who wants to be an Agung (a royalty) so that she will be invited to Prince Harry's wedding... The other day she was helping stirring the bolognaise I prepared. She was enjoying it at first but later I heard it loud & clear that she would invent a machine to make cooking process easier.. A stirring machine!!

Here's Wardah

Balqis is coping well in year 1. She has slowly built up her self-confidence & no longer the timid girl on the block. Thanks to her 2 elder sisters for the encouragement. She has always wanted to be like her 2 sisters :-)

Our Balqis

Nadeen enjoys school a lot. She is at ease making friends & even has her eyes on a boy in her class! Mention the word "Adam' & she will respond with a shy smile ;-) She is also very witty... The little boss in the family whom everyone adores.

Cunning little Nadeen

I shall make an appoint to update more. I happened to read the older posts. How vivid had I made our life journal... & I wouldn't want it to stop. So check it out people!! Jabishah is back in track ;-)


Lizamurni Lokman said...

welcome back!!!!
I've lost my blogging mojo.....

Oldstock said...

Seems a lot of the bloggers I know have been neglecting their blogs, myself included. But that's the beauty of blogging, we write when we can or have the mood to do so... no pressures at all.

Nice to see you back.

sherry said...

Hi Sis...apa kabar?

jabishah said...

Hehehe dikny.. thank you! I hope this one will remain.

Hi oldstock! I cant agree w u more. But frankly blogging gives us more pleasures in the long run. I miss the things I wrote as much as I miss my blogging pals!

Kak Sherry... Baik. Kak sherry sihat?

sherry said...

hi ....KS sihat!!! alhamdulilah.

Happy New Year Dear. Semuga tahun baru ini lebih baik dar last year!

Sayang kamu.