Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Change

Well I'm supposed to continue writing on my travel journal  but there's no progress... hence this post. 

A change. Yes I am at the phase of turning my lifestyle to a better & healthier way. All this while I always have this love & hate relationship with this thing called exercise but this time around... it's going to be a love affair! You may want to read my journey on this exercise thing here & here.

You see after a long hibernation... since early March I started doing workout again but this time with JM 30 days shred L1. I just love that 20mins workout... you girls have got to try that. It's fun & pretty easy once you get used to it. It gets you soaking wet in sweat in no time!

I do the workout religiously every evening before fetching the girls from school. Instantly I felt the changes in me especially my sleep pattern. No more  sleepless nights & I feel very energetic during the days. 

Apparently somebody has been observing... I didn't know that HB had been wanting to sign up as a member at FF. When he noticed that I was disciplined with my workouts he brought me over to the gym. I didn't really like it at first. Working out with a bunch of people, indoor & those machines sure looked creepy! I thought he was registering for himself alone but no. He wanted me to join him. I wanted to decline but hey... for him to work out at a gym alone, no company, will get company, who's the company & with a blink of an eye... his wife agreed. I had no choice but to agree! Hahaha...

Now, I've become one of those gym-goers & loving it! I even have a Personal Trainer. Signed up for a 20 sessions workout which I was in doubt I could complete it within the time period of 100 days. Surprise... Surprise... I've attended 6 sessions in 2 weeks! 

My schedule is a bit packed now that I have included gym in my routine. Monday, Wednesday & Friday are gym days. I thought I was too busy to include workouts in my busy routine... but really when there's a will, there's a way. 

Come one people! Let's change to healthier lifestyle...