Thursday, April 10, 2008

My First Journey To A Hot ME!

The last thing I choose to do is to exercise. Yucks! I just hate it. It's not the sweat that hinders but the willpower. The willpower to engage in an activity continuously for the sake of losing weight, burn fats & even to build up muscles.

I was no athlete neither in school nor college. I associated sports with having fun. I used to go to driving range, used to bowl, used to play badminton, used to swim. Everything was for the sake of excitement. Never did it cross my mind far from my heart to consider those activities as a form of exercise.

Now in my thirties, I feel that I need not take my health for granted anymore. You're not getting any younger old girl! For a start the best I can do is to give in to HB's plea & join him for a jog. I couldn't believe myself that I actually did it. Today I jogged! Not far but a 1.1km was not bad at all... Really, I'm so proud of myself! I managed to drag this fat ass of mine all the way up to a km.

I'm telling myself to take this exercise thing seriously now. Please, please let this lasts. Not only that I hope for a fit & healthier body. Losing weight & back to my prenatal figure will definitely be a big bonus!!

Yeah sure now my legs are aching. Good thing my helper is a superb masseur. Hope I will feel better tomorrow & continue exercising.

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