Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nadeen & The Immigration Department

Typical of HB to decide on things at the last minute. I suggested him to get a passport for baby Nadeen since he has 3 off days. Afraid that one of these days he might simply announce to the girls we're going for a trip abroad (which of course happens once in a blue moon... ). He gave a negative respond so I thought we were not going to do it. However, last night he told me to get the documents ready. Tomorrow, which is today we are taking baby Nadeen to the Immigration for her International Passport.

As usual I sent Yasmin to school. Back home to get Wardah & Balqis. But this time, baby Nadeen tagged along. Her 2 sisters were late for mengaji & kindergarten this morning. Shouldn't blame baby Nadeen. Mama should have gotten up earlier than usual... Sorry girls!

HB took us to the Immigration Department in Port Klang instead of in Subang at the old airport terminal. We had a bad experience there. Lots of people & worse, the air conditioner broke down. You just don't want to imagine the smell we had to endure!

The one in Port Klang is smaller hence the number of people is tolerable. In fact, I would say the service was fast. We reached there at 9:30am. HB brought baby Nadeen to get her passport sized photo in the same building. I filled up the form (RM1 for each form) & xeroxed my identity card plus 2 copies of baby Nadeen's birth certificate. At 9:53am the form & documents were ready. Then only we were able to get a number.Our number was 1098. The number being attended to was 1069. HB was hungry so we went downstairs to grab something. After like half an hour, back at the counters, it was only 10 numbers ahead of us. Wasn't that efficient?

I groomed Nadeen with a matching headband but found out nothing is allowed on a baby's head for an International Passport photo.

HB holding Nadeen for her passport sized photo shot.

The number & documents.

Nadeen getting bored.

Thanks to this cute little boy for playing with Nadeen.

At 10:45 our number was called out & we submitted the form & documents. Another wait like almost 15 minutes to do the payment of RM150 & just right after 11am we were done. Given 2 options though. First is to wait for another 2 hours & straight away get the passport. Second is to come again on any other days within 3 months from today. Guess what we opted for? Yes, the later. HB's hometown is in Klang so we just have to drop by the department whenever we put up a weekend night at HB's parents'. Our concern was baby Nadeen. If it's not because of her we did not mind at all waiting for another 2 hours.

A big thumbs up to the Port Klang Immigration Department! Thank you for such a pleasant service.


MAMAMIA said...

Efficient betul Immigration dept skrng ... That reminds me, kena check bila our passports nak expire.

You are just being modest, akak rasa your abroad trips tak boleh dikategorikan as once in a blue moon....

jabishah said...

Mamamia tinggal mana? Is Port Klang too far for u? I suggest you go there for your passport. While waiting for them to process ur new passport have lunch at any seafood restaurant there, take ur passport & balik.

partnerofapilot said...

My daughter has the same dress!!!!