Saturday, April 5, 2008

Family Camp Out

Ever since HB started venturing in mount climbing, Yasmin had been wanting to go for a camp. An indoor person as I am is not keen at all with that idea. In my whole life, I camped only once. It was during my school years somewhere by a beach, in Langkawi. That was the first time & the last time.

HB's latest mount escapade was conquering the peak of Mount Ophir (Gunung Ledang). He chose to camp instead of renting chalets which he normally did. So now, a tent is listed among his mount climbing gears.

Once more, Yasmin brought up the idea of camping. This time HB just had to agree. She was so thrilled over the new tent. Before his trip to the mountain, he promised to take the girls out for camping with campfire & BBQ. I gave in. It is unfair not to let them pursue in something, merely because it is not my cup of tea.

A promise is a promise. Last night was the night the girls had been waiting for. Camping night! It rained in the afternoon & obviously the ground was rather wet. That did not hinder the girls. By sunset, the rain stopped. I prepared the food & HB got busy with the tent & BBQ pit. Too bad due to the rain, we failed to have our own campfire. Even without campfire the girls had a wonderful night playing in the tent. I could hear them telling stories, singing away, screaming & laughing.

A picture tells a thousand words... How about 13 pictures?

As I was busy shooting pictures, I came across an intruder. Luckily, the girls were not around to witness it. I managed to take some shots of the cute little trespasser spying on us. These were the best I could give. Even I was not exactly a fan of this slimy creature...

Yasmin & Balqis checking out for food. They were famished.

Prepare to salivate! Our dinner was for a king!! Fish, Lamb, Prawns & Chicken....

They loved their fish & it shows!

Iced peach tea anyone?

What is a camp without roast marshmallows? That was dessert!

Our replacement of a campfire...

I'm pretty sure you can guess where we camped. Yes, our side yard.

I of course had no intention at all to join them in that tent. Checked on them before I surrendered myself in my bed. They were tucked in their comforter hugging their soft toys. After kissing them goodnight, Balqis asked baby Nadeen to lie down with her. Nadeen cried of course. She did not feel the comfort. At that last minute, Balqis changed her mind not to sleep in the tent. To be frank, I was glad with her sudden decision. So in the end, Yasmin , Wardah & HB camped outside the house. Balqis, baby Nadeen & I had the luxury of a bed.

They slept until morning. Yasmin enjoyed herself & would want to do it again. Feedback from Wardah was simply, it was too warm. Very sure she will join me in bed the next time Yasmin asks for another side yard camping...


Yasmin said...

marshmallows are sticky I can only say 'ooble, ooble,ooble!'

Min said...

The camping "trip" looked fun! Wish I had a side yard to set up camp in.

lizamurni said...

wah, dah pandai buat collage eh, nice work!

jabishah said...

what did I say about not talking when your mouth is full.. ;-)

it sure was fun! how about your living room instead?? kids are so good in make-believing things...

hehehe... tx. belajar buat sendiri. tak mcm you... hubby buat kan. btw, where's my souvenir from LA???