Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wardah's Surprise...

Yesterday, Wardah came home with a smile on her face. I knew something was coming... & once I saw what she was holding I just had to wait for an announcement from her. She won 2nd prize for "Tulisan Jawi" in conjunction with Maulidur Rasul celebration (Prophet Muhammad SAW Birthday) in school. Who would have thought it is the same girl who was once had to write down a whole page of her school work by her kindergarten teacher, due to her bad handwiting.

Now, I have to compliment her on her writing though. She has improved a lot. I'm smiling now... walking down memory lane, picturing her crying telling me what her teacher instructed her to do. Copying down the same whole page... Not twice but thrice! It was only her third attempt that satisfied her teacher. I'm laughing out loud now! Picturing Wardah again... At the age of 5, cursing her teacher (of course in her limited vocab) while completing the task.

What makes me prouder is because she won for Tulisan Jawi ( Malay words written using Arabic characters). Even, my tulisan jawi is nothing to be proud of. Congratulations Wardah! Hugs & kisses from mama!!

Wardah proudly showing her gift

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