Monday, April 28, 2008


Shopping is sure a therapy. Extra therapy especially when the $ does not come from your own pocket... ;-) Well, that was exactly I did today. Shopping! I love to shop during weekdays. Hate the crowd.

Yasmin & Wardah are not schooling today. So, I'm rather free. Balqis, I still sent her to her kindy. Shopping is really a fuss free when that cunning girl is not around. The only turning off was that HB was on standby. Though it started only after noon, it still gave us the jitter whenever we heard his Spanish song ringtone.

MJ is having another special promo for its members. I don't know... I keep on telling myself not to go there. Try a new store! It feels like being hypnotized... & there I was at the ladies department again. Checked out EIC, then SB, back at EIC. I somehow was attracted to the clothing next to EIC. Picked one & tried it on. It looked good on me! Tried another. Again matched to my body. Hey! If you look good... buy! Even the girls said so. So what if they lied simply to please their mom...

The therapy works. Still, I do not feel relaxed. Something is bothering me. After falling in love with what I tried at that store, I came to realise that I now can fit "Plus Size Clothing"!! That was what I bought.. PSC!

I still remember when I was a mom of 2, admiring PSC. A promoter came over saying, "Sorry Miss, we don't have your size here." That made me proud. As a mom of 3, nobody said anything when I came touching the clothing. That made me panic. Now, a mom of 4... not only that I admired & touched. I actually tried it on, felt that I looked good in it & bought it! That made me.... hmmm. Ok! That's it!!! Where are my jogging shoes???

Monday, April 21, 2008

J.CO Donuts

No..! My intention is far from making you drooling. Merely sharing my lust over these high in calories, loads with fats , sinful yet tantalizing to the taste buds doughnuts. Who won't crave over these American delicacies? My dad maybe... hmmmm.

I'm a doughnut lover. A regular at Dunkin Donuts ever since my teenage years. Anyhow, have not the chance to try J.CO until recently. Not sure which one to buy, I simply grabbed 2 dozens of their cute, inviting doughnuts. One of each... There was a long queue right but I found myself entertained, observing the staff. Wardah & I had fun on how the doughnuts are named. How clever! I can still recall some of the names... Oreology, Miss Green T, Al Caponne, Why Nut?

They wanted to attack the doughnuts in the car. I forbade of course. Not that I care about cleanliness alone but am afraid I would come across rejected doughnuts with teeth bites. Hmmm... but if that happens I can be the perfect CSI mom differentiating the bites.

At home, guess which did Wardah grab first? SnowWhite of course. She was the only one lining up with me getting those doughnuts. So of all 24, she was the only one choosing according to its name. Yasmin & Balqis picked based on its physical.

Here is Wardah's Snow White. Really yummy!

Once done eating, she lay down with eyes shut. When asked what was she doing? Smiling with eyes still closed, "I'm waiting for my prince to kiss me!"

Friday, April 18, 2008

Look what Nadeen can do!

Latest report on baby Nadeen. She is now 18 weeks & is very enthusiastic over bright primary colours. She is also developing her motor skills. Her grip is getting stronger ( loves to practise that on her sisters' hair..) Is able to reach for her favourite objects & toys. Even though her tiny little hands looks clumsy holding onto her toys, she does not give up practising & practising.

She even has preference. Whenever papa passes by she would turn her head anxiously. That hardly happens to me. I'm just a human baby milk bottle to her... hahaha!

Today she made all of us proud. Nadeen flipped over for the first time this morning..... and I managed to capture that on my handycam. I'm so excited. Able to view that final, first flip over of all my four girls..... Am still smiling..... :-)

Here is the video...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

My journey to a HOT me is taking a break... Hahaha! That sounds so like me. Never takes sports seriously. But I mentioned a break not quiting. In case if you consider driving as a form of exercise... that I do a lot.

The inspired jog was on Thursday. On Friday with aching legs & HB was called up for duty (he was on standby), I made countless in & out the entrance. My neck almost suffered the same ache of the countless thank you nods I presented the security guards (that is exercise!). Okay, let me recall...

0730 - sent Yasmin to school
0800 - sent Wardah for mengaji & Balqis to her kindergarten
1130 - out to fetch Balqis ( Wardah gets home by van that we arranged)
& straight to Yasmin's school
1345 - sent Wardah to school
1430 - sent Yasmin for mengaji
1645 - out to fetch Yasmin
1800 - out to fetch Wardah from school

What do you think of that? Am so glad that I have my helper around. If not... I don't want to imagine "If not...". It is tiring yes. But I can't buy the satisfaction I won. Driving the girls around with a manual car, I am positive I can associate that as another form of exercise!

Saturday, HB was free from duty after 1400. We went out but left baby Nadeen at home with our helper. HB shopped for some new shirts (he has an interview next month). There I was running after Balqis & calling out (if we were home the better verb is YELL) for Yasmin & Wardah not to provoke their sister playing hide & seek even worse injecting any cunning ideas which might give me headache. Bet you are familiar with that situation! And that was the exercise on Saturday...

Sunday, was the day to reward myself of course. Attended a kenduri aqiqah & cukur jambul. Indulged myself in lamb, briyani rice, air batu campur & a rich slice of chocolate cake! On the way back, HB stopped by at a new Giant in Kinrara to get something. The girls chose to tag along & in the end all of us did, including baby Nadeen & helper. This exercise was the worst... I was in my high heels!

Monday. Short & sweet. Thought of jogging but it rained... Hehehe!

Today. HB is out of town. I prefer to jog with him around. Feel safer. But who knows... The day hasn't ended. I might jog around my side yard! Of course, if it does not rain... ;-)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My First Journey To A Hot ME!

The last thing I choose to do is to exercise. Yucks! I just hate it. It's not the sweat that hinders but the willpower. The willpower to engage in an activity continuously for the sake of losing weight, burn fats & even to build up muscles.

I was no athlete neither in school nor college. I associated sports with having fun. I used to go to driving range, used to bowl, used to play badminton, used to swim. Everything was for the sake of excitement. Never did it cross my mind far from my heart to consider those activities as a form of exercise.

Now in my thirties, I feel that I need not take my health for granted anymore. You're not getting any younger old girl! For a start the best I can do is to give in to HB's plea & join him for a jog. I couldn't believe myself that I actually did it. Today I jogged! Not far but a 1.1km was not bad at all... Really, I'm so proud of myself! I managed to drag this fat ass of mine all the way up to a km.

I'm telling myself to take this exercise thing seriously now. Please, please let this lasts. Not only that I hope for a fit & healthier body. Losing weight & back to my prenatal figure will definitely be a big bonus!!

Yeah sure now my legs are aching. Good thing my helper is a superb masseur. Hope I will feel better tomorrow & continue exercising.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nadeen & The Immigration Department

Typical of HB to decide on things at the last minute. I suggested him to get a passport for baby Nadeen since he has 3 off days. Afraid that one of these days he might simply announce to the girls we're going for a trip abroad (which of course happens once in a blue moon... ). He gave a negative respond so I thought we were not going to do it. However, last night he told me to get the documents ready. Tomorrow, which is today we are taking baby Nadeen to the Immigration for her International Passport.

As usual I sent Yasmin to school. Back home to get Wardah & Balqis. But this time, baby Nadeen tagged along. Her 2 sisters were late for mengaji & kindergarten this morning. Shouldn't blame baby Nadeen. Mama should have gotten up earlier than usual... Sorry girls!

HB took us to the Immigration Department in Port Klang instead of in Subang at the old airport terminal. We had a bad experience there. Lots of people & worse, the air conditioner broke down. You just don't want to imagine the smell we had to endure!

The one in Port Klang is smaller hence the number of people is tolerable. In fact, I would say the service was fast. We reached there at 9:30am. HB brought baby Nadeen to get her passport sized photo in the same building. I filled up the form (RM1 for each form) & xeroxed my identity card plus 2 copies of baby Nadeen's birth certificate. At 9:53am the form & documents were ready. Then only we were able to get a number.Our number was 1098. The number being attended to was 1069. HB was hungry so we went downstairs to grab something. After like half an hour, back at the counters, it was only 10 numbers ahead of us. Wasn't that efficient?

I groomed Nadeen with a matching headband but found out nothing is allowed on a baby's head for an International Passport photo.

HB holding Nadeen for her passport sized photo shot.

The number & documents.

Nadeen getting bored.

Thanks to this cute little boy for playing with Nadeen.

At 10:45 our number was called out & we submitted the form & documents. Another wait like almost 15 minutes to do the payment of RM150 & just right after 11am we were done. Given 2 options though. First is to wait for another 2 hours & straight away get the passport. Second is to come again on any other days within 3 months from today. Guess what we opted for? Yes, the later. HB's hometown is in Klang so we just have to drop by the department whenever we put up a weekend night at HB's parents'. Our concern was baby Nadeen. If it's not because of her we did not mind at all waiting for another 2 hours.

A big thumbs up to the Port Klang Immigration Department! Thank you for such a pleasant service.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Family Camp Out

Ever since HB started venturing in mount climbing, Yasmin had been wanting to go for a camp. An indoor person as I am is not keen at all with that idea. In my whole life, I camped only once. It was during my school years somewhere by a beach, in Langkawi. That was the first time & the last time.

HB's latest mount escapade was conquering the peak of Mount Ophir (Gunung Ledang). He chose to camp instead of renting chalets which he normally did. So now, a tent is listed among his mount climbing gears.

Once more, Yasmin brought up the idea of camping. This time HB just had to agree. She was so thrilled over the new tent. Before his trip to the mountain, he promised to take the girls out for camping with campfire & BBQ. I gave in. It is unfair not to let them pursue in something, merely because it is not my cup of tea.

A promise is a promise. Last night was the night the girls had been waiting for. Camping night! It rained in the afternoon & obviously the ground was rather wet. That did not hinder the girls. By sunset, the rain stopped. I prepared the food & HB got busy with the tent & BBQ pit. Too bad due to the rain, we failed to have our own campfire. Even without campfire the girls had a wonderful night playing in the tent. I could hear them telling stories, singing away, screaming & laughing.

A picture tells a thousand words... How about 13 pictures?

As I was busy shooting pictures, I came across an intruder. Luckily, the girls were not around to witness it. I managed to take some shots of the cute little trespasser spying on us. These were the best I could give. Even I was not exactly a fan of this slimy creature...

Yasmin & Balqis checking out for food. They were famished.

Prepare to salivate! Our dinner was for a king!! Fish, Lamb, Prawns & Chicken....

They loved their fish & it shows!

Iced peach tea anyone?

What is a camp without roast marshmallows? That was dessert!

Our replacement of a campfire...

I'm pretty sure you can guess where we camped. Yes, our side yard.

I of course had no intention at all to join them in that tent. Checked on them before I surrendered myself in my bed. They were tucked in their comforter hugging their soft toys. After kissing them goodnight, Balqis asked baby Nadeen to lie down with her. Nadeen cried of course. She did not feel the comfort. At that last minute, Balqis changed her mind not to sleep in the tent. To be frank, I was glad with her sudden decision. So in the end, Yasmin , Wardah & HB camped outside the house. Balqis, baby Nadeen & I had the luxury of a bed.

They slept until morning. Yasmin enjoyed herself & would want to do it again. Feedback from Wardah was simply, it was too warm. Very sure she will join me in bed the next time Yasmin asks for another side yard camping...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nadeen is 4 months!

Nadeen grows so fast! She weighs 7.05kg now. Catching up with my slim Balqis... Now I have no problem at all carrying Balqis. Am so used to her baby sister's weight. There was once Balqis & Nadeen accidentally exchanged diapers (I still make Balqis wear diaper at night... sometimes accidents do happen!). Using the same brand of diaper with different sizes though Nadeen M, Balqis L. No complaints from Balqis, extra ventilation for Nadeen.

At 4 months Nadeen loves primary colours. No longer the boring, old black & white. She loves to play with her mouth too. Blowing & chewing her lips. Could it be that she is already teething? Nah... too early for that don't you think?

She is such a good baby. Knows her nap time & her bedtime. She sleeps after 10pm way till 8am. Of course will wake up for feeding twice but back to sleep again. Guess, that explains why my weight is static at the same weighty figure for the past couple of months. Hahaha...! Yup, laughing & doing nothing about it... sigh.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wardah's Surprise...

Yesterday, Wardah came home with a smile on her face. I knew something was coming... & once I saw what she was holding I just had to wait for an announcement from her. She won 2nd prize for "Tulisan Jawi" in conjunction with Maulidur Rasul celebration (Prophet Muhammad SAW Birthday) in school. Who would have thought it is the same girl who was once had to write down a whole page of her school work by her kindergarten teacher, due to her bad handwiting.

Now, I have to compliment her on her writing though. She has improved a lot. I'm smiling now... walking down memory lane, picturing her crying telling me what her teacher instructed her to do. Copying down the same whole page... Not twice but thrice! It was only her third attempt that satisfied her teacher. I'm laughing out loud now! Picturing Wardah again... At the age of 5, cursing her teacher (of course in her limited vocab) while completing the task.

What makes me prouder is because she won for Tulisan Jawi ( Malay words written using Arabic characters). Even, my tulisan jawi is nothing to be proud of. Congratulations Wardah! Hugs & kisses from mama!!

Wardah proudly showing her gift