Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby massage

I never did massage any of my girls before. Nobody ever taught me & it didn't cross my mind at all to surf the net for it. This time around, I'm very grateful that my Indonesian maid is very good in massaging. She even took care of massaging me during my confinement period. Not only that... she also shared her expertise in massaging a baby to me. Here is a video of Nadeen getting a massage from mama. Thanks to Yasmin for helping me shooting this video. We managed to hide from Balqis but not for long. At the end of the video, you can hear Balqis fighting over the handycam ;D


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yasmin & baby Nadeen

We were at the clinic today. Yasmin was not feeling well. Her temperature was 38c. Since hubby will be away tomorrow, I didn't want to take any chance at all. She was given a day off. Still weak & now resting in her room. Her temperature has gone down though.

It was kind of fun at the clinic just now. Just realise that it was the first outing of the new six of us together! Wow! Six... ;D One thing about my family, when we are at a clinic, even only one of us requires a doctor's consultation, every single one will cramp the room.

As for today, Yasmin went in & straight sat on the patient chair. Wardah & Balqis were fighting over the two remaining chairs left (just don't understand why they have to favour one seat over another!). Hubby solved the situation by sitting on THE particular chair... Baby Nadeen & I, we were busy with the baby scale. Hubby then joined me & in the end it was Yasmin herself alone answering to the doc's questions... :-)

Nadeen is now one & a half month. I can see & feel her growing. She smiles in her sleep and even laughed just now. Able to interact with me using her curious eyes & her own unique utterance. She has gained one & a half kg now from 3.03kg. I have introduced baby formula & she did not reject. I still breastfeed her. The formula is only fed whenever I have to leave her at home with my maid.

The many faces of baby Nadeen

Friday, January 11, 2008

My Confinement Meal

This was what served to me for lunch. Sometimes, kind of like the confinement period. Being treated like a queen! My maid is an elderly this time. She is rather particular about my meal in confinement (my mother might play her part there.... hmm). My meal is always on time & served with a very balanced diet. I have to thank my mom for teaching her to cook & also grateful to her for taking good care of me & the girls. (hubby.... I take care ;D)

Quail Soup (besides the protein it keeps my body warm)

Steamed Vegetables

Fried Garlic & Ginger (helps to expel wind in the body - my favourite & is served daily)


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Want to know what I've been up to lately?

I'm still resting at home. A few more days for my confinement period to end. This Tuesday to be exact. Cant wait...! The girls are back in school. Gratefully hubby is on leave for a week. So, he's in charged of taxing them to school. By the look of his face, he looks tired (a mother's job can't be replaced... even as a chauffeur!).

My girls' schedule have always been tight. Thought I could breathe better this year. I was wrong. It's just the same... Yasmin & Wardah are again in different school session just like last year. Instead of Wardah in the morning, this year is Yasmin. I think I should be glad I'm still confined!

Doesn't mean that I'm confined, I do not do anything at all. It has been 2 days in a row I've been wrapping the girls' text books with plastic wrapper. But I'm not complaining. I enjoy doing it..... ;D

Some of the many books I need to wrap.

Balqis cried for 2 days in her kindergarten. Though we enrol her at the same kindy like last year. She did not want to change to a 4-year-old class. She still wanted her old classroom & teacher. Glad that it lasted only for 2 days...

Baby Nadeen is growing so fast. I have taken lots & lots of her photos. Will upload soon.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Salam Maal Hijrah 1429

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Hijrah 1429. Semoga amal kita tahun ini lebih diberkati & dirahmati Allah. Amin...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008 & Happy Birthday Wardah!

I am back home after camping at my parents' for almost a month. The girls are settling down & very happy playing with their toys they left behind.

Baby Nadeen did not sleep that well on her first night home. It must be the new surrounding. She was awake most of the time & slept only if I cuddled her. But now she is sleeping well. That's a reason why I have the chance to update this blog.

Last night he girls did not go out for the new year countdown like usual. They love fire works. Hubby got home rather late from work & I managed to persuade the girls to sleep early.

This morning my parents took the girls to the pool. That gave a chance for hubby to buy a cake for Wardah. Yes, today is Wardah's 7th birthday. She is a new year child. Born on 010101 through normal delivery. So, of course the date was not planned.

Birthday girl's surprised look

Wardah's birthday cake

Aiman, Balqis, Wardah, Nuryn, Yasmin & baby Nadeen

As usual, Balqis claims it's her birthday cake

Aiman & Balqis teamed up attacking the fragile cake!

We have given her present earlier. Well... that's my hubby. Once he has bought a gift, it must be presented. Most of the times we in the family receive gifts either earlier or later than the actual date. (Later is because as he claims... he's not good with dates! ;D)

Showing off her birthday present

Lunch - chicken rice

We did not have a birthday party for Wardah today. Perhaps another day, when I feel more comfortable. But it was still a full house today. My parents, parents-in-laws together with cousin Nuryn & Aiman came over to have lunch together. Happy birthday my dear Wardah!!

And to all HAPPY NEW YEAR..... !!!