Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008 & Happy Birthday Wardah!

I am back home after camping at my parents' for almost a month. The girls are settling down & very happy playing with their toys they left behind.

Baby Nadeen did not sleep that well on her first night home. It must be the new surrounding. She was awake most of the time & slept only if I cuddled her. But now she is sleeping well. That's a reason why I have the chance to update this blog.

Last night he girls did not go out for the new year countdown like usual. They love fire works. Hubby got home rather late from work & I managed to persuade the girls to sleep early.

This morning my parents took the girls to the pool. That gave a chance for hubby to buy a cake for Wardah. Yes, today is Wardah's 7th birthday. She is a new year child. Born on 010101 through normal delivery. So, of course the date was not planned.

Birthday girl's surprised look

Wardah's birthday cake

Aiman, Balqis, Wardah, Nuryn, Yasmin & baby Nadeen

As usual, Balqis claims it's her birthday cake

Aiman & Balqis teamed up attacking the fragile cake!

We have given her present earlier. Well... that's my hubby. Once he has bought a gift, it must be presented. Most of the times we in the family receive gifts either earlier or later than the actual date. (Later is because as he claims... he's not good with dates! ;D)

Showing off her birthday present

Lunch - chicken rice

We did not have a birthday party for Wardah today. Perhaps another day, when I feel more comfortable. But it was still a full house today. My parents, parents-in-laws together with cousin Nuryn & Aiman came over to have lunch together. Happy birthday my dear Wardah!!

And to all HAPPY NEW YEAR..... !!!


Uncle Myn, Auntie Eileen, Fatin, Nurin & Adam said...

Happy Birthday Wardah...hope you had a blast at your party...
you're so lucky...you got nasi ayam for lunch...last time we came...(well...long time ago actually...)we only had mee carrot!!
kekeke :p

jabishah said...

Byk cantek... Yang dulu masa raya kau dtg aku siap masak chicken rice tu ape benda? Sebenonye chicken rice yg aku serve tu beli kat Chicken Rice Shop je... hahahaha (Confinement belum habis maaa...)