Thursday, January 10, 2008

Want to know what I've been up to lately?

I'm still resting at home. A few more days for my confinement period to end. This Tuesday to be exact. Cant wait...! The girls are back in school. Gratefully hubby is on leave for a week. So, he's in charged of taxing them to school. By the look of his face, he looks tired (a mother's job can't be replaced... even as a chauffeur!).

My girls' schedule have always been tight. Thought I could breathe better this year. I was wrong. It's just the same... Yasmin & Wardah are again in different school session just like last year. Instead of Wardah in the morning, this year is Yasmin. I think I should be glad I'm still confined!

Doesn't mean that I'm confined, I do not do anything at all. It has been 2 days in a row I've been wrapping the girls' text books with plastic wrapper. But I'm not complaining. I enjoy doing it..... ;D

Some of the many books I need to wrap.

Balqis cried for 2 days in her kindergarten. Though we enrol her at the same kindy like last year. She did not want to change to a 4-year-old class. She still wanted her old classroom & teacher. Glad that it lasted only for 2 days...

Baby Nadeen is growing so fast. I have taken lots & lots of her photos. Will upload soon.

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