Monday, November 19, 2007

Check out the tummy!

This is my latest photo. I weigh 68kg now, 16kg extra... & I have the feeling I'm gaining more. The baby at 35th week weighs 2.4kg.& now I am approaching week 37. Guess, I just have to work hard to lose the extra weight after the delivery. Please... I need all the luck in the world!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Congrats Girls!!

Here comes the school long break again. Glad that the girls understand, we cant take them for a holiday trip this year. I am almost due now & at my 36th week already. But they are happy enough to spend the break at my parents'. I will be staying with my parents for awhile once the baby comes out. At least until the school hol ends.

Right... back to the title. My elder girls, Yasmin & Wardah did great in their final exam. Hubby & I are so proud of them. Wardah scores 95.5% & is 3rd in her class. Yasmin maintains her 1st position with 97.7%. Wardah wants a laptop for a reward. Can you believe that? That's my Wardah... My down-to-earth Yasmin is happy enough if we buy her a mechanical pencil. But we bought her story books that we know she loves & Wardah, instead of a laptop, we got her a few Barbie computer games cd-roms. That should do the trick if they ever get bored when Im busy tending to my new baby.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

I hope it is not too late to wish my fellow muslim friends "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri". We are lucky again this year that hubby is not working on the 1st & 2nd day of Aidilfitri. Spent the eve of Aidilfitri in Klang (hubby's hometown) & in the afternoon we drove south to Rembau, my grandmother's place meeting my family. Here I'm sharing with you the cheerfulness of Aidilfitri this year. This Aidilfitri sure did mean a lot to my 2 elder girls, Yasmin & Wardah. Wardah managed to fast for the whole Ramadhan. Yasmin was down with a fever on the the 1st day but she did fast for 29 days. Mama is proud of you girls!

Yasmin, Balqis & Wardah. The banner ontop was their work of art.

The girls clowning around while waiting for papa from the mosque.

Papa's girls....

The girls with me & their unborn sister.

Wishing Aidilfitri & asking for forgiveness from their grandparents.

Yasmin hugging papa.

A kiss from Balqis.

"I promise to be a good girl mama"

My hubby's big family.

Here's my unborn baby!

I know... I know... Been a couple of months again without any updates. Today, I suddenly have the mood to post something & I'm sharing the 1st look of my unborn child. Just look at the pose! Well... I'm getting another girl & that sure is a girl posing! No son for me yet & with 4 kids... I'm done.

I am at my 34th week. Doing well but the cramps are getting worse. The girls are waiting anxiously for the arriving of their new baby sister. Whenever they see me holding my tummy with an uncomfortable look, they'd sure ask "Is the baby coming out?" excitedly. I'm due Dec 15th but have a strong feeling, it will come out sooner than that. Balqis's kindergarten concert is on the 1st of Dec. Hope I will manage to catch that.