Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Here's my unborn baby!

I know... I know... Been a couple of months again without any updates. Today, I suddenly have the mood to post something & I'm sharing the 1st look of my unborn child. Just look at the pose! Well... I'm getting another girl & that sure is a girl posing! No son for me yet & with 4 kids... I'm done.

I am at my 34th week. Doing well but the cramps are getting worse. The girls are waiting anxiously for the arriving of their new baby sister. Whenever they see me holding my tummy with an uncomfortable look, they'd sure ask "Is the baby coming out?" excitedly. I'm due Dec 15th but have a strong feeling, it will come out sooner than that. Balqis's kindergarten concert is on the 1st of Dec. Hope I will manage to catch that.


lizamurni said...

It's ok Ja, u have all girls and i have all boys....and we're done!
To the unborn baby, if u decide to come out on 8th Dec, u'll get to celebrate ur birthday with Auntie Dikny.....what an honour...

jabishah said...

Hehehe... Nanti kita berbesan je lah... Dpt u anak perempuan & I anak laki ;D