Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 2 - Hong Kong Disneyland

The plan was to start off by 10am but outside the window the rain was pouring... Yes, it rained on our 1st day at Disneyland. The hotel provided us with umbrellas. A complimentary... Too bad there were no characters printed on those umbrellas. If so, they would join my umbrella collection at home :-)

Nadeen in the kiddie robe before her shower ;-)

Poses at the hotel lobby

The rain somehow stopped when we reached the entrance to DL. Alhamdulillah...

A family pic before we explored DL

At the check point before we entered, a staff went through the things we brought with us. I was told that no outside food was allowed so what we had with us were only 2 bottles of water. They passed the inspection. I anyhow asked the inspector on things that he normally confiscates & found out that finger foods were allowed. Great....! We had plenty but didn't bring any.

The first Mickey we encountered upon stepping inside DL

I suggested a tour on the railroad first to get the picture of DL. It was the first mistake we made.

Due to this shot, we missed the train...

Queue to be onboard

On the train

HKDL Railroad

We had the option to either stop at Fantasyland or complete the tour. I asked my girls & of course they chose Fantasyland.... I could count with fingers those who continued with the ride. Mostly everyone got off & crowded Fantasyland.

We should have continued. Fantasyland was packed. Here & there the queue to all attractions was loooong... Guess what was the first thing we lined up for? Dumbo - the flying elephant. Hahaha! All because little Nadeen was pointing up saying "Aephant! Aephant!"

Patiently waiting for our turn

Guess what? The moment we got into our Dumbos it started to drizzle again. Did we get off? No... ;-)

Nadeen & I in the rain

Next we chose an indoor attraction. The adventures of Winnie the Pooh was simply amazing.

The queue was not that bad though

It was still raining when we got out. Nadeen again saw another ride she wanted, pointing out whilst saying "Horse! Horse!". It was the Cinderella Carousel.

We had to queue in the rain...

How could you say no to this face?? ;-)


The rain stopped & we headed to the Fantasy Gardens. We saw more queues .... (sigh!) The girls purchased an autograph book at a gift shop & each character signed for remembrance.

Fantasy Gardens

With Minnie

Winnie the Pooh

Mickey, himself...

With Pluto

Here's Goofy

I can't recall how long exactly did we wait to complete our photo sessions with all the characters there. But it was worth it. Just look at those faces.. ;-) Next we went to the Wonderland to visit the Mad Hatter.

Nadeen really enjoyed herself...

Now, the parade. We were blessed with a perfect spot :-)

After the parade we really were not sure where to head. I checked the map & realised that we had not really covered Fantasyland. Off we went to The Golden Mickey Show.

It was amazing though the girls were much annoyed with the hostess, Bebe. They said she talked too much :-)

The Broadway like show

The show was half an hour. Most of the characters we didn't see at the parade were there. Once outside the theatre Wardah reminded us that we had not really gone to the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Us minus HB with the castle in the background

It was getting dark. We walked to the Adventureland & bumped into this character. We had our photo shot with him but later the girls asked... "Who was he?" Told them to ask for his autograph & they got their answer. He signed as "Pirate"! Haahaha..

With the Pirate

Next we visited Tarzan's home. Too bad, there was no Tarzan there though...

By the time we were done it was time for the Lights of Winter at the Main Street. The crowd was amazing!

Notice the artificial snow?

It looked almost real ;-)

Sleeping Beauty Castle at night

We had less than 2 hours before the fireworks began. We walked to the final park - Tomorrow land.

Only Yasmin qualified the height to drive in Autopia. So we split. HB with Yasmin & I took the rests.

Playing with the mock car outside Autopia.

Visited Buzz Lightyear

By the time Yasmin & HB were done, it was time for the fireworks...

It was awesome! Nadeen woke up just in time for the show.

Before we headed to the hotel, the girls posed in front of the gigantic christmas tree.

We tried to purchase some sourvenirs before we left but the crowd made it impossible! Instead, we shopped at the hotel gift shop. The prices were the same. I checked ;-)

Yasmin & Wardah with Albert, a friendly staff from the store. He insisted to sign in the girls' autograph book. Hehehe...

*to be continued