Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Nadeen Is 2

My Nadeen turned 2 yesterday. Yup! Time sure flies... Feel like it was only yesterday I gave birth to our 4th princess. No doubt we were hoping for a boy then but the thought vanished when we saw her. I would never want to change her for anything even for a baby boy!

I have to say she is very grateful being the youngest of 4 girls. The things she learn from her sisters are impressively surprising. Her latest passion is dancing along with her sisters choreographed steps. I saw her once on the piano stool , seated but refused to play around with the keyboard. Her sister explained that she wanted the musical notes for her to play the piano. Very true. Once the book was in front of her she started to pretend playing while referring to the book... :-)

Since my oven is not working I decided to make non-baked mini cheese cakes. The girls including Wardah's friend helped except for Yasmin who was tired accompanying her mom shopping ;-) These are the photos...

My little chefs. Nadeen of course had no idea those were for her.

Pressing on the base

After I spooned in the cheese filling, they did their part with the strawberry jam

A close up

All done.. let's have the jam to ourselves!

The mini cheesecakes

Birthday girl with her sisters & Cicik

I huff & I puff & I blow it out

Failed... Check out the frustration look ;-)

A little help from Kak Yasmin did the trick

Enjoying it



I want to eat in Peace!

Manja pose ;-)

Happy birthday Nadeen Busyuk Mama... We love you. Muah Muah Muah

Oh yes. We will be away. Once I'm back another travel journal shall begin ;-)


Puteri's territory said...

Happy Birthday Nadeen *confetti*
Comei sangatlah anak2 mummy ni.

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Happy Birthday, Balqis and Nadeen! Looking at the pics, I'm sure both of you had enjoyed your birthday celebrations.

Happy holiday to you and family, Ja!

kay_leeda said...

Happy Birthday Nadeen!! Dah besar anak Mama iyer :) Stay busyuk for Mama okay!

Have a good holiday Ja.

a&a's mom said...


jabishah said...

Thanks aunty Puteq. Mestilah comei... mama kita kan comei. Ahaks!

jabishah said...

Tx aunty Gina :-)

jabishah said...

Thanks aunty kay. Will try my best to stay as busyuk as she wants ;-)

jabishah said...

Tx Sheela.