Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Birthday Do

I mentioned that Balqis turned 5 recently & here's an update. On her birthday, HB had to work but he was not flying. He took his car & since mine was & still is at the service centre, we were carless. I'm not a hard core environmentalist to opt for my bicycle... & the day before I became a handicapped baker when my conventional/microwave oven suddenly refused to function. (sigh... last Ramadhan RM400 gone to repair its microwave function. The conventional oven was OK. This time it simply won't start! Grr..). So it was only in the evening we managed to have a cake for the birthday girl.

She woke up smiling knowing it was her birthday. We wished her, kissed & hugged. Told her that she could choose a toy from some of the things I normally keep aside for birthday gifts. She chose a set of Polly Pocket.

The night before HB asked her girls of the cake flavour to buy. We named several & he came home with all our favourites. Balqis was in the study playing an online game. Wardah distracted her attention. Yasmin helped me with the cake & this was what we presented her...

Everyone's favourite.. Tx to HB :-) He even surprised both girls with a gift each...

With her sisters. Look at Nadeen. Ms Trouble 2... :-)

We had a party at McD last weekend to celebrate both. Balqis turned 5 last Tuesday & tomorrow Nadeen will be exactly 2! Time sure flies.... Nadeen of course didn't really understand but Balqis was extremely excited. Made sure I had everything ready & even reminded she wanted a whole cake with Minnie Mouse picture, not cut cakes. Hahaha...

Balqis at 5

Part of the foods..

Both grandparents. I'm very sure the topic of discussion was "The Grandchildren" :-)

Kids had a wonderful time I could sense. They practically conquered the play room next door.

What surprised me was when Nadeen chose to join the fun voluntarily.

They were supposed to pass on the tiny ball & the one with the possession of the ball when the music stopped was asked to leave.

My Nadeen understood the concept of having a ball was to throw it far... She was going around trying to snatch away the ball! Hahaha... She later got the idea with the help of her bigger friends & played together.

Balqis was out but didn't fail to smile. Unlike....

the other birthday girl who wanted to protest!

The birthday cake

Happy birthday girls...

They cut the cake on Minnie & Minnie slipped inside the cake. Those small hands tried to be rescuers but was put to a stop on hearing my scream... Hahaha!

I'm not sharing mine!

Birthday girls ready to present the party packs & to bid farewell.

Thank you for coming... :-)

A family pic.

At home they straight away unwrapped their gifts. Thank you dear friends for making their day...

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