Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here comes the long school break...

The break is back but last Saturday was another tight day. HB was home so I didn't really have to do the driving ;-) Not that we had to drive far... Only in the neighbourhood.

In the morning we attended Yasmin & Wardah 's Hari Anugerah Cemerlang at school. As I mentioned before the girls did well in the exams & today was their day. Wardah was rewarded for 2nd in class ( failed in her many attempts to beat DFP. you may read here). Yasmin, even though 4th in class & 5th in Year 4 was acknowledged for her participation in a Eureka competition, representing the district. Academically, she is best in Kemahiran Hidup. That is something I'm very proud of. I never touched on the subject for it is an elective. Hence, it was totally her own effort. Come to think of it I really can't tell what did she really learn in KH this year. Shame on me...!

Now, here are some photos to share.

Notice how my 2 girls react to a cam in front of them... Wardah is really me unlike Yasmin who definitely carries too much of her dad's gene. Hahaha!

Yasmin with her friends. I knew exactly what she was thinking of... "Go play with your toy somewhere else mama!" Hehehe...

Wardah & DFP. They are good friends. Check out what were in her hands & what was in Wardah's... ;-)

Yasmin & Wardah with their trophies & certificates

Later in the evening, we attended Balqis's kindie concert. She looked forward to perform & was asking non-stop for the time. She knew, she had to be in her kindergarten by 545pm.

We left home right after Maghrib. The show was scheduled to start at half past 7. 10 minutes before it began we arrived but the seats were mostly taken. The rain didn't stop others to come way earlier than us. We didn't sit together. Sri with Nadeen, the girls with their friends & I with HB.

If you have been following my blog you might remember Balqis's kindie outdoor concert last year. You may read here. It is no difference this year. Same old stage, same old deco... hehehe.

Balqis has improved a lot in stage this year. Her eye contacts with the audience were excellent. She was smiling all the way. Enjoy the video :-)

That was really entertaining right? Balqis was the one far back on the left. Next she performed a Malay number. It took me quite some time to find her...

Found her! She really was enjoying herself... Great job Balqis!! :-)

Was still smiling off stage ;-)

Singing the National Anthem..

Now a shot with her classmate, Arif. I kidded saying something like the peace sign was blocking Balqis. Might as well put the hand on Balqis's shoulder.

He did exactly that! Hahaha...

Balqis with all the girls, including a neighbour's daughters who tagged along to watch Balqis on stage.

The following day it was Yasmin's & Wardah's turn again. Their Drama Class Year End Production. Since it took me way too long to upload the videos, hope these photos are ample for your viewing...

Wardah in action as an islander. She has need to improve her voice projection but the confidence she showed was marvellous. Bravo!

A group photo with their teacher, Aunty Jamie.

Yasmin was a pirate. Her solo script was quite long to memorise but she managed.

A fighting scene

A group photo with her fellow pirates & sailors

And today is Balqis's 5th birthday. Happy birthday darling. We love you. Will update about it tomorrow...


ibu,mommy,mom... said...

Good morning Jabishah

Wow panjangnya story,best..

They all had fun at their concert and year end production right?Pictures proved it:)

And for you,have a wonderful year end break..

papa said...

well done girls...!! you really made papa proud!! keep it up, ok.