Friday, November 13, 2009

He's Coming Home!

Yes, you read it right. My baby is coming home. Either tonight or tomorrow morning. It depends whether they manage to get the connecting flight to KUL frm BKK (Bangkok) on time.

They completed the trek smoothly alhamdulillah... In fact they cut it short to 8 days instead of 10 days. But they were stuck in Pokhara for a day due to a roadblock caused by the Nepal's Maoist rebels. (that sure made panic!) Anyhow, HB assured me that tourists are usually left undisturbed. Still...

They reached KTM (Kathmandu) the day after safely & once in KTM, HB has been calling us a lot. He is undoubtfully homesick. Even admitted that this trip made him long for all his girls at home terribly.

We chatted through YM & the moment he saw his girls on webcam, I could feel the love all the way from Nepal. The way he wrote... The questions he asked... Too bad he had no cam nor speaker by his side.

Wardah however, grabbed the opportunity & asked her father of their school holiday plans. You see HB once made a promise that he would only entertain another trip for this year if only both the girls obtain 1st place. Wardah was 1st in the August Test but HB clearly puts it that it has to be the final exam results.

Results are out but none is 1st in their class. Yasmin is 4th & Wardah 2nd. Noticed her father vulnerability Wardah typed in one of her chats with HB.

"Can we go to Hong Kong papa?"

What do you think was the reply from KTM?All the way from home... Missing his girls... Yes, it was a yes. You should look at their dance of happiness! ;-D

The girls have prepared something for HB. I will update on that. For the time being, I've got to make sure that the house is in order & prepare something for HB's late supper if he can make it on time.

ps- He could not make it on time for the connecting flight. Should reach KUL by noon tomorrow. We are sooo looking forward. It will be a tight schedule for me tomorrow. With piano, ballet & drama class, I've got to plan something wise tomorrow. At the mean time, I need my good night sleep :-)


ibu,mommy,mom... said...

wow!! A father's love for his daughters,even reading your post I can feel that:)
And you sure must be excited to see your baby:)Have a good weekend ya

Nic said...

Yeah.. you're gonna need the good night's sleep. Remember he'll be back to make up for 10 days.. hehe..

jabishah said...

Hahaha... Tx you both ;-)