Thursday, November 5, 2009

From Kathmandu With Love

This morning after sending off the elder girls for their mengaji lessons, I as usual stopped at a mini market to grab some fresh vegetables. Opposite the road I saw HB's regular nasi lemak stall & I, as if hypnotized bought one. I'm no fan of nasi lemak really, unlike HB who loves it with ayam masak merah & telur mata kerbau. Seriously, I really had to force myself with the nasi lemak. I rather had toast :-)

Yes, I miss him. It has been 3 days since I last heard of him. They have started the trekking to Annapurna Base Camp. No contacts ever since. He called the day before he left & warned me that he might not be able to contact me for 10 days. Yikes... I hate the feeling for not knowing. The best I can do is pray for his safety & insyaAllah he will pour me with all his experiences once he's back to civilization.

Later in the afternoon we received a postcard. A greeting from Nepal. HB obviously posted that before he left for Pokhara. The girls were really thrilled. It slipped my mind that HB promised to send the girls a postcard but he remembered. It shows that he misses us too ;-)

Balqis can now read simple words. She is now at 4B in the Ladybird Keyword Series. Keeps repeating the first 2 lines from the postcard. "Hello to my Amirahs. Papa is in Kath... Apa mama?" Asked me to help her read over & over again... Later in the evening I found a piece of small paper pasted on the wall of the study written - I love you papa. Ohwww... I assume she was replying to her dad's postcard which almost put me in tears.

Yasmin & Wardah are most of the time occupied with FB games now that the exams are over. Oh did I tell you Wardah won the first place for a story telling competition in school? She was so proud of it (always wanted to be like Kak Yasmin) & I know deep inside she can't wait to tell HB.

Nadeen is getting cheekier day by day. She's picking up words slowly from her sisters. When asked about papa... she would simply answer "Byyee...". :-)

Me? To avoid thinking of him most of the time, I surrender myself to sewing. It really can put my mind off him. Last week I uploaded a few photos in my FB album. Received a very good response from my FB friends & have been sewing tudung & tudung & more tudungs. Hence I have to postpone the construction of my blogshop for a while.

To my readers who are interested to get tudungs from me but not my FB friends, post me your email add & I get back to you :-) Now that I have a mannequin & products... what I really want now is the cloth label for my tudungs. Anyone here has any contacts to share?

I shall update on HB next week. Have a good weekend :-)


tireless mom said...

It must be funny kan husband pergi jalan jalan for so long without you. Hang in there. I am sure he remembers and misses you too very much. When he has conquered Kathmandu territory, next time boleh lah bawa you and the girls pulak!

Interested jugak to look at the tudung. One fine day I will keep in touch to make the purchase k.

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

Hi..Mesti lah you miss him too:)
Oh ya re the cloth label,when u find out what to do can you share the info with me?
I pun ada la ura ura nya di situ:)

Ummi365 said...

hi dear.. have you found the person to do labels? try this i did mine here..

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Yatt,

Not that funny to us. He goes for his excursion every year. Just that this is rather too long. Managed to talk to him today. He misses us badly. Siap dah request suruh masak chicken rice... ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Rene,

Ura-ura apa ni? Share lah... I might purchase frm the one yg kak ummi recommends. Jom?

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Ummi,

Tq. I might do the purchase there as well. But nak tunggu cik abang blk to design for me. I ni tak reti sangat ;-)

Nic said...

Ja - I would be aching in pain if he leaves me that long. Thank God for children who never leaves us a moment's peace to wallow in self-pity! Haha.. u hang in there, girl, Allah is there with him and all of you..