Friday, February 29, 2008

Shame on me!

The other day I was assisting Yasmin with her homework She was doing her Malay language homework & did not seem to have problems with it. Since baby Nadeen & Balqis both were napping & Wardah was at school, I might as well entertain myself. Signed in on "facebook" & started racing cars...! Though rather shameful to admit... I am positively sure there are lots of you people as "facebook addictive" as me!

After a few races, Yasmin had problem with "kata seerti" - synonym. She asked the synonym for "usaha", I managed to get "ikhtiar" somewhere in my head. Then she went on with "ikut". I failed to get a word... Told her to go to the next word. Next was "berkumpul". Seriously I couldn't think of one! (pssst... perhaps the racing had really gotten into me!!)

Know what Yasmin said? "Mama, why don't you type www.kata"..... Lucky me, she didn't realise that her mama was racing cars & also buying friends! She did type the url but couldn't find such site. I browsed in search & found one. For the record, the synonym for "ikut" is "turut" & "berkumpul" is "berhimpun". Why didn't I get that???

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Balqis's Masterpiece

Balqis surprised me with a drawing today. A picture of baby Nadeen that she drew herself. What a cutie! She is really into drawing & colouring nowadays.

The colourful drawing on the head is not rainbow. That according to the artist is Nadeen's hair!

She insisted to pose with her piece of art!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back to work

Yeah, I'm back at work today after the long break before & after the "kenduri". In fact haven't really put enough effort on my work lately. Not to mention the long rest after having Nadeen.

Nope, I have not been offered a new post. It's my same old voluntary work for life... a homemaker! Apart of taxing the girls to school & getting errands here & there, I have not looked into their school work thoroughly. How time flies.. and next week they are seating for their Test 1.

This morning, that was what we did. Revising through the subjects they have learned in school focusing more on the Malay language. I am not sure whether they are weak in the subject is the issue. Probably the way they are tested in that subject is tricky. Even I get confused... hahaha!

How in the world do you elaborate to them the usage of prefix "ke", "ber", "per"? Not to mention the suffix "an", "kan", "i". Back in college English prefixes & suffixes could help me in determining certain vocabularies. But in Malay? You know a word because you practically use that word...

Perhaps it's our first language. We overlook it. My girls are struggling to accept it as their mother tongue. It is evidently my mistake. For sending them to an English medium kindergarten & also for conversing mostly in English with them. TV programmes they watch also play a role... Last time their favourite was the Disney channel. I guess that's where Yasmin picked up her accent.

Now frankly, I am rather glad with "Geng Bas Sekolah" on air. At least they can improve their Malay language rather than bringing home words like "perasan", "berlagak", "mampus" from school. Though the words mean negatively, I take it positively. Gave them the real meaning & prohibit such words uttered.

This stage is challenging but fun And... I have to do it all over again with Balqis & Nadeen. But of course with experience.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Kenduri Aqiqah, Cukur Jambul, Birthday Party - All in a Day!

Thank you to all for making yesterday a success. It was truthfully tiring but I enjoyed every bit of each moment. Not the cleaning up obviously...

Nadeen as a good baby she is, was quiet through out the ceremony. She was awake during "Marhaban" but did not cry at all. Even during the "Cukur Jambul" she was wide awake. Maybe was confused with what being done to her!

Water, "bunga rampai' & scissors used for "cukur jambul"

My father

My mother

My father in-law

My mother in-law


That's me

Please help me...

The gifts given to those performing the "Cukur Jambul"

Wardah with some of the gifts to be given to the guests

The Roasted Lamb was a hit!

Another was a complimentary dessert from our caterer, ABC "Air Batu Campur". Unfortunately no picture of the ABC snapped.

At 3pm it was the elder girls, Yasmin & Wardah to cut their birthday cakes. It was hubby's idea to combine everything in a day. At first, I was rather reluctant. Wardah's birthday is in January & Yasmin's is in March. But the thought of having the catered food instead of me cooking... Hey! Why not?

Yasmin & her 48 cupcakes

Wardah, cutting her castle cake!

It was my brother in- law's birthday that day. Wardah didn't mind sharing the cake with her Uncle Hafiz.

Our concern was Balqis. She had nothing to celebrate that day. But I already informed Yasmin, just in case Balqis wanted to blow her cake, let her be. I thought wrongly. She understood it was not her cake. A big girl now... after all she is Nadeen's big sis!

Balqis squashing the froggy in her mouth!

The castle cake I made for Wardah - to view how I decorated the cake do visit my site at In The Kitcen With Me

Yasmin wanted the theme of a pond for her cupcakes... This was the best I could do

Posing with their presents

We did not have the time to shave off Nadeen's hair. Hubby was called up for work & his pick up was at 7am. Pity him! But he was not flying. Instead, flying as a passenger to Kota Kinabalu.

Again... Thank you everyone for coming!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chef Yasmin

I was looking at my Yasmin the other day. She was as usual engrossed with her reading. She has outgrown being my baby girl! The little bundle of joy I brought home almost 9 years ago... Now a big sis to 3 other girls! Maybe she gets carried away with her hobby most of the time but her concern for her sisters is unmistakable.

Yasmin has been asking me to teach her to cook. As I was in the kitchen, I saw a box of instant mix jelly. Thought of guiding Yasmin in her first menu ever. The girls love jelly... bet all kids do.

She did everything all by herself. I was there monitoring. Though at 9, the kitchen is not really child friendly for her. Her sisters were crazy over her jelly. Started digging up once the jelly was ready. My Yasmin, even though how much she loved the jelly, was aware that her papa was away. She saved her share to give to papa. I gave mine to hers. It sure did taste good but frankly, jelly is not in my favourites.

My little chef

Balqis, the jelly monster

A dainty pose of Wardah eating hers

Just can't part from her book

To read more about Yasmin & to get the recipe of her jelly visit her My Whole Wide World

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A smile from Nadeen

At 2 months plus Nadeen has recognised my face & even my voice. She would sometimes stop crying whenever she hears my voice. In her good moods, she will also interact phonetically and has started smiling & even laughing. I'm lucky enough to capture Nadeen smiling at me on video. It was one of her early cute smiles.... and guess what? She has a little dimple on her right mouth.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Watch out everyone! Here comes the school prefect....

Look at Yasmin in her new school uniform. This year she has been elected as a school prefect. At first, we (hubby & I) were rather reluctant. We know our daughter. She takes her sweet time in completing any task given. We were afraid that she wont be able to complete her work in class, due to her duties. But we discussed & decided to give her a chance. She can remain a school prefect with one condition. She has to maintain her results in the exams. She obtained first place in 2 consecutive years (year 1 & year 2). Even though she won't get first this year, at least her percentage should be an A. Don't you think it's fair enough?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Two Months Nadeen!

Check out the date. Nadeen is exactly 2 months today. She grows so fast. She weighs 5.5kg & I think now I'm building up muscles at my biceps.... Who needs a dumb bell when you have a baby. She drinks a lot. Really pity my 2 sisters ;D hahaa....!

At two months, she needs to pay her paediatrician a visit. Yes, her vaccination. This month she's getting her DPT, polio, Hep B & Hib meningitis. That sure is a long list! Lucky for her that now all is done in one shot & no more oral for polio.

As expected, there were lots of little ones at the clinic. What can I say... today is Saturday, the convenient day for most parents. Not for me really as hubby is at work. But to postpone it to next week won't be a good idea. Hubby will be back home only on Tuesday, I have to send the older girls to school & next week is also a long break for Chinese New Year celebration.

Now my MPV really serves the purpose. It was a full house today. And that was without hubby! I drove, Yasmin was next to me, the baby car seat behind me, Balqis next to the baby, my helper next to Balqis & Wardah was at the back together with Nadeen's rocker. I know it sounded so packed but Nadeen didn't complain at all. She was awake all the way & not even a whimper came out despite of having to tolerate with sis Balqis role played herself as mama. I even forgot that she was in the car!

Dropped the girls with my helper first at the entrance, hopping to get an earlier number. I had to make 2 rounds to get a parking space. Saturdays are really a nightmare! Went up to the 3rd floor & found the girls playing at the child centre. Yasmin came to me & presented the number. It was lucky number 17.... & she checked from the receptionist at the clinic, there were like 14 patients before us :(

Comel Child & Mother Centre

Yasmin just can't part from her book

The girls making new friends

It was almost 2 & a half hrs wait. The girls hardly whined as they were having fun in the centre. (They sure did conquer the place ... I heard only their voices esp Wardah's). Nadeen was dreaming away in her hand-me-down stroller. That of course after pooing & being fed :) The girls didn't even realise the long wait. I had to make them stop playing & follow me waiting in the clinic instead. The paediatrician, Dr. Haliza had been treating my girls since Yasmin was a baby.

The nurse measuring Nadeen's height or should I say length...

Dr. Haliza comforting Nadeen

Dr. Haliza ready with her tiny saint weapon

Seriously, I was busy taking pictures & focusing the lens onto the doctor, I didn't realise the look Nadeen gave. My poor baby, looking straight at me with those innocent eyes as if asking for help. I feel like crying looking at her face in this picture. And there I was, with a camera in my hands sort of enjoying witnessing her being bullied. Bad mama! Bad mama! Well... I guess it shows that the baby is definitely not my first child!

All done...

She had a slight fever just now but better after I gave her medicine. All asleep & Im joining them... Goodnight!