Monday, February 18, 2008

Kenduri Aqiqah, Cukur Jambul, Birthday Party - All in a Day!

Thank you to all for making yesterday a success. It was truthfully tiring but I enjoyed every bit of each moment. Not the cleaning up obviously...

Nadeen as a good baby she is, was quiet through out the ceremony. She was awake during "Marhaban" but did not cry at all. Even during the "Cukur Jambul" she was wide awake. Maybe was confused with what being done to her!

Water, "bunga rampai' & scissors used for "cukur jambul"

My father

My mother

My father in-law

My mother in-law


That's me

Please help me...

The gifts given to those performing the "Cukur Jambul"

Wardah with some of the gifts to be given to the guests

The Roasted Lamb was a hit!

Another was a complimentary dessert from our caterer, ABC "Air Batu Campur". Unfortunately no picture of the ABC snapped.

At 3pm it was the elder girls, Yasmin & Wardah to cut their birthday cakes. It was hubby's idea to combine everything in a day. At first, I was rather reluctant. Wardah's birthday is in January & Yasmin's is in March. But the thought of having the catered food instead of me cooking... Hey! Why not?

Yasmin & her 48 cupcakes

Wardah, cutting her castle cake!

It was my brother in- law's birthday that day. Wardah didn't mind sharing the cake with her Uncle Hafiz.

Our concern was Balqis. She had nothing to celebrate that day. But I already informed Yasmin, just in case Balqis wanted to blow her cake, let her be. I thought wrongly. She understood it was not her cake. A big girl now... after all she is Nadeen's big sis!

Balqis squashing the froggy in her mouth!

The castle cake I made for Wardah - to view how I decorated the cake do visit my site at In The Kitcen With Me

Yasmin wanted the theme of a pond for her cupcakes... This was the best I could do

Posing with their presents

We did not have the time to shave off Nadeen's hair. Hubby was called up for work & his pick up was at 7am. Pity him! But he was not flying. Instead, flying as a passenger to Kota Kinabalu.

Again... Thank you everyone for coming!!


Yasmin said...

Mama,you already know that I'm 9,not 48!



Anonymous said...

what a day....a great day, it was!!!

Kak Fatin said...

Hello Yasmin..It me you like the present that I bought for you..

Yasmin said...


Adlina Husaini said...

salam sis..tgh browse cari info tuk wat aqiqah my son..and found urs..pandai la u design cake, very creative, thumbs up! :)

jabishah said...

Salam. Tx adlina. I dah lama x bake ever since oven kat dapur tu mogok...