Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chef Yasmin

I was looking at my Yasmin the other day. She was as usual engrossed with her reading. She has outgrown being my baby girl! The little bundle of joy I brought home almost 9 years ago... Now a big sis to 3 other girls! Maybe she gets carried away with her hobby most of the time but her concern for her sisters is unmistakable.

Yasmin has been asking me to teach her to cook. As I was in the kitchen, I saw a box of instant mix jelly. Thought of guiding Yasmin in her first menu ever. The girls love jelly... bet all kids do.

She did everything all by herself. I was there monitoring. Though at 9, the kitchen is not really child friendly for her. Her sisters were crazy over her jelly. Started digging up once the jelly was ready. My Yasmin, even though how much she loved the jelly, was aware that her papa was away. She saved her share to give to papa. I gave mine to hers. It sure did taste good but frankly, jelly is not in my favourites.

My little chef

Balqis, the jelly monster

A dainty pose of Wardah eating hers

Just can't part from her book

To read more about Yasmin & to get the recipe of her jelly visit her My Whole Wide World

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