Friday, February 29, 2008

Shame on me!

The other day I was assisting Yasmin with her homework She was doing her Malay language homework & did not seem to have problems with it. Since baby Nadeen & Balqis both were napping & Wardah was at school, I might as well entertain myself. Signed in on "facebook" & started racing cars...! Though rather shameful to admit... I am positively sure there are lots of you people as "facebook addictive" as me!

After a few races, Yasmin had problem with "kata seerti" - synonym. She asked the synonym for "usaha", I managed to get "ikhtiar" somewhere in my head. Then she went on with "ikut". I failed to get a word... Told her to go to the next word. Next was "berkumpul". Seriously I couldn't think of one! (pssst... perhaps the racing had really gotten into me!!)

Know what Yasmin said? "Mama, why don't you type www.kata"..... Lucky me, she didn't realise that her mama was racing cars & also buying friends! She did type the url but couldn't find such site. I browsed in search & found one. For the record, the synonym for "ikut" is "turut" & "berkumpul" is "berhimpun". Why didn't I get that???


leen said...

Yes..yes..shame on Mama! Asyik mainnn je..

Hahaha...reminds me so much when my mom used to babysit our little cousin. Puas satu rumah kena tolong buat homework. And there was this question: apakah binatang reptilia berkaki empat?

I tell you, that time semua orang puasla pikir. Not on top of our head. Last2 our maid yg tengah mengemas yg jawab ...buaya, cicak...bla..bla..Malu weh!

jabishah said...

Apalah u ni leen... Hahaha