Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nadeen's Baby Talk

I am pretty sure none of you understand what Nadeen is trying to convey. Well... as her mother I of course am able to comprehend the sounds she utters.. ;) Here is the translation of Nadeen's baby talk.

Hey! I am 3 months now. I love it here rather than being in that dark, confined place I was before. But what I like most is this family. I think I belong to this family. They are such an amazing lot. Always making each other happy... There are hmmm... how many of them ya? Altogether is about the same amount of these tiny little fingers of mine. Not both hands, just one. There is this lady who is so concerned of me putting those yummy chewy fingers in my mouth. I believe she is my Mama. That was what I heard she addressed herself. To me and to the other older girls. They must be my siblings.

The eldest is this girl who goes everywhere with her books. I wonder whether the book is glued to her hand... I wish I can read just like her. She of course sometimes reads to me. But a different book! Why does everyone has to read the same books to me..?

Next is the noisiest of all in the family. I wonder whether the mouth of hers ever stop chattering? Perhaps not... I witnessed her once talking with her eyes shut!! But she is fun to be with. Loves talking to me, making me happy & rocking me to sleep in my favorite rocker.

The youngest of all is always kissing me! I wonder whether she thinks I am one of her many dolls. There were quite a few times Mama was fussy over her kissing me, even hugging me. The next thing I knew, I was coughing & slimy liquid kept wetting my nostrils... But that did not stop her kissing me happily.

There is a man in the house too. But he is seldom home. Whenever he is home, he will normally bring the others out & leave me home with an older lady. I don't mind that at all. Without them I can have all the naps I need. One thing I realize though... my Mama is somehow always in a happier mood whenever he is around. Wonder why....?

This is one of the many happy moments in my life. My little Nadeen has started baby talking & it won't be long till she joins her sisters invading my peacefulness ;-D

Happy - Happy Moments

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