Saturday, March 8, 2008

It's polling time again...

Today is polling day for Malaysia. I'm going out to play my part as a responsible citizen. Who am I voting? That's my vote & my right to keep it to myself.

I did not change my address. Still using the same address when I first registered. So, I am now at my parents'. HB changed his. His poling station is no longer at my parents' but in Puchong, where we are staying. Unfortunately, he is on duty today & won't be able to play his part voting.It will be a full house today at my parents'! Fun but headache... with 9 grandchildren in a roof!

My girls are rather too young to understand about politics & elections. I did explain what I could to them. What excites them most is of course the campaign. Banners, posters, flags are everywhere... And their school is used as a polling station. Bet you can imagine the atmosphere outside their school... As Wardah put it in her sweet but sharp tongue, "Apa nak jadi dengan sekolah Wardah ni... Dah macam circus!" - "My school is turning to a circus!". Hahahaha! Putting up with that girl is never a bore...

To all, happy voting!

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