Sunday, March 9, 2008

Someone is 9!

Yasmin turns 9 today. Nope, I don't feel old at all... That's the advantage of not working & spending most of the time with kids. Hahaha! But the wrinkles near my mouth (too much laughing..) & above my eyes (too much frowning... as Yasmin put it her My Whole Wide World "a very angry one") might be the culprit for revealing my age.

Anyway, as we were already at my parents', might as well I plan something special for the birthday girl to have fun with her siblings & cousins. As she had already celebrated her birthday earlier with Wardah, I thought of letting them play around & discover their skill with butter icing.

Oh my... they sure did have fun. I just hope none of the girls would ask for another butter icing adventure next time. The situation was beyond wrinkles... I could have grown gray hairs!

Even their auntie got hooked up. Still in polling mood, she came out with the idea of decorating the parties' logo. Talk about that, congrats & best wishes to the winning candidates & parties.

Yasmin... Happy Birthday! Kisses for the birthday girl

Wardah trying out the piping bag

Ran out of piping bag did not stop Balqis from "exploring"

Yasmin & Nuryn

The birthday girl showing off her creativity

Chef Aiman at work

Not bad at all...

Yasmin made PAS. BN & PKR decorated by Auntie Inda. They failed on their attempt to pipe a rocket for DAP.

Yummy! Yummy!

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