Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Off He Goes Again

HB is away. Yes perhaps it is like a norm to me & the girls but not exactly this time...

He used to operate a 10days trip but that was a long, long time ago. I'm too comfortable with his flight patterns nowadays. Not too long & not too often home either :-)

This time, he is away for leisure. Off to another excursion. Not 5 nor 7 like before but for 20 solid days! Where to? The Disneyland to backpackers - Nepal. No..!! He's no Hillary to climb the Everest. Merely venturing the famous trek - Annapurna Trail.

Some photos of the Annapurna Trail I uploaded from the Net)

The trail should take him 12 days but he had to be there earlier for some ground preparations. His flight to Bangkok was at the wee hours this morning. From there he would take a direct flight to Kathmandu - the capital of Nepal. Nope. I didn't send him off to the airport. He drove himself & would drop the car key in his box. A friend not other than David no2 (Remember my moonlighting episode? You may read here), should drive home with my car.

HB has long been wanting to go to Nepal. Way before I conceived Nadeen 2,3 years back. I didn't really give my consent at first but I come to realise how sensible he is with this hiking thing. He won't force himself beyond his limit. No risk taker.

HB & the gang at Rinjani

We will miss him terribly & reading his FB status last night made me almost in tears. Have a safe journey baby. All my doas to you. Enjoy yourself & don't worry about the girls. I will get them entertained. Missing you... May I'm bestowed with the strength. Love you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Almost there...

Last Thursday was not really my day. Drove all the way to Nilai Tiga to get some stuffs but the place we headed to do not operate on Thursdays...! One thing about me, when I have set my mind to something... I will find ways to get it done. You can say determined yes, but a little speck of stubbornness as well ;-)

My hindrance is normally HB. With his consent, things should be fine but without, I usually get paid immediately. It's like when you are in Mecca. But me ? Di mana bumi dipijak... which really means anywhere!

There was one incident a couple of months back. HB asked me to follow him somewhere. I can't recall where to exactly but I kind of refused in a nice way. My reason, I was occupied with beading. He did not make a fuss over it so I took it that my refusal was accepted. To HB yes but not to the Almighty... After he left I continued sewing my beads but I accidentally pulled out the thread from the needle. I hardly have problems inserting the thread into the needle hole (alhamdulillah.... for my good sight) however, my many attempts failed that day. Deep in my heart I apologised to Him for refusing HB's request. In a flash, the thread went into the hole with ease. So, do you get the whole picture?

Now, where was I...? Oh OK, Nilai Tiga. FYI, I went there with HB so the shop was closed has got nothing related to the story above. Merely tak ada rezeki....

Today, I got his consent to go to a branch in Klang. We didn't know... Obviously Klang should be a better option than Nilai. I got to know of this place in Nilai from a fellow blogger. Tx eenaz. So, I was in Klang this afternoon & purchased the thing I wanted.

Now everyone say hello to my pretty mannequin... Hehehe!

A close up.

Yasmin & Wardah knew I was getting it. Frankly, they got the goosebumps. Memang penakut dua-dua ni... Hence , I chose the most decent looking mannequin head. Don't mind the extra cash as long as my girls won't get nightmares.

After school they entered the front door nervously. Knew what awaited them... but both agreed it was not horrible looking at all. Even Nadeen was excited for having a bigger Barbie.... Nooo!!

Why the mannequin head? Well... Didn't I mention about my online shop before? The mannequin head will be my mute model ;-) I have made a few tudungs for a collection to the shop but without a suitable model, the tudungs were sold without a snap from my cam (Sigh...).

Here are my mannequin in yours truly's selfmade tudungs...

A scallop tudung made for a friend. Printed Korean jersey & plain Korean jersey for awning.

Another order by a friend. A kiddie scallop tudung from a medium quality jersey. Cotton silk for awning.

Now, this is fresh... Made it this morning whilst monitoring the girls with Math.

A hajjabba. M size. Plain Korean jersey with 100% cotton for awning. Status? Available. Selling at RM40.

Now I have the products & the model. Am almost there... Watch out for a URL to my shop :-) Have a good weekend.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Growing Up Too Fast

It was only yesterday that I uploaded a photo of Yasmin & I in facebook. We seldom have a picture together. Her sisters who are not a camera shy like her would normally manipulate each situation :-)

The picture. A few commented on her height. Will beat me in no time ;-)

We went jogging yesterday. Being alone next to her I realised that she has turned to this pretty girl. No longer that chubby baby who once won a prize in a Baby Contest.

Yasmin is far different compared to Wardah & Balqis. She won't make a fuss if her shoes colour does match her attire. In fact, there were a few incidents when we went out in a proper attire but what she had on her feet was a pair of horrible looking old slippers!

Last night when she was getting ready for bed, Wardah was shouting out for me. My Yasmin has gotten her first menses. I knew it was coming based from the changes of her body. But at 10? She grows up rather too fast... I still have not gotten enough of her. My first baby!

I got mine when I turned 11 & how funny it was using the sanitary pads then. Hey! I'm not that old. Did not use the loops version! Only that the sizes were all the same. During heavy days had them on double & the walk was not a pretty sight. Hahaha!

Yasmin dear, we have discussed the birds & the bees. The book I bought is merely for reference. Anything else you wish to know I am here with all ears. Please do take your solat seriously now .Love you girl (((((hugs))))

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Day Trip ToThe Land of Cik Siti Wan Kembang

I am blessed with a maid who is excellent at massaging. I have tried plenty but so far she is the best. Perhaps she won't suit those who frequent the beauty spa. As she put it ,"Urut sedap badan tapi uratnya semua kencang!" :-)

Sri is brilliant when it comes to segala macam urat. And yes... You have to bear the pain . I don't complain though... for she takes care of us girls almost perfectly. Sometimes the girls call her the doctor of the house ;-) The remedy she gets for us when we purge, during my menstrual pain & angin especially works almost instantly. We are indeed grateful having her around.

The only person in the household who lacks her attention is HB. Sri does not massage men & even if she does, HB does not agree to the idea & if so HB suddenly changes his mind, I won't let that happen! :-)

HB too has tried a lot of masseurs. Men OK..! ;-) One person who suits him perfectly is Abe Soh. Even how many other masseurs I have arranged for him, he still prefers Abe Soh.

I have nothing against him really. Just that he does not reside here in Klang Valley. He is in Kelantan, Kota Bharu to be exact...

HB has made plans for another of his excursion end of the month. This is another of his many hiking trips. One of his must preparations is a good massage. Hence an arrangement was made to meet up with Abe Soh.

The day chosen was yesterday. What a perfect day... :-) You see my parents come over to my place every Wednesday after their regular visit to a clubhouse in Cyberjaya. With abah & ma around, the girls were in good hands.

As usual I sent Balqis to her kindie but Yasmin & Wardah got the day off from mengaji. Right after I dropped of Balqis at her kindie, HB drove us off to KLIA.

You see we didn't really have the tickets to Kota Bharu that morning. But HB had earlier called the ticketing department the day before. There should be tickets available for us.

We got our tickets at quarter to 9am for a 1010am flight. Ample time still to have a quick breakfast. Went to the Food Garden at level 3 & helped ourselves for these.

Any idea, which was HB's & which was mine? ;-)

The flight was delayed for 20minutes. I'm sure for those who travel locally often with MH, experience the most delays this month :-( PM me if you wish to know why...

Well anyway it was a smooth flight. I after soooo long managed to catch up with my reading & HB was occupied with this...

Reached KB at half past 11. Not really a sunny day. I should expect the rain in the afternoon. The Kelantan River welcomed us.

The airport

Abe Soh was our taxi driver. He had an emergency earlier & was about half an hour late. My stomach was growling & the restaurant right in front of me was somehow calling out my name.

Anak dara sunti waiting for the taxi ;-)

What I saw opposite the taxi stand... My was I hungry!

Abe Soh finally came but his hospitality automatically made me forget his unpunctuality. HB requested Abe Soh to send us to one of his favourite places in KB...

Yati Percik

Seriously... I went crazy the moment I entered the restaurant. I saw food & more food & more food! Here are the desserts served which I really couldn't share with you the names.

Except for this one... puteri mandi. Am I not right? ;-)

Now the dishes to company the rice...

A type of clam

A couple of the gulais


Ikan percik

Sayap percik (I was confused at first for I am more familiar with kepak)

Only the wings were ready. I didn't complain because I simply love chicken wings...

The ayam percik... however was not yet ready.

Now here are the condiments to the nasi kerabu

The nasi kerabu I had...

To accompany my nasi kerabu...

Sirap Selasih

Within minutes I turned my plate to this...


The dessert HB chose, ondeh-ondeh.

Abe Soh & HB

We were supposed to have a lunch date with a friend & her hubby but due to a short notice, she came a little bit later alone. HB had already left with Abe Soh for the massage.

Dr. Aleng & yours truly

We shifted to the air-conditioned area & I got myself ...

...a bowl of lai chee kang.

As we were busy catching up with things, I got an SMS from HB. He suggested me to perform my zohor prayer at Aleng's. He knew too well the place he was at would not be comfortable to his wife ;-) So the next plan was to meet up in town instead.

Aleng, infront of her house...

We were looking for an angle to upload a pic in FB. But my hand was not long enough for a better background :-)
Us in my attempt shooting a self photo.

We left for my retail therapy an hour after. KB has changed a lot since I last came to town in 1992.

The ruler remains the same ;-)

Daulat Tuanku

A shopping mall.

That was not the place I was heading though. It was the one opposite the mall...

Pasar Siti Khadijah

A trishaw is quite common in KB.

These fruit sellers welcomed us. If I were to put up the night, I would definitely go for the longans.

I had planned earlier to meet another dear friend - Ruzeleen. Found her crossing towards me in the middle of the market wearing the first lady smile. And how she could speak in the dialect at ease!

So I had 2 friends residing in Kelantan with me. A favour I needed was for them to put a show as locals & do the bargain for me ;-)

Ground floor - nothing got me interested here :-)

First floor, I got myself some brooches. Very cheap... Bumped into my senior in campus. She was in KB for a course & going home the day after.

Second floor was how I imagined it would be. Kain & more kain & more kaiiiinnnn...!

The 3 of us. I bought telekung from this shop :-)

Aleng had to excuse herself at 4pm to fetch her kids. 3 turned to 2 but the therapy didn't stop there. In fact it got contagious. Leen was infected... kekeke!

HB found us deep in bargaining. Offered him a stool, he took out his phone & within seconds he became invisible. Hehehe...

It was still raining when we left the market. It was still early & decided to have something for tea. Since HB forgot to purchase the frozen ayam percik on his way to the market, our tea was back at Yati's.

KB is the capital of Kelantan. Hence, she couldn't runaway from the bad traffic...

Leen & I had laksam for tea. It was the best I had. Felt like ordering another but ordered burung puyuh goreng (sorry no picture) instead. HB? He went for another round of nasi kerabu...


Nasi Kerabu

We didn't omit dessert in the meal ;-)Not sure what we had. It tasted good. Sorry for the blurry photo. HB's camera ran out of battery & opted for the camera phone. I didn't bring my bulky camera though.

It was very frustrating when told that there were no frozen ayam percik. The ones they had stored were all void due to a cut at the wrapper. However, we bought the freshly grilled ayam percik.

The ayam percik

Leen sent us off to the airport & this was taken minutes before we parted...

Not only that we were early but our flight was delayed again. Good that I had Picoult to entertain me. Managed to complete the book. Beautiful... I even cried in the middle of all the passengers at the waiting hall (^_^) Will update on the book soon.

We reached KL safely a few minutes before 10pm. Claimed our luggage & headed to the car.

For a day trip... I think HB, you're over doing it with packing. Heheheh....!

The supper my girls had but their parents joined in at ease ;-)

To Aleng & Leen,thank you so much. I had a wonderful time.This day trip is reallyfun. Do expect me again in Kota Bharu in the near future ;-)