Friday, May 8, 2009

Playing Madie & David of the Moonlighting

If you are frowning upon reading the title, frown no more. You are definitely way younger than I am. But if you are smiling, showing off that teeth which are due for a scaling (a reminder for me really!) hold that grin because you are in the same era with me or perhaps errr... older?

Madie played by Cybill Shepherd & David, the younger, unbald-headed of the Die Hard icon - Bruce Willis were the stars of this 80s hit dramatic-comedy TV series, Moonlighting. Wednesday nights (right?), I without failed would be glued in front of the TV. I loved the spontaneous of the show. Mysterious but full of humours & simply plain crazy!

Today, I was playing Madie by choice ;=) Well, when there was Madie... there should be David. Who else would I want to be David not other than HB himself & that I tell you was by force... ;D

It was only recently that Balqis went for her first field trip. You can read here. I was rather cool with the idea wasn't I? Hehehe... It was my 3rd experience. I could have followed her but as I mentioned, I had other priority & moreover I grew up to accept the fact that a child sometimes would prefer to be around friends without a parent's supervision. Oh well!

It is anyhow, a different case today. My Yasmin & my Wardah are away. Away which means at this very moment they are not next door sleeping in their beds. A sleepover? Yes... they have done that. A couple of times in fact. At my brother's. A supervision by a flesh & blood. I slept in peace.

Not tonight though. Hmmm... it's not that bad frankly. I do feel weird without their presence but my other 2 keep me entertained. By tomorrow, they should be home.

Both of them were offered to attend a leadership camp somewhere near Kajang area. They are school prefects (you can read here) which qualified them for the enrollment. When they showed me the piece of letter, I gave them a negative answer. Buuuut! They tried their luck with their dad & much to my dismay it was a green light.

I doubted my daughters were ready for a camp out. Yasmin argued that they were staying in a dormitory. Still... at 10 & especially 8, you need me around. It is me who reminds you of your bedtime, to even make you brush your own teeth before bed, to tuck you in bed, to rush & comfort you after a bad dream... Who would do all that if you are more than 30km away from me?

I rang up a couple of my friends whom I knew, their children were offered too. Again, luck was on the girls' side. My friends both gave their consents & I had to give in & learn to swallow the fact.

I packed their things at the very last minute. Not that I doubted the decision made. Just that, I prefer to be very occupied at the last minute & would be able to distract my mind when it was time to part. It worked.

Ready for the camp.

We sent them off. Brought along my 350d & this was the shot. They were late. But knowing a pose for my lens would make me happy, they played along. As I was satisfied with the angle & about to shoot, a motorbike simply distract my subjects... grrr!

In front of the school entrance with their luggage.

We left but not for home. To Blue Moon Detective Agency ;-) Another parents agreed to play the same characters as we were. Just like us, this Madie no2 was by choice & of course David no.2 was by force... hahaha!

In our black vehicle, we began our spying. We started with the school. Due to the both Davids, we almost missed the bus! They were delaying us!!

Bus B was making a move. Wardah was in this one. Madie snapped this at ease.

As Bus C was moving, I saw a girl waving at us. It was Yasmin! Oooops!! Madie & Madie 2 decided to wave back & acted as if we were like the other parents who were there waiting for their children's departure. Hehehe...

We didn't tail the buses. Followed another route to the highway. But as one bus passed by, I saw the pupils inside waving hysterically at us. Not sure whether the passenger of the bus belonged to the 1st Madie-David or the 2nd Madie-David (4 of our children were in 3 different buses).

Approaching the camp, we realised there was another PI in an Alphard tailing the buses. Hah! We were not the only loser parents ;-)

Madie noticed the camp. David no.2 confirmed the location via his brand new Gamin.

David made a right turn & waited by the roadside. Perfect spot for this spying game...

Madie spotted Wardah. She was still not aware being followed.

All of a sudden David started cursing. The spot he chose was far from perfect. The entrance to the camp was somewhere at the back which no doubt at all of our subjects had to pass through us! Too late to shift position... !!

The first group. The 2nd Madie-David's first subject was approaching. David no.2, did his best to cover himself by flipping down the shade but failed big time. Hahaha!

Next, Wardah was approaching. The windows to our vehicle were tinted black except for the first front 3. Madie & Madie no.2 were save. Photo taking couldn't be easier.

The moment she noticed our vehicle's registration number, David was spotted easily. As the original David he was, not involving Madie in his mistake wouldn't satisfy him. At that point he rolled down the car window on Madie's side. Wardah saw her but Madie was still trying her best to hide behind her bulky camera. Lacking of concentration her shot of Wardah was nothing to be proud of... Daviiiiiiid!!

Atie, if you're reading, this shot is for you...

None of these Blue Moon Agents saw Yasmin. There should be another bus. The last one...

We were right

Madie recognised Yasmin's classmates but where was she?

She suddenly appeared walking slowly with her head down.

By this time, the both Davids had given up on spying. Went out from our vehicle to take five.... & it was at them Yasmin's smile was for ;-)

Both the Madies were satisfied with the place & the number of teachers accompanying was sufficient. The Davids couldn't care less but complained of their growling tummies. Off we went to Kajang town for some satays.

The Satay House

The disappearing satays

Balqis & Arif, enjoying the day of free siblings rivalry.. ;-)

To all mothers out there, it is no doubt difficult to let go. Not an easy task to admit that our babies are no longer babies. How hard it seems to be, it is not impossible. Psst...! Giving them the wings does not make us any less of a mother. The truth, it turns you into a better one. Another thing. Playing Madie today was nothing that I was proud of... ;-)



Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

akak ingat kerja menyepai ni ko ni sampai lah mereka besar...nak dating pun susah wooo... mama ada! yasmin and Wardah...dont play play with yr mom ok!..nanti cannot sqeeze alasan..hard copy proof avail tau!!

kay_leeda said...

Heh..heh..heh...been there done that, minus the camera. Those days mana ada digital camera. Zaman-zaman kodak...duhhh...jenuh nak pi develop. Luckily Mommy had a photographic memory :D

fiza said...

syok gak kan pi main spy2 ni..cuma satu time u drive i blh duduk depan..tak fening...hehehe..btw, malam tu tinggal arif je..sunyi betul..pastu, bila nak tido, i tgk arif xda dlam bilik, rupanye dia join tido dgn bibik. siap ckp kat i tu..kesian kakak xda kawan, mama dah ada abah.. hmmmm???

Yatie_T said...

I love Moonlighting and I'm pretty sure it was every Wednesday night. Reading your post made me laugh and the funniest part is when your HB rolled down your window. My mom did the same thing with us.... following the bus and camping closeby where she can see us.

Next, during dating time.... actually no dates at all during our high school. The guy friends had to come to our house to see us with our parents there, if you can call that a date.... well, that's our date.

Phone calls from boys.... my mom will screen the calls first and asked his name, where does he live, whose his parents are, etc etc... once she's satisfied, we can take the call. That's me and my 4 sisters life. When I asked my mom why she's doing all that stuffs, she said I have to watch you guys because if anything happened people will blame the parents. No heart feelings and I can totally understand it. She's doing all this for our own benefits. Sorry for the loooong reply.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Not bad Ja! You did it! I mean of letting go of your children eventho only for a few days.

You know what, my children never go for any outings which involve sleepover... errr.. yet! Asyik negative answers saja from their parents... sampai diorang sometimes tak bagi tau pun ada outings.

One of these days I think I have to do what you did. Kena berani :[

tireless mom said...

Hi Ja

If I were to engage a PI, definitely it is not going to be you. Hancur! But I am sure the subjects don't mind being photographed at a close shoot and can pose some more.

MrsNordin said...

Hee.. hee... I don't believe you did that! But my husband would probably do the same. He never trust all this school trips!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, good to let go your kids, give them 'merdeka', ha ha.
They learn to be independant, same time grow up too.
You keep well, best regards, Lee.

MAMAMIA said...

Been there , done that.

We have our reservations about school trips. Kalau terpaksa pergi, we make sure we'll have the guru pengiring's contact no etc..

jabishah said...

Kak Ezza,

Mmmg dah ada agenda pun nak spy diorg dating nanti... Hahaha! Yes, don't play2! ;-)

jabishah said...

Kak Kay,

Good to know am not the only "such" mom out there... Buy you as a career mom pun buat mcm ni, kira lagi lah power! ;-)

jabishah said...


Aah... nx time tinggal kan je davids tu. But urs OK , mine ni susah sikit mau percaya dgn madie dia. But best kan? Hehehe..

jabishah said...

Hi Yatie,

Alamak why do I hv a very strong feeling, I might turn out to be like ur mom! ;-D

jabishah said...

Yes, kak ja, kena berani. But if it were not for HB, mmg tak merasa diorg tu... ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi kak yatt,

Yes, we made such lousy PIs. Kan? Hahaaha!

jabishah said...

Mrs. N,

Exactly what most of my friends said. But none of the girls expected me around. It shows how little they really know their mom!

jabishah said...

Hi uncle,

Tx for the piece of advice. Am learning to let go. Gradually... ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Mamamia,

Glad to know that you agree with me. I know in no time, will hv to let go. But susah lah sgt2..