Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Zealand - Day 9

The truth, this travel journal has started to bore me. Seriously! If it were not for some friends who insisted me to update, I might simply put a stop to it. Perhaps I shouldn't have gone on a daily basis. But, those who know me in person would understand pretty well my problem. When I tell a story, I go from A to Z. I don't start from A & jump to H. Neither do I begin with A & stop at X. It is just not me, not highlighting the details. And my dear readers, I am also the type who will finish up what I started ... ;-)

Before I continue with Day 9, I'd love to share something. Maybe some of my readers have read this but I'm sure a lot have not. A few days back, after over a week I posted Day 8 & was having no intention at all to edit & upload photos for the next entry of the journal, I received a mail in my inbox. A comment from my blog reader, waiting for my finger to click publish. Reading it almost made me choke the choc bar I was snacking.

This comment sort of gave me a boost to start typing on Day 9. To Sakinah, I really do appreciate it. It was so sweet of you! At one point I almost pictured myself as Bree Hodge of Desperate Housewives ( she is one of the housewives & now a successful entrepreneur after having her cooking book published). See, my imagination can go that far! ;-)

Dear Ja,

I've been reading your travelogue since your Day 1 and I tell you that it is worth reading. Thanks for spending time to write and share this with us. Your writing is beneficial not just to you and your family, but to others which could be used as a reference to those who intent to travel to NZ, me included.

Everytime after reading your travelogue, I would brief my hubby about your journey. We do have plan to visit NZ when our children are much bigger. I've been there a few times but without the family.

May I suggest that you publish this travelogue to NZ and other travelogue of yours as a book so that your children especially could use as a reference in the future? I would definitely buy the book and get your autograph!

Can't wait to read your 2 other entries.

Am still smiling here... You know Sakinah, the main idea of me finding the time to write this is definitely for the girls. Nadeen at her young age will not remember a thing, I'm sure. Yasmin, at 10 might forget but I'm sure reading the posts all over again will make her remember the fresh scent of Milford Sounds, the cold breeze of Kirra Beach, Dunedin, the bitter disappointment in Hastings & how rejoicing it was at Agrodome, Rotorua. However, publishing & sharing it here in my blog is ample. A book? I think that is rather too much... ;-) Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Now, here we go. Day 9....

Woke that morning to the sounds of the girls' & Zu's kids blended together. They got on with each other in no time. Zu's eldest, Amyra & second, Ariff were schooling that day. Yasmin & Wardah had the chance to send them to school with Khairul (Zu's hubby). Not only sending actually. According to Yasmin, they went to the classroom & even looked around the school. They just loved it. Too bad, the cameras were all with me... They couldn't stop talking about the school even when we were back in Malaysia. In fact Wardah asked me this question which left me dumbfounded.

" Mama, don't you want to continue your studies in New Zealand? Boleh Wardah sekolah dekat sana... "

Errr... To further my studies? Errr... (a pause) errrr.... =D

That morning after, we started off at 10am. HB went out with Khairul after sending his kids to school. Needed to do the dumping business again!! Hehehe... The plan that morning was to Otorohanga, to shop & give NZ national bird a visit.

The small town. I simply fell in love with it.

In front of the shop

Zu & Khairul recommended us this place. Pretty cheap with various choices of CCC products.

Seriously these men were really into it. HB & opposite him, Khairul ;-D

The girls had each other to entertain themselves whilst their dads indulged themselves in something quite rare ;-)

Spent about 45 mins at Haddad's & we made a move to the Kiwi House. None of us had been there except for Zu & her 2 elder kids. Khairul was only recently joined his wife with their youngest to NZ. He started his Master's programme last March.

At the entrance with a replica of the bird & sorry to inform that this is the only photo of the kiwi =) We were not allowed to take photos of their species inside. Kiwis are nocturnal animals.

The Kiwi House was not only the home to the kiwis but also other native birds. Its aviary was the largest in NZ. But the girls were more tempted with the ducks! Couldn't really blame them as that was the only animal they were allowed to feed.

Quack! Quack!

Wardah, showing off her skill to the little one.

They saw more ducks ahead & made a move before us.

... and started on their mission quacking away to attract more ducks.

I was holding my breath, taking this shot. Wardah was overdoing it & got a scolding from HB.

A friendlier feeding spot.

This girls just could not resist the water!


Unlike at Agrodome, here Balqis enjoyed feeding these animals which were not bigger than her size ;-)

We didn't give the duck food to Nadeen as it might end up in her mouth. From her expression here, could she be annoyed for not allowed to feed or for not being fed?? Hahaha...

Papa's girls...

With Zu. The last time I met her was during our graduation. Who would have thought, we were to meet again, in NZ?

To the wetland birds

One species of bird

It was in NZ that Nadeen really practised on her walk.

This is how the kiwi eel looked like... ;-)

Curious with the sun clock

We reached Zu's place just on time to fetch her kids from school. Had our lunch at her place & then only I realised that we only had a couple of hours left before the shops closed at 5pm. There was a problem though. My dear HB was having a nap... I was in dilemma! Hehehe...

Zu understood the situation. She came out with a plan. Amyra had her ballet class that afternoon. So, we girls hopped in her MPV to drop Amyra off & after that to the mall. The boys (with Balqis & Amily) would join us later. Marvellous!

The time showed half past 4. Zu, on the way to the ballet class dropped me off at a mall first. Yasmin & Wardah wanted to stay with Amyra. So, there I was with Nadeen alone at a big mall. Loved it! I knew what I wanted to get. Walked straight inside the store & enquired about the model I wanted. They had a lot of stocks & also a good news. The shop would only close at 6pm. Just my day!!

I made an appoint to get back to the store later with HB. At the meanwhile, I still had an hour to spare & look around. Found a Pumpkin Patch Boutique & it was on sale!! Was quite a pressure really... I had 4 attires to shop for, all in 2 pieces each or more, Nadeen was already restless in the stroller & all must be done in less that half an hour! I tell you, it was nothing of a retail therapy.

When there's a will, there's a way... I managed that in record time. Woohoo! Thanks to HB who came to rescue cranky Nadeen. She hated the idea of an immobile stroller. HB took her cruising outside PP store.

Next, was to the first shop I went to. HB was not supposed to purchase anything. He had no intention at all but he did exactly otherwise. It was in fact, a good bargain. Way cheaper in NZ compared to Malaysia & furthermore, they were legally unlocked. Having holding it in my hand was a dream comes true... I am now an owner of a smartphone! (so what if I'm not smart enough for it?hah!) Not only that I own a smartphone but THE smartphone!! I just love this toy. Really, really adore it! Nope! HB didn't get the same model. He chose the rival to mine...

My precious toy....

I was all smiling like an idiot walking out of the shop. Hahaha! Wardah requested for ice cream & I was in the happiest mood not to agree. Unfortunately, most of the shops at 6pm had called it a day. Zu managed to get some at a hypermarket instead & we headed back to her place.

The girls enjoying their Cadbury ice cream at Zu's.

That night, Zu made pasta for dinner. HB & I were busy packing up. We were flying back home the next day. With the many luggage that accompanied us, the packing took like forever. I didn't even have the chance to play with my toy. Instead, asked Khairul a favour to give it a check. Thanks, appreciate it ;-)

The girls with the young hostess right before they hit the sack.

Thanks a million Zu for such hospitality. You really took the trouble & I was not much of a help... We have to meet up in KL. Yasmin & Wardah sometimes still mention Amyra. I'm pretty sure too that your son will not forget Uncle & Auntie Ben 10 (he was referring to the Britz). How cute...

*to be continued


shahid said...

don't stop yr post on nz ya. i can't seem to get enough of the beautiful pics. at last nampak jugak muka x-rumate i tu ;)

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

i love ur postings on nz..bestnya

kay_leeda said...


Will definitely do revise reading when I am more free. Thanks for sharing...keep it coming pleaseeee...tak kisah lah if it's like 1 year after the trip (and by then you'd be starting on yr next trip...heh..heh)

jabishah said...

Shahid dear,

One more day to share... Your ex room mate is still the same her! One thing very obvious she still had her knapsack with her when we went places... ;-D

jabishah said...

Thanks ibu! Hope you will enjoy my other posts once Im done with NZ ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Kay,

One more post to wrap it up. I will do photostory too I think. What you did w perth was so cool.

bella said...

Ja, your girls are soooo beautiful and sweet. They seem so well behaved and they must have enjoyed the trip tremendously!!!Seronok I baca your travelogue ni.Memang susah nak transfer the amazement on paper kan...the scenery, the keajaiban Tuhan...mmm...nice nice...NZ mmg one of our dream destination jugak..

zuwati said...

Hi Ja,
Nice reading your postings, I think Khairul managed to snap a few pictures of your girls at the school. I will email you soon.


Hang rindu kat roommate ke? Mai sini la. Best wishes to you Shahid.

Yup Ja, I still bring around my knapsack as to remind me that I'm still a student lol.

Keep on writing on the blog okay!

jabishah said...

Hi Bella,

Can't argue but they did behave. We are firm with them. Holiday, tak holiday... to discipline them is no holiday.

Yes, it was quite a challenge putting it on words. In fact now reading the earlier posts brings back the memories. Klu tak mesti dah ingat2 lupa...

NZ is highly recommended. Awesome!

jabishah said...

Hi Zu,

Tx dear. You were such a great host. Appreciate it a lot! Bila ye nak pay you a visit lagi?? ;-)