Saturday, May 23, 2009

Teacher's Day Gifts

The girls are done with exams. Not only Yasmin & Wardah but Balqis too. I was not aware of it until the final day. Felt rather bad of course. Yes, I know Balqis is my 3rd girl but I do not treat her as the 3rd best... Never!

Later I found out from her principal that the kindie did that on purpose. Didn't want to acknowledge parents about the evaluation as definitely we would make a 5-year-old or even a 4-year-old-plus like Balqis work on the alphabet & numbers. Hmmm... As the principal put it... "We don't want the children to be stressful, you know?" OK... Yasmin, Wardah you both are no kindie level. It was OK for me to stress you out!! ;-D

I'm so glad they sat for the mid-term exams before the break. I knew a few other schools would only start with the exams after the term holiday. How stressful! Yes, stressful... Word of the day.

Next week, besides getting their results it will also be like a honeymoon week for them. One programme planned for these students is a Teacher's Day celebration.

The actual date was a week ago. Balqis came home last Friday telling me that it was Teacher's Day. A friend brought something for her teacher but she didn't. I remembered going to Shah Alam that day & she made me promise to come home with flowers for her teachers.

I bought some plastic roses & a roll of matching ribbon. 4 red roses tied in bows & I arranged all bouquets in a decorated basket ( a recycle frm my sibling's wedding...). Balqis couldn't be happier looking at her mom's touch. Hehehe... She gave each bouquet to all her teachers on Monday & of course I had to inform one of the teachers upon sending her to kindie, "I'd like to have the basket back please..." ;-D

It is very not me for not sharing you the picture. Very, very unlike me either... to forget snapping a picture!! Grrrr...! Maybe the thought of both her sisters too wanting the same flowers arrangement for their teachers, made the less effort of me to take out my Canon frm the camera bag. What more when Wardah wanted the exact colour.

Last night, I was supposed to get the flowers. The shop is very near to their UCMAS centre. But coming home yesterday evening, the 2 girls saw some wrapped gifts in purple on the dining table.

Y - "Mama, what are these for?"

Me -"A friend ordered. Gifts for Teacher's Day."

W- "Cantiiiik.... What do you have inside? Cookies?"

Y- "How many in each?"

Me - "5"

Y - "Banyaknye...!"

Me - "Banyak?"

W - " I don't want flowers anymore. Wardah nak bagi teachers ni..."

Y - "Yes, me too. Please mama...."

Great!! Now, I can't share with you the photo of those flowers. Instead, I've got to bake more of those cookies...

Here are the gifts my friend ordered. This is the first time, I accepted orders to be given as gifts. Normally, I sell in a container of 50 pieces. You know, I quite like what I did ;-) Those gifts are to be given to all the teachers in her school. Each package comes with 5 homemade choc chips cookies (mine have no nuts).

If you happen to like what you see, I do take orders =D You may acknowledge me in the comment box. I will not publish your orders if instructed & will get back to you. Thanks. Now, I've got to continue with more wrappings... Still down with 70 packages!


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Jabishah, wow, you not only a wonderful mom, a heart of gold but a talented one.
Love those sweets.
By the way any more ahemmm, additions to the gang? Ha ha. Best regards, Lee.

princess said...

Can I have 8 for my teachers. Plus one for my morning session teachers.

fiza said...

oo...tidak...arif x cakap pun ada exam..i tanya dia , dia kata takda..hish..memang bagus betul la diorang ni simpan secret..dia tak sibuk gak mintak beli gift utk teacher..but fatin usual, the eldest doesn't even know bila teacher's day..nasib mother's day dia ingat...hehehe..

shahid said...

ja dearie,
orders from kulim buleh hantaq dak? ;)

PermataHati said...

Hei. That cookies look so good. xder pun recipe dlm boza's kitchen?
Good idealah Boza...Next time I pun nak bg teachers' day anak2 I homeade cookies. Tapi I x tahu nak buat? Jgn lupa post recipe yek

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

Do you do anything for kids party pack?:)

jabishah said...

Hi uncle,

No more addition. 4 is enough! Tx for your kind words. Regards to auntie.

jabishah said...

Yes princess... Your wish is my command ;-D

jabishah said...


Aa aah.. lupa to inform you. But by the time I knew, dah habis dah their evaluation tu...

jabishah said...


Hehehe... But I pernah poslaju to kulim tau. ;-)

jabishah said...

Alaaa Liza. Recipe cookies tu mmg tak post pun. Exclusive... =D

jabishah said...

Hi ibu,

I've made a few for the girls. Nothing fancy really...