Saturday, April 25, 2009

Her First Field Trip

My usual Saturday morning is normally spent in the study room with the girls. Yasmin & Wardah, seated on their own chairs solving pages of their mental arithmetic sums given by their UCMAS teacher the night before. Balqis gets busy too. She either brushes up her reading or doodling away(which she often opts for the later..). Nadeen with luck, will get carried away with her non-audible toys I select. Most of the times she would rather be on par with her other sisters to get hold of a pencil. Thankfully she agrees with crayons.

Today is rather a quiet one for me. Only Nadeen is around. Yasmin & Wardah are both in school attending a workshop on Smart Learning or something. And my Balqis is out for her first outing with friends.

Her kindy selected the KL Bird Park for the field trip this year. Balqis is extremely excited. I have taken Yasmin & Wardah to the park before but it was ancient ago which both hardly remembered a thing. Of course this trip was much an annoyance to Wardah. Balqis was like non-stopping telling bird park this & bird park that... Frankly, when I found out about the workshop I was so glad & without any hesitation signed up both of their names. At least not only Balqis, Yasmin & Wardah too would be occupied with a different source of activity. Away from their Saturday norms.

I sent off Yasmin & Wardah first this morning. Rather a surprise when I saw quite a number of cars outside the school compound. Yasmin informed that I needed to register for them. Alaaa...

" You 2 are big enough to do your own registration right? In fact, I have made the payment earlier."

"OK mama." Came from Yasmin.

Smiling I drove off to Balqis's kindy. The truth girls... I had other priority ;-) It's Balqis's first field trip! I had to do what I needed to...

When we reached her kindy, the bus was already there. True as the principal promised, a big air-conditioned bus.

A pose next to the bus.

I saw other parents too assembling outside the premise. Hey! I was not doing this alone...! ;-) Took Balqis to her teacher, kissed her,told her to be good & of course to have fun!

I was waiting in the sun & getting real bored. Sneaked in & found the children listening tentatively to their principal. I, like always pointed my toy...

Look at them!

I agree that it is the parent who is really the culprit in instilling disciplines to the youngsters. Once, Balqis noticed my existence automatically came a smile & whatever briefed unheard... hehehe!

At 830am sharp the first group made a move. This mom, chose a convenient spot outside for her camera shoot. And here came Balqis with her classmates & teachers.

In the photos above, Balqis was very friendly to my lens. Now, observe the following shots...

She was about to pass this lady with one big camera (well... at least it was the biggest that morning!)

I could sense irritation in the air... hahaha!

Even when I called out her name & waved goodbye, she simply walked off. In her mind probably, "No, I don't know that lady!" Hahaha!

Lining up to get in the bus & that was the principal, Ms. Ching.

The bus driver assisted her.

I monitored from below, the seat she settled in. Rushed to the other side & found her with 2 boys. She was seated by the aisle. Just hope everything will be fine. InsyaAllah..

A wave at last.

Bye Balqis. Have a great time!!


the ol' rascal said...

Balkis akan bergembira today..mama dont worry...main dengan Nadeen ya!

Makin besar anak makin kita di tinggal kan...hahaha..beranak lagi Jar.....

the principal said...


I thot of bringing my children to KL Bird Park too but changed to Zoo Negara coz I was told by the travel agent charge dia sama je. Our field trip will be on 14/5/2009

Parents mmg akan anxious sgt esp kalau outdoor but from my experiences, the children will enjoy outdoor more than indoor.

Before field trip, parents fielded me with loads of questions...

wanshana said...


I'm guilty of holding on to my kids too much...

For the first school trips my three kids went to, both Ayah and I would volunteer to follow the group! Bukan tak caya the teachers, tapi tak caya the public... Chronic betul lah kan we all ni?

With Hanna - it was Petrosains.

With Hasya - it was The Zoo.

With Hilman, it was The Bird Park.

(We went even when they protested against it! Hehehe!)

I'm sure Balqis had an enjoyable time with her friends at The Bird Park (without any of her parents tagging along...Hahaha!)

jabishah said...

Hi ol'rascal,

Ya betul. Mmg bergembira. Yg best tu bila dia cakap,
"mama, balqis jumpa hantu burung..."
"hantu burung?"
"mama ni... oll!"
"oo... burung hantu. Owl?"

Beranak lagi? Cukuplah...

ps- rasa mcm biasa je dgn tuan punya badan ni the ol'rascal ni. sorry if Ive got the wrong person but sorang aja org panggil ja as jar dlm dunia ni... orgnyasemukim dgn suamiku? ;-) betul?

jabishah said...

Hi principal,

Im glad the kindy chose the bird park as balqis has frequent the zoo byk kali. Rumah atuk dkt situ ;-)

All the best on the 14th. Will be tiring definitely but upon seeing their faces, hilang penat kan?

Err.. you pernah experience parents mcm kak shana & hubby tak? Hehehehe..

tireless mom said...

Dear Ja

Nadeen looks so sweet and photogenic there. I am sure she had lots of fun at the Bird Park and how she wish her mum can record that in her photographs.

jabishah said...

Kak Shana,

Hehehe... that was a relief laugh. Glad to know that there is even a more kiasu parent compared to me out there ;-)

I was like that with Yasmin no doubt but Balqis as the 3rd, dah relax sikit. Perhaps it is HB. He was brought up totally diff frm me. So, he sort of neutralize things for us.

You 2 are so cute. Imagine nanti Hanna ada boyfriend. Hahaaha!

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

Jar,pandai nya meneka ol rascal tu sapa..hahaha..terpakai acc aziz laa..tak peasaan laa..ampunnnnn

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Yatt,

That was Balqis... Nadeen is my youngest.

I wld love to shoot more of her photos. As she put it her teacher did not snap even a photo of her. My poor girl. Plan to take all of them there again & we will hv fun with the birds & also posing. ;-)

jabishah said...

Kak Ezza,

Hahaha... selalu tgk CSI, tu yg terror sikit ;-)

Ooo... acc abg aziz.No problem. Ingat kan kakak kita ni nak ber anonymous. Hehehe!

kay_leeda said...

Dear Ja,

By now I'm sure Balqis is back and has so much to tell you about her field trip.

That's how it is lah kan with us Moms. I remember Faris punyer first camping trip when he joined the police cadet. He was in form one then. I nak pi ikut hantar dia to Ulu Yam!!! Nasib baik my husband put some hardcore sense into my head!!!

sherry said...

Salam Ja.

Last march..during school holiday, i ingat of bringing my Irfan and sisters to KL Bird Park and Zoo Negara.. Tapi bila sampai KL..venue tu automatik tukar ke KLCC..! U should dapat teka the trick kan.." babah, bawak anak2 pi sana..err..mama nak pi rehat2kan fikiran kat kawasan sekitar!

Yatie_T said...

It looks like Balqis had a lot of fun sampai jumpa hantu burung... hehehe. I'm not sure if I can let my baby go on a field trip without me tagging along. I'm going to blame my mom for this..... hahaha she follows all her kids field trips even though we were teenagers. We have 2 options for sleepover; a) at my parents house or b) no sleepover at all if you want to have it at your friend's house.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Ja,
Balik trip tu mesti Balkis cerita non-stop, kan? That's what happened to my Hanis. Her first field trip was on Wed 29th to Zoo Negara. Sampai hari ni dia tak habis dok bercerita pasal animals kat sana :)

nana said...

Me and hubby were so thrilled for Jasmine's first filed trip. Ktorg yg over excited, but suspense sangat. I for instance kept assuring myself she's gonna be fine with her teachers and friends. After sending her off, I waited at secluded spot eyed her from far...terukkan I?hehhehehhe

jabishah said...

Hi kak kay,

Yes, she was telling me of mcm2 jenis burung... which made her sisters more curious to go. Will hv to do that one of these days.

You pun nak ikut Faris? Hahaha! That only shows how lucky they are for hving us. ;-)

jabishah said...

Kak Sherry,

Nx time around, you go ahead do your shopping & the kids can go to Petrosains. Another trip to kl, you again go to klcc & make them go to aquaria ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi yatie,

Im sure you 'd the same with Josh. You just wait dear. It is very difficult to let go...;-)

At least you got the chance to go. Mine did not hv the time to tag along, terus tak pernah dpt pergi trip. That's why when I got the offer for boarding school rasa baru lihat dunia... lol.

jabishah said...

Hi kak ja,

They are so adorable kan? Mmg non-stop. At least you got to know of other animals. I balik2 burung, burung, burung... hehehe!

jabishah said...

Hi nana,

Don't worry. Been there, done that. With yasmin lah. Balqis is my 3rd kan, so mama dah relax sikit... ;-)