Monday, April 6, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic - the movie

Remember how I love Sophie Kinsella books? I even declared myself as a Kinsellaholic once. Obviously I have read all her books... well, almost. Her Shopaholic series from book 1 to book 5 are incredibly magnificent. Not to all I know. I do hear remarks of how absurd they think the character Becky Bloomwood is. But really she is the beauty of that series. However, I have to pass on Kinsella's other books. Less entertaining to me... Now come to think of it, I am not exactly a Kinsellaholic but more to a Beckyholic!! :-D

The movie I had long been waiting for is now showing. Not other than the Confessions of a Shopaholic. I watched this somewhere last week but didn't have the chance to blog about it. Guess who was my date? At first I planned to catch the movie with some of my girlfriends but someone volunteered to take me. Yes, it was HB. Thanks B! ;-)

Frankly... Frankly? I didn't really like the movie. The storyline is somehow different than the book. But again, I didn't read the Confessions of a Shopaholic. I read A Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic. Still, aren't both the same book with identical storyline but different titles & publishers?

Anyhow Isla Fisher who played Becky Bloomwood in the movie was brilliant. She I think was the saviour of this movie from becoming a real drag. I even caught HB laughing which I tell you is very rare.

I strongly believe that the movie should stick close to the original book. The plot is 100% in the US whereas the original should be in England. As HB put it, I should watch the movie first than only read the book. If that is so, having watched this not-up-to-the-expectation movie, I rather choose a better book to read. Won't you?

My two pennies worth. What say you?

Here is the movie trailer.


tireless mom said...

Hi Ja

The trailer nampak best and hilarious. Will try to get the DVD soon.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, here my 3 cents, I have not seen nor heard this movie or book.
I guess because hardly go to movies, last was Memoirs of a Geisha. Because wife nak tengok.
Wishing you and the gang best regards, Lee.

the principal said...


bestlah you HB nak ikut. The last movie I watched with Shahrul - Bride Wars. He told me to watch with my friends kalau girly stories. Have to get the DVD from Jaya 33..

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Ja,
I saw it last Friday night with 4 of my girls. I was halfway thru the 1st book when I saw the movie. Tak sempat habis baca.

Now that I've finished reading it, yeap, movie's different from the book. But aren't all based-on-book movies like that? I remember The Lord of the Rings - I read the whole series and noticed there were some changes here and there. Nak bagi 'sedap' cerita kot.

Back to Becky - I agree with you .. she's such a doll!

I'm currently into Picoult and Stephenie Meyer - sebab Twilight lah, apa lagi :)

IBU said...

I oh-so-want to watch this movie too. But hubby suggested why don't i read the book first. That put me off lah... I remembered watching The Devils Who Wore Prada, after reading the book. Similar feeling, movie wasn't as good as the book.

So if i read the book first, I'll suffer the same disappointment.

In conclusion - I still wanna go watch the movie first lah! Hahaha...

bella said...

Hi Ja,
I watched this movie with Cik Abang. I have never read the books. And I am not a fan of sophie kinsella.Maybe I should try to read her books. But I liked the movie. There were moments where my CIk Abang will angkat kening and said...ehem...macam I biasa tengok je situasi nie...hehehhe....

Yatie_T said...

Hi Ja,
I haven't got a chance to watch this movie yet. Since it's no longer showing at the movie theaters here, I'll wait for the dvd. In the mean time, I think I'll buy the book. I might become as a Kinsellaholic. :) You take care, dear.

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Yatt,

Yes, it was an interesting movie really. Nak try to catch Talentime... HB wld be a wrong person to drag. ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Uncle,

Watched MOAG too. And yes I made HB tag along. He was like trying hard not to sleep. Loved the movie. Why?Bcoz I hvnt read the book... ;-)

Enjoy your wkend.

jabishah said...

Hi Principal,

Hehehe! Tu lah... was lucky that day. Normally he wld refuse. But am, so sure lepas ni I hv to bayar hutang & kena watch a movie of his genre.

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Ja,

Yes... I am so into Picoult nowadays. Will blog abt it soon. Maybe after Im done w my travel journal. Ada org dah bising ni berenti lama sgt... ;-)

Ye lah, nx time around we got to watch the movie first than only hit the cinema. Klu dah terbaca, how??? ;-)

Take care!

jabishah said...

Hello ibu,

No! You go watch the movie first! The book comes later... Or else you will get the same disappointment like I did. Shopaholic series are very hilarious. A must read!

jabishah said...

Hi bella,

Good that you hv watched the movie & enjoyed it. Try the book next. You will love it more! I was like org gila gelak sorang2 whilst reading the whole shopaholic series. My Yasmin who is a book enthusiast has been wanting to read them too. But at 10 I think, it's rather too early. Movie pun classified as PG13, the book with more thorough situation lagilah... ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi yatie,

Long time no see.. ;-) Glad ur back.

Yes, do read the shopaholic series. Very hilarious! You will get addicted that is for sure.