Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back to work

Yeah, I'm back at work today after the long break before & after the "kenduri". In fact haven't really put enough effort on my work lately. Not to mention the long rest after having Nadeen.

Nope, I have not been offered a new post. It's my same old voluntary work for life... a homemaker! Apart of taxing the girls to school & getting errands here & there, I have not looked into their school work thoroughly. How time flies.. and next week they are seating for their Test 1.

This morning, that was what we did. Revising through the subjects they have learned in school focusing more on the Malay language. I am not sure whether they are weak in the subject is the issue. Probably the way they are tested in that subject is tricky. Even I get confused... hahaha!

How in the world do you elaborate to them the usage of prefix "ke", "ber", "per"? Not to mention the suffix "an", "kan", "i". Back in college English prefixes & suffixes could help me in determining certain vocabularies. But in Malay? You know a word because you practically use that word...

Perhaps it's our first language. We overlook it. My girls are struggling to accept it as their mother tongue. It is evidently my mistake. For sending them to an English medium kindergarten & also for conversing mostly in English with them. TV programmes they watch also play a role... Last time their favourite was the Disney channel. I guess that's where Yasmin picked up her accent.

Now frankly, I am rather glad with "Geng Bas Sekolah" on air. At least they can improve their Malay language rather than bringing home words like "perasan", "berlagak", "mampus" from school. Though the words mean negatively, I take it positively. Gave them the real meaning & prohibit such words uttered.

This stage is challenging but fun And... I have to do it all over again with Balqis & Nadeen. But of course with experience.

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