Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Two Months Nadeen!

Check out the date. Nadeen is exactly 2 months today. She grows so fast. She weighs 5.5kg & I think now I'm building up muscles at my biceps.... Who needs a dumb bell when you have a baby. She drinks a lot. Really pity my 2 sisters ;D hahaa....!

At two months, she needs to pay her paediatrician a visit. Yes, her vaccination. This month she's getting her DPT, polio, Hep B & Hib meningitis. That sure is a long list! Lucky for her that now all is done in one shot & no more oral for polio.

As expected, there were lots of little ones at the clinic. What can I say... today is Saturday, the convenient day for most parents. Not for me really as hubby is at work. But to postpone it to next week won't be a good idea. Hubby will be back home only on Tuesday, I have to send the older girls to school & next week is also a long break for Chinese New Year celebration.

Now my MPV really serves the purpose. It was a full house today. And that was without hubby! I drove, Yasmin was next to me, the baby car seat behind me, Balqis next to the baby, my helper next to Balqis & Wardah was at the back together with Nadeen's rocker. I know it sounded so packed but Nadeen didn't complain at all. She was awake all the way & not even a whimper came out despite of having to tolerate with sis Balqis role played herself as mama. I even forgot that she was in the car!

Dropped the girls with my helper first at the entrance, hopping to get an earlier number. I had to make 2 rounds to get a parking space. Saturdays are really a nightmare! Went up to the 3rd floor & found the girls playing at the child centre. Yasmin came to me & presented the number. It was lucky number 17.... & she checked from the receptionist at the clinic, there were like 14 patients before us :(

Comel Child & Mother Centre

Yasmin just can't part from her book

The girls making new friends

It was almost 2 & a half hrs wait. The girls hardly whined as they were having fun in the centre. (They sure did conquer the place ... I heard only their voices esp Wardah's). Nadeen was dreaming away in her hand-me-down stroller. That of course after pooing & being fed :) The girls didn't even realise the long wait. I had to make them stop playing & follow me waiting in the clinic instead. The paediatrician, Dr. Haliza had been treating my girls since Yasmin was a baby.

The nurse measuring Nadeen's height or should I say length...

Dr. Haliza comforting Nadeen

Dr. Haliza ready with her tiny saint weapon

Seriously, I was busy taking pictures & focusing the lens onto the doctor, I didn't realise the look Nadeen gave. My poor baby, looking straight at me with those innocent eyes as if asking for help. I feel like crying looking at her face in this picture. And there I was, with a camera in my hands sort of enjoying witnessing her being bullied. Bad mama! Bad mama! Well... I guess it shows that the baby is definitely not my first child!

All done...

She had a slight fever just now but better after I gave her medicine. All asleep & Im joining them... Goodnight!


lizamurni said...

Looks like we share the same paediatrician..since the children's birth...

jabishah said...

Really? We never did bump into each other ... She's good kan?