Sunday, November 16, 2008

Balqis's night

We had a marvellous time last night. Attended such an incredible concert. Not only that it was entertaining, the admission was also FOC. But HB had to sponsor some $$ for one of the dancers' outfit laa. I'm sure you can guess... True enough! It was Balqis's kindergarten concert.

For the first time I did not have jitters at all. Seriously, all these years whenever the girls were to perform in a concert, I would have this 'butterflies in my stomach' syndrome. My hands would turn cold & my heartbeat fast. Hahaha...
kelakar tak? But last night I was so relaxed. Didn't even play the hiding game like I normally did with Yasmin & Wardah (when they were in kindi of course!). I even waved at her on stage (Which was not to HB's liking.... I think he too was scared, Balqis might follow Yasmin's step. Yasmin's first performance in front of the audience... she didn't make it to the stage.)

As some are aware Balqis just shifted to this kindergarten last May (you may read here). One thing unique about her kindi is that the concert is held right in front of the kindergarten itself. They have the advantage since the road facing it is a dead-end.

The kindergarten

The stage

Zooming out

More zooming out...

Now, does that look familiar to you? No? Hahaha! You know before I enrolled Balqis here, HB & I used to make fun of the stage. It was seriously very much like the one that Opera Cina uses. Betul.... no kidding. Who would have thought this year we attended as audience?

Moral of the story... don't judge a book by its cover! The show was incredibly amazing & I loved the costumes. Custom-made, OK. Unlike the the other preschools my elder girls used to go, where they bought the attire somewhere & creatively put on accessories to suit the theme. But... the accessories would only be on loan. Last night, Balqis went home exactly as how she was dressed on stage.

Another thing that I just have to highlight about last night is the songs. There were no latest hits at all.Nil! The most recent number played was Michael Jackson's Heal the World. OK, that was early nineties, correct?

Balqis's class danced to an oldie - "Where's your momma gone" .Googled for the title of the song - Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep. Seriously, what year was that? There was also a P.Ramlee song - Nasi Goreng Bubur Kacang. The one that goes like "Hoi nasi goreng, Hoi bubur kacang..." and a few of the evergreen 60's Pop Yeh Yeh songs. What else? Hmmm.... Irene Cara's "What a Feeling". One class performed a Carribean dance. Wanna guess the song? Yup! Day-O (Banana Boat Song). Even during a break we were entertained by Wham! "Wake me up, before you go go.." Hahahahaha! Do you get me now? ;-)

I just have to share this with you. Pssst... this man was the Disc Jockey!

No! I have nothing against the choice of songs. I enjoyed myself so did Yasmin, Wardah & HB. I even heard Yasmin just now humming to the "Hoi nasi goreng" song. Hehehe! But why did Wardah say it was Apek's song??? Don't tell me he did a remix...!

Balqis had a wonderful time on stage despite her most of the time looking at her partner not the audience. Hehehe! Wardah backed her up though. According to her the partner was doing the counting for their dance steps.(
Ye lah, you might be right.) Balqis however, refused to look at me even though she sensed my existence.

These are a few of the many photos I shot... hahaha! (I was like a photojournalist that night!).

Balqis in action!

Her dancing partner, Yu Siong.

This was went she responded to my many waves & thumbs-ups. Notice the slight smile?

During the Grand Finale, singing along Heal The World with friends & her teacher Miss Aina.

I simply love the costumes & performance! Well done teachers...

Stand still to the National Anthem.

Balqis was really treated like a superstar! She even had her personal bodyguard... No lah! That was her Principal, Ms. Ching - a very enthusiastic lady.

The superstar waiting for her chauffeur to get her home.

At home, Nadeen was scared of Balqis. "This is not my sister!!!"

My angels posing with the superstar... ;-)

What is a superstar without a manager mom... hehehe!

Enjoy the video.

To the Principal & teachers, congratulations! It was a superb concert..

To Balqis, it was an awesome show darling!!! Mmmmuah!

To Capt. Amri & Dr. Hafizah, thank you for letting me use your internet connection - jasamu dikenang!

ps- As I was busy uploading photos just now, my modem went kaputt due to a lightning strike. A Makcik Blogger like me just have to complete what she started. Paid my wonderful friends' place a visit to finish up my post & to publish... Hahaha!


azira said...

TAHNIAH BALQIS...mmg ur great girl's!...
sian nadeen xkenal akak dia...aunty pun xdapat kenal ngan Balqis...hehehehe

k girls...enjoy ur school hol...luv u all!!

akak...akak post video ker? sy xdpt tgk la video tu...maybe something wrong with my connection here...too slow...

Ezza Aziz said...

Tergelak tengok Nadeen, agak nya dia pelik tengok Balqis berubah wajah. Betul ke kakak aku ni...Amboi..Balqis...udah macam konsert cina pulak.. pakai merah lap lip lagi...tapi konsert tadika mmg best...akak dah merasai keadaan macam tu dulu...Dah besar anak mak tu...Manager pun sama ....

fiza said...

hi..ja..ur most welcome...rugi betul tak de kat rumah mlm tadi..klu tak blh tgk gambar balqis byk2..anytime..blh prob..rumah ku..rumah mu jua....he he he...yg plg best tgk muka nadeen dgn balqis.terkezut tu...bior betul kakak ku ni...pas tgk semua2 tu..wonder..camner la nak pujuk arif taun depan naik stage....???

Waterlily said...

Hi Ja :)

Waahh..pegi concert ya?

1) Betullah, the stage mcm opera cina :D That's my first thought too.
2) Kalau bertembung tepi jalan lah, memang I tak tau that guy is a DJ! huhuhu...
3) Dalam ramai ramai, you girl menari paling cool gitu..! ni mesti banyak practice kat rumah eh?
4) Love the costumes! Love the colors! Love the children too..semua nya cute cute.

p/s terpaksa buat point forms, kalo tak, berjela jela comment i nanti..ahakkss!

lizamurni said...

Balqis is so talented.....please exploit her more, hihihi....
Whenever our children are having events like this, mesti the mummies yg emotional kan? i feel the same way too all the time....i dah update blog, finally....

jabishah said...

Hi Azira,
Lmbt lah you nak baca comment ni... dah kat kelate kan?

Tq. Balqis melaram habis mlm tu! Nadeen put blur. ;-)

Dah dpt view kan? I tak publish the other comment as you requested. Hehehe.

Happy holidays!

jabishah said...

Kak ezza,
Nadeen baru je bgn tidur... nmpk pulak kakak yg glam semcm.. tu yg takut. Mmg fun tgk diorg perform. Sume cool je, tak takut langsung...

jabishah said...

Hello Wlily,

Waa, now best la right the weather kat sana. Mesti dok picnic kat beach ni...

Mmglah ratu gelek tu dok practised kat rumah. I was only the music. Balqis guna mulut dia je as her remote control...

"Music pls"
"Music stop"
"Music kuat sikit"
"Music bising, perlahan sikit"

Adoi... Lega la jgk dah habis. Hahaha!

jabishah said...

Hehehe... Tx again yek. Panjang betul password korang. Tobat mmg tak ingat.

Mmg Nadeen takut tgk Balqis. Dia pun sendiri terkejut tgk muka dia. Kat kindi mana tgk her reflection. Blk rumah sendiri terkejut tgk cermin... Hahaha!

Pasal Arif tu... Tak tau lah. Mcm mana yek?

jabishah said...

Tx. Takes after her mom kut... Hahaha! Exploit her? Seniman jalanan tak berkenan ke? ;-)

Ye lah. Were our moms like that too? Kita kan born performers ! Hahaha!

Will cx out ur blog. Take care!

a&a'smom said...

Wow, Balqis looks so cool! Hehehhe, so funny the pic of Nadeen with Balqis, her expression is priceless!

jabishah said...

Tx. She was pretty cool up on the stage too. But ye laa, Nadeen's expression was priceless! Kih Kih Kih!

U.Lee said...

Hello Jabishah, your gambars are really outstanding, and everytime I pop over here, I think of the TV series, 'Charlie's Angel's', ha ha.
Here its Jabisha's Angels. And your Balqis...she is so cute and beautiful....anyone looking at her knows she has an equally beautiful mother, ahemmm.

I love the pics, and Jabishah, I really love that pic of the disc jockey, ha ha ha.
That pic is sure it. One would think he maybe kedai obat owner, ha ha. Fantastic shot that.

You know, in a way I envy Captain, he has beautiful Angels surrounding him....I can imagine bila Captain balek rumah after a long, tiring flight, his Angels hugging him....I sure envy him, ha ha.
My best regards to you, your Angels and Captain. Hugs to Nadeen. Lee.

ms hart said...

Jabishah, I came here much earlier, but didn't have the chance to leave comments (due to the competition for the pc!!! he he) You know, I BURST and I really mean BURST into laughter when I saw the 'golden' deejay!!! wahahahaaaa...cayaaaa lah!!! Patut Balqis bersemangat!!! (and mak Balqis pun!!! hahaha) K'im salam kat deejay tu, ok? Kalah deejay yang hangat ke, yang fly ke, yang hitz ke!!! huhuuu

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Ja,
Waaahh... superstar of the night! Congrats Balqis! And her 'manager'..hihihi...

Kesian tengok Nadeen.. tak kenal Balqis with the makeup and all... :)

jabishah said...

Hi Uncle,

Thank you for your compliments. Always look forward to your comments ;-) You never fail to make my day!

Balqis was really something that night. HB was rather surprised but not me. That's my girl...

I love the shot of the DJ too. He didn't realise. Thot I was busy snapping photos of the kids... hehehe! I didn't know abt him until the show almost ended when Balqis was singing the national anthem. Do you still remember "Negaraku"?

Uncle, you sure you want to be in HB's shoes? Everytime balik all his angels would start telling this & that. All at once fighting over papa's attention... Hahaha!

jabishah said...

Ms. Hart,

When I discovered abt the DJ, show dah nak abis pun... Masa Grand Finale tu yg I managed to snap curi2. Klu lah dia senyum posing for my cam... tak tau laaa.. Hahaha!

jabishah said...

Hi kak Ja,

TQ frm Balqis & I. Superstar tu now pantanglah ada music, asyik bergoyang je lah...

Nadeen's expression was priceless, kan? Terkezut! Kesian Nadeen...

Big Pumpkin said...

AIYO!!!! SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

jabishah said...

Hi Big Pumpkin,

How have you been? Bz as always I assume. Kisses to Tessa.

Glad you like the pics. She is adorable, isn't she? ;-)

Take care now.