Monday, November 24, 2008

Princess Balqis is 4!

My 3rd princess turns 4 today. Happy Birthday darling! I did not bake any cake neither did I make any fuss over her gift. We are going to Penang later this evening. The trip by train in a private cabin is kind of the present. The all in one present... hehehe. Balqis's birthday, to Nadeen who will turn 1 next Monday & to Wardah also Yasmin for their good results in finals. Such cheapskate parents!

We are having a party this coming Saturday & of course there will be a cake & presents. That was why, I didn't feel guilty for not baking her a cake. My plan was to get 1 cupcake at any cafe in KL Sentral (hope there is one..), light a candle & we will sing her the birthday song.

In fact, I am rather occupied today. We are leaving for Penang tonight & have some packings to do. Something which I hate to do but do not trust others to do it for me. You know what I mean? Oh no! I forgot their swim suits!! Be right back... OK. I have a checklist. InsyaAllah I wont leave anything behind.

The elder girls did make a card but I told them to wait for papa to return home this afternoon, only then we hand it to Balqis. They agreed. So just now, I was in the kitchen preparing their lunch & I found the birthday girl at a corner in our study room. No, she was not crying... Instead, she made me almost in tears.

Balqis was on the floor, with a glue, colour pencils, scissors & a piece of paper. Asked what she was doing... She answered she was making a birthday card for herself. How would you take it? I hugged her, kissed her, cuddled her. Instructed her sisters to get the card that they made. It's not that we didn't wish her. We did! Very early in the morning but without a cake, without a present, without a card... Sorry darling! I promise to bake you the best cake ever!! And... you can choose your gift in Penang! ;-)

This is the card. At 4, she is still as demanding as always. Upon looking at the card, she put it aside. Told us she wanted the girl's hair in the card to be longer not short. Wardah made the hair transplant in record time... Notice the pic?

Here is the birthday girl. She continued making her own card which was left unfinished as usual... ;-)

We love you Balqis! Mmmmuah! Mmmmuah! Mmmmuah!


Ezza Aziz said...

happy birthday balkis,

selamat bercuti ke penang,,hari hujan ni so baik baik..jangan lupa bawak bekal ubat demam.selsema dan batuk.

Take care and happy holidays...bawak balik untuk acik jeruk kat pasar chowratsa(tak sure ejaan dia) tu tau!!!!

Waterlily said...

happy birthday to balqis from auntie wlily :) Bila sampai Penang nanti..haa, jangan lupa, mintak hadiah yang paling maaahaaalll sekali ok! ;-)

Ja, hope you and family enjoy your getaway to Penang! Amik gambar and blog about it later ok..cheers!

jabishah said...

Kak Ezza,

Tx. Dah balik pun frm Penang. Alhamdulillah semuanya ok. Ni tgh edit gamba. Nanti will share dlm blog.

Kita pi chowratsatu. Borong buah pala. Betul ke kak ezza nak?;-)

jabishah said...

Tq Aunty Wlily. Berapa paling mahal? Balqis tau kira sampai 20 aja lah Aunty...

We had a great time. I smpi gained a kg tu! Masalah betul! Will share some pics soon. Am editing now.

ms hart said...

Happy belated birthday to Balqis! So sweet, dok diam2 buat card sendir, ya? Kalau I pun sure rasa sebak nak nangis!! Hope Balqis dah 'cukai' mummy and daddy masa kat Penang tu dengan secukai-cukainya!!!! he he he

jabishah said...

Tx Aunty Ms Hart. Esok birthday party Balqis... Am sooo excited with more presents!