Sunday, November 2, 2008

I was once a teacher

To those who frequent my blog are pretty much aware that I am a Supermom. Well, at least for 3 solid weeks I was... (sometime in Ramadhan). Now Alhamdulillah my helper is back & I don't consider me a supermom any more, a stay-at-home mom yes.

Before I submitted myself solely to HB & my girls, I was once a teacher. A secondary school teacher of sub-urban Lembah Keramat. I served 4 years at SMK Lembah Keramat & before that a couple of months as a trainee in the same old school.

I have so many things to be grateful for. One of those is my workplace. It is not everyday that someone gets the chance to be in the same school for practical & posting. What more when the school is merely a 10 minutes drive from the written address on my application paper ( I used my parents').

Besides the distance, another bonus factor of a workplace is of course the people. My ex-colleagues are truly the most wonderful people I have known. I sort of grew up with them which I'm pretty sure they doubt me of actually grown up (Hehehe... that's the trick of what you call
awet muda -stay youthful). The students? Well... I consider them the challenge ;-D.

To sum up, an almost perfect workplace is having marvellous people to work with, a lax drive to work & some challenges. Why merely an almost perfect? A perfect includes a better pay
mah... ;-O

Last night, I had the chance in meeting my good old buddies again. It had been years. The last time I met the whole of them I was still a mom of 2. I tell you being a mom of 4 does make a little difference. Perhaps slightly more than little. Hahaha!

The school organised a charity dinner which I was more overwhelmed of the reunion idea.. :-) I hate admitting this but I was kind of nervous once I stepped into the hotel lobby. But that did not last. The 1st to greet me (or was it me greeting instead..) was Kak Nuri. A senior teacher whom I can't recall ever working together with but she recognised me. That I tell you was a good sign! It was either I still maintain the figure which most of them predicted I would fail upon quiting or I exactly like they thought never did grow up in my chirpy kind of way! Hehehe...

As I was being glided up the escalator to the hall, a man was focusing a video camera to whomever reached the top of the moving stairway. I let him be. The minute I saw a familiar face, I rushed towards. The hugging & kissing episode started. I met Patvinder, Kak Sham, Kak Nora, Kak Norly, Kak Aishah, Kak Solehah... so many
kakaks! The man with the video cam like a paparazzi was busy at his work shooting such memorable event. He was none other than Zakiman, an extinct species in the school. Somehow came his insulting remark "Berapa kilo kau naik ni?" (How much have you put on weight?). %$#@! Need I elaborate further why I was so longing for their company?? Hahaha!

In the ballroom, I was playing treasure hunt. Hunting for my treasured friends. Again the same episode continued. Hugging, kissing, laughing, talking endlessly. My... I so missed them so much & the sparkle in their eyes upon seeing me, well just admit it! You people missed me too!! Perhaps more... hahaha. I slept smiling last night recalling each one of you!

Enjoy these photos. Eventhough these are only still images, I bet you can feel the love. To my dearest friends well done! After all these years you did not fail being such out-of-this-world companies to me. Mmmmuah!

This is Ain. She was posted when I was having this idea to quit. Didn't really have the chance to get to know her better. But we had a great time last night, didn't we?

My Kak Ru. I heard she obtained another Cemerlang (Excellent) recognition this year. Congratulations & thanks a bunch for the tips & tricks in teaching. You rock!!

With Kak Bahiyah, Kak Ru & Ain.

That's Kak Bahiyah checking on the menu of what she ate... hehehe.

Zakiman, that night was incharged of video shooting. Not sure whether he was really assigned or a voluntarily basis. I never knew he was ever good with gadgets!

Posing with Kak Ru & Cikgu Fauzi (the former Afternoon Supervisor, now the PK HEM - 2nd after the Principal). We had one big row right Cikgu Fauzi but if it was not for the challenge I caused, you might not be able to handle the students as a respected PK HEM as you are now;-D)

Here is Kak Laila. Very loud ( used to be the Head of Disciplinary Teacher) but with the heart of gold...

This is my lovely Patvinder. Though you can sometimes be an old school (sorry Pat... muah muah muah), you have always been the apple of my eye!

Kak Nora is my silent blog reader. This time around you have to drop your maiden comment. Sorry about this pic though. Don't blame my HB's point & shoot but blame it on that nyonya! She can't sit still even at snapping a photo... :-D

This is the nyonya whom I was talking about. My happy-go-lucky Lim. Life is never dull with her around. Full of laughters & laughters & more laughters...

Now, this used to be my partner in crime, Kak Rus. Just look at both of us in the middle of the ballroom. What was that pose really Kak Rus? More like a dance to me... ;-D

Purple was the theme for teachers that night. It was rather easy for me to hunt them down ;-)

Align Center
With Kak Siti. I'm sure that you have forgotten this but it was really you who gave me the piece of advice on inner health & beauty. Hahaha! You don't look 40ish at all & I look in my early 20ish myself. No? :-D The guy next to me used to be my student. I taught Khaliq when he was in his Form 4 back in 1997. Was a trainee then. Now look at him. Married with 2 kids & an entrepeneur.

With another student of mine (the one on my right).

I have to thank Kak B. Not only for acknowledging me about this event also for updating me with such sensational stories of my one & only workplace, SMK Lembah Keramat.


U.Lee said...

Hello Jabishah, Wow! So many pretty ladies.
Its always wonderful meeting old friends. I never had that opportunity....was always away.
Love that million dollar, Hollywood smile of yours, Jabishah.
And you certainly don't look like a mother of 4 kids.
To be honest, you look more like someone still in U, ha ha.

Beautiful photos Jabishah, love the colorful dresses.
Hugs to Nadeen, have a nice day, Lee. Regards to Captain.

ms hart said...

Jabishah, amboi...boleh masuk iklan colgate semuanya!! Yeaaa...can feel the excitement and laughters by just looking at all the pictures! You are lucky to have such a pleasant memories of your one and only workplace!!

Waterlily said...

Selamat Pagi Cikgu. Cikgu, boleh tumpang tanya? Cikgu garang tak dulu? heh heh..

MrsNordin said...

Ohh... so you attended the dinner, huh? I saw the placard in front of the hotel as we were passing by last Saturday. Siap ada gambar Rabbani lagi. And we were wondering, terror cikgu2 sekarang ni... buat charity dinner kat Flamingo lagi... Rupanya cik puan ni ex-teacher kat situ.

I'm sure you had fun. The pictures shows.. :)

lizamurni said...


If you can still remember, we were in the same school doing our practical teaching, I was in the afternoon session and you were in the morning....Those times were great but the real teaching after graduated was like hell to me.....If I were being posted to Lembah Keramat, I might still be there now....hihihihi

jabishah said...

Hello Uncle,
Again you never fail to flatter me. But don't stop... I like ;-D
Uni student? Hahaha! That's it Im so sharing this remark with HB.
It was so wonderful meeting them again. I made a wise decision for going alone. Came home past midnight. .. & glad that the girls were already in bed.
I love the photos too tx. Borrowed HB's Canon powershot. Didn't bring my dslr. Afraid that ppl mistook me as the photographer.. hehehe!
Take care now uncle.

jabishah said...

Ms hart,
Ye laa I tak boleh bergambar without colgating ;-)Otomatik je gigi tu kluar!
Im blessed with such a beautiful memory working with wonderful colleagues like them. If I were to teach again I won't hesitate to go to that school again but of course no longer 10 mins drive la. As now staying in Puchong ;-)

jabishah said...

Selamat Pagi,
Apa tanya2? Tak nampak ni saya tgh sibuk nak reply comments. Nanti waktu rehat datang. Saya kasi masa 5 minit aje, lepas tu nak pergi kantin makan.
Hahaha! Ok tak Wlily?
But really I was not a fav teacher back then. Was rather firm. I didn't like students mengendeng2. As a result, diorg sort of takut kut dgn I. Nasiblah Teacher's Day ada jgk gifts students kasi...hahaha!

jabishah said...

Yup, I was there le. The school organised such event once with SitiN as the artist back in 2001. Unfortunately I was confined at home with Wardah. Klu my mom tak bising, dah tentu I redah je ballroom tu.

jabishah said...

How could I forget...? Life was much easier then. Even during our practical. Dpt pulak supervisor like Mr Radzani.. Hahaha!
True what you said. SMKLK has gone thru many stages of changes but what makes teachers keep coming back to the school is definitely the warmth of other fellow teachers ;-)

wanshana said...

Meriah sungguh!!!

Could see everybody had fun, and I could imagine how riuh rendah the hall was that night. Errrr...was anybody even listening to Rabbani when they performed, Ja?! Ke semua orang dok pok pek-pok pek berborak through it all? Hehehe...

Lovely photos - and I love your lovely smile :)

farizahb said...

Hi Ja,

Lovely pictures. I have the utmost regards for teachers - such a noble and difficult profession. Two of my sisters are teachers.

Must be nice to hook up with old friends! What was the charity for?

Ezza Aziz said...

Good morning teacher...
Seronok dapat jumpa member lama..

jabishah said...

Hahaha! Kak Shana... you know at one point I heard one of Rabbani vocalist was actually saying this "Boleh berhenti sekejap pusing tgk saya..." Did that answer your Q ? ;-)
And awww tx. That colgate smile is a signature.. hihihi!

jabishah said...

Hi fariza,
Tx for putting it that way about my former profession. It is quite sad when some ppl regard it otherwise.

Hmmm the charity? Ye laa.. what was it for? To gain money for the school I guess. Was busy chatting to even bother listening. Bad,bad me!

jabishah said...

Kak Ezza,
Mananye tak seronok... Tgk je lah gamba2 tu. Itu baru betul "tak kering gusi"! ;-D