Saturday, November 22, 2008

Same Old Friday

It was Friday night again last night. We did the usual... Sent off Yasmin & Wardah for their Mental Arithmetic class & Balqis to her Art class. By the way, have I told you that she did amazingly in the class. Her last week's work was pasted on the wall! But I was too excited & totally forgot to snap a pic to share here. Well.. perhaps next week.

By 8pm, it was just HB & I. He wanted to take me out but I declined. We had to get the girls back by 10pm. Plus he just got back from work & I knew he was tired. The truth, it really was me who felt rather not in the mood & a little fatigued too.

The cause to my weariness was due to my helper laaa. It is not everyday I check on the cats' cage or HB's gardening tools or whatever things she considers "arranged" outside the house. It started when I found cat litter scattered near the cage. When asked she answered that she just swept the floor & perhaps one of the cats just did its business. OK. Fair enough. I took a broom & started sweeping. You know when I sweep, I really sweep. Anything that puts a stop to my broom needs to be carried or if too heavy, dragged aside. That was what I did with the cage and... I found the crystal of cat litter (we use crystal based cat litter) near the wall, behind the cage & when I pushed the heavy cage, there was even more crystal (kalau boleh buat gelang satu cerita!) underneath the cage. Mak sudah naik angin!

If she admitted her mistake when I first asked, I doubt being that angin. Ini siap jawap... "Saya sudah tarik keluar dan sapu" which was not to my liking. Punya banyak kristal bawah cage tu... Obviously, she did not tarik keluar. Kalau dah buat salah mengaku aja lah.

My weakness is whenever I naik angin, I become extraordinary rajin. It's like my mouth & my hands work together in rhythm. Mulut pot-pet pot-pet, tangan kemas itu ini. But I'm not that stupid laa for others to manipulate my weakness. Somehow, yesterday not only that I swept the floor near the cage & HB's gardening tools shelf, I also transfered 4 bicycles, a scooter & a see saw (nasib plastik..) for me to do real sweeping! The best part was when asked "Mesti dah lama tak sapu lantai dekat basikal-basikal ni kan?" She answered "Tidak begitu lama, tapi tidak juga begitu baru". How do you respond to that? Adoi...!

You know I didn't plan to write about this. How did I get myself to rant about it? Ohh.. why I felt extremely tired. OK, back to what I planned to write.

Instead of going somewhere else, both HB & I ended up at our normal hang out on Friday night.. McD's (boring betul!) whilst waiting for the girls to finish class.

We had dinner.

I briefed him how the girls were that day.

He shared with me about work.

We finished dinner & watched the news aired from a big screen in the restaurant.

I commented on the newscaster's attire.

He expressed his concern over the local politics.

After the news, Scenario was showing. He took his Steve Berry's novel & I reached for my Sophie Kinsella's The Undomestic Goddess. He read & I read.

It was like after a few pages flipped I realised what a couple we made. Obviously, very obviously if someone were to observe us they would know that we are a married couple. 100% married! Not for a year or two but for a decade at least!. It was when changing chapter, I stole a look at him & ... Hey! This could be a blog entry! Hahaha!

Enjoy your weekend everyone...


IBU said...

100% married? HAHAHAH....

Thanks for this. I shall take it as a reminder. Shortly nak keluar dgn Ayah & the boys, I will try to behave towards Ayah minus a few %, so that we don't look 100% married. If you get what I mean? Asal jgn Ayah kata, apa hal plak bini aku arinih? Hahahaa....

jabishah said...

Yes Ibu, you do that. Not merely a few % bagi minus banyak % punya! If the boys are around is even better... People might take you as either ayah's GF or the boys' new mom. Hehehe!

amri said...

' apa..akan terjadi...sepuluh tahun lagi....tak tau...tak tau...tak tau...ku tak tau...' tau tak Ja..sapa nyayi lagu ni..? sapa lagi klu bukan raja gelek malaysia...itu le...bak kata orang..bini pregnant anak 1st..belum pregnant, laki sibuk tanya 'dah pregnant?'pregnant anak ke 3 ' la..u dah pregnant ?'masuk anak no 6 ' anak sapppa la ni????' bak kata sepul apek...he he he..

fiza said...

ooops Ja..sorry..tadi tu i yg comment..terguna account suami ku...ampun...ya ampun...jangan mare ye wahai laki ku yg budiman...

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabisha, ha ha, can't help smiling re your helper.
In your case I understand as you have a platoon at home.
But I notice quite a few ladies get kelang kabote, go lintang pukang when their maid chabut or go home for few days, ha ha.

My wife with me has never experienced having a maid. Why? Dia ta'suka orang kachow her kitchen, include me.
Thats why I am an expert at buka tin foods, not cooking.

Her kitchen is her domain. If I nak buat her kenang kabote, I joke, "hey, I silled some sugar in the kitchen", and no matter apa dia buat even having shower, tentu lari keluar check, ha ha.
So quite often you tau la bila I teased her, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Jabishah. Lee.

lizamurni said...

I completely understand your situation with your helper...the other day, my colleague found her mom's jewelleries and tudungs under her maid's bed, when asked, her maid buat 'dek' jer....mengamuk my friend your case, sabar jer la, maybe it's 'the time of the year' your helper buat hal agaknyer, hopefully, she'll improve...

hmm....100% married? hihi..i can imagine exactly how you both looked like at that time but at least you get to spend time together just the two of you alone.....unlike me, the little heroes would have to tag along all the time, hihi..baru nak bukak buku, they start asking this and that, last-last, tutup buku and layan they all cakap jer....that's why i have books which i bought few years back still remain untouched (i've blogged about it before)...hahahaha

jabishah said...

Hahahha... Terkezut. Ingat kan org tu yg comment.
Entah lah kan in another 10 years mcm mana lah cerita nya. Tak pa, nanti I try nak bagi kurang % sikit nmpk married. Mcm Ibu ckp.
Hafiz ok?

jabishah said...

Hi Uncle,
Your wife sounds very much like me. I can also have the headache when HB masuk kitchen which he does sometimes. So, if that happens I rather be somewhere else & return only for the meal he prepares. My helper, I have trained her to handle my kitchen as I expect it to be... ;-)
But true what you said, Malaysian moms mostly are so dependent on maids. They are a necessity now to our lives...

jabishah said...


Tu laa.. it does depend on luck when it comes to helpers ni. Mine is superb with kids, a good masseur & a good cook too but kemas rumah mmg out. But I can tolerate with that lagi yg tang menjawap tu I cannot stand.

Tapi really the advantage of having a helper.. you get the privacy once in a while with your other half. Lain tu mmg kita boleh manage.

cheani said...

maid aku pun sama daaa.
menjawab no.1, mcm aku buta sgt.
tang menjawab tu yg aku tak bole kompromi, dah buat salah tak nak mengaku.

jabishah said...


Kan? Mmg tensyen! Klu salah mengaku je lah. Ni siap putar belit. Mcm kita tak sekolah...