Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We did it again Balqis...

I don't know about you but I am one of those mothers who is very finical about schools the children go to. When Yasmin was starting Year 1, I took the trouble to register her in a smart school so far away from home. Having doubts over the distance also knowing that Yasmin would be the pioneer batch, I shifted the registration to another school, which according to friends was a good school based from its UPSR results. To make it short, I somehow failed to enroll Yasmin in that school. Instead, her name was listed in the school near my house. Then, the school was new & was without a principal for quite some time. Now it has improved a lot with many experienced teachers posted there... Alhamdulillah.

Seriously, it is not that easy to be that selective over government schools. It is not like private schools whereby you have the honour to choose whichever suits your needs. As long as you have the $$$ anywhere can be arranged. So am grateful with the school Yasmin & Wardah go to. They just need the extra attention from me, time to time.

Balqis is a different story. For those who are frequent here, might remember that Balqis at her tender age of 3 has gone to not 1 but 2 different kindergartens. And today, still at 3 years old, she enrolled to another kindergarten! Why? I know... let me explain. No! We didn't move. Still the same old house in Puchong.

When Balqis started kindy, she was barely 3. Very limited kindergarten offered playschool in my area. Hence, had to travel a little bit further out of my area for her playschool. Early this year, she continued in the kindy for nursery class.

Now is the second term. I have to admit, it is tiring sending & fetching these girls from school. My daily schedule is full. Then last week, the government announced the new rate for fuel. RM2.70 per litre. 78sen increased. That's a lot. It was only Balqis's kindy which was out of the way.

Having discussed with HB, we decided to shift Balqis back to our area. I beforehand of course had surveyed 1 particular kindergarten & very happy with what it yet to offer my 3rd girl. I asked Balqis whether it was OK for her to change school. Surprisingly, she was not sad with that idea but looked curious. Wanting to know more about the new kindergarten. I took her to the kindy later in the afternoon & she was all smiling. So, today was her first day of school in her 3rd kindergarten... hahaha!

Balqis with her playschool teacher, Amy & nursey teacher, Doreen & her friend Yin Yin in her former kindergarten.

This morning she was all excited about the new kindergarten. We sent her off & she kissed us both & simply waved goodbye. As if it was her not her first day there. I had sort of predicted that (Balqis is the most independent of all my girls) & hoping that tomorrow things would still be the same.

Ready to go

Balqis waving at us

Her new teacher helping her out

Her classmates

After school she still had that smile. That was good news. According to her teacher, she adapted so well. We'll see tomorrow...


wanshana said...

Lucky that Balqis is not the type who creates scenes on first day of school! She's a very good girl indeed, and very independent :)

Some kids can get really traumatized on their first day - and imagine if they have to change schools a few times! At the end of the day, the parents yang more traumatized...

Nice kindy, by the way :)

Nic said...

Aww.. how adorable
She's gonna be fine I'm sure
The teachers also look kind and 'sincere', hehe

Keep us posted

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, your daughter looks beautiful in her uniform. I bet she's having fun too judging from the wave and smile. Nice photos too.
Youreally have beautiful kids.
You have a good day, Lee.

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Shana,
Yup, we are lucky indeed ;-)Frm the 1st day until today, she salam, kissed me & simply took her teacher's hand. Waved goodbye & that was it.
You know my trick? I never sent any of my girls to kindy on the 1st day of school in Jan. Lots of traumatized kids for sure & I did not want my child to get infected... hehehe! Furthermore, being the only new girl in a kindy, definitely she got all the attention she needed.
Have a good wkend!

jabishah said...

Hi Nic Darling,
Sincere? Hmm... I hope so to. ;-)
She has homework daily! So far, I managed to tackle that. But the topic of homework shld only be highlighted after her nap & dinner. Before that... No, No!
Tak care babey!

jabishah said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
Thank you. She loves her new uniform. It's a dress! Unlike the previous, a T & a skirt. Now, we address her Princess Balqis every morning going to school. Another trick to make sure she is in a happy mood...
Enjoy your wkend!

Yatie_T said...

Hi Jabishah,
Balqis looks like she's having a lot of fun. I like her uniform too, comel betul Balqis.
I also add you on my blogroll and I hope it is okay with you. :)

jabishah said...

Hi Yatie,
Tx. She loves that uniform. Makes her feel like a princess.. hahaha!
I'm ok with the add. Tx.
Hv a good wkend!

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, Being a bit free, I tengok your other blog and Holy Smoke!
You're a gourmet cook. And my favourite dishes too.
I am going to show my wife your dishes!
Wa, your donuts looks out of this world! Love Yazmin's face, very good photo that one, ha ha.
I love only plain donuts and with ice coffee.

And your 4 angle bean...and krabu. Jabisha, kalu saya di KL sekarang, I put on a thick skin, no need actually, skin already thick, ha ha..get myself invited to your house for dinner.

Alamak, your 4 angle bean krabu, saya boleh dapat the smell of the onions di sini.
The last time at ate krabu like that...I think at my Malay friends house in PJ.

Later I will show my wife tengok dia boleh buat same same, ha ha, otherwise nak beli Air ticket fly to KL, go your house to eat ada terok sikit.
By the way Jabisha...if you cook ikan, nanas lemak, or fish head lemak, send me telegram, I datang tengok, put my nose next to my Apple, ha ha.
Happy cooking, Jabishah, and have a good weekend. Jangan lupa switch off oven, Lee.

jabishah said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
Hahaha... I started off with my food blog merely for fun. I won't say that Im a great cook. My mom yes.. she is superb. She has this thick recipe book that's been with her since before she married my dad. I did borrow hers once & copied the recipes I loved in my own big book. Still have the book somewhere.

A few years after, I started blogging & decided that I might as well try out the recipes, take photos (which I love) & upload in a blog. Based frm experience, even with a recipe in hand I still call my mom. So, hopefully with the blog the girls won't kacau me & HB enjoying each other after our retirement... ;-)

Take care.

ps - I gather that you love masak lemak. I hv 2 in the blog. Check for chicken & prawn. Anytime you balik kampung inform me. I'll cook that for you!

U.Lee said...

Hello Jabishah, wow! Thats a date! Ya la, I love lemak.
Wait, wait, I must tell you this.
Last night I called my wife tengok your food dishes and when looking at your krabu, I held her hand and blink blink at her macham 16 year old girl nampak handsome boy, arhaaa ha ha.
She knows when saya da jadi napsu nak makan...she said, "wa, first time I see this style of krabu, okay I try...but don't you dare tell her about my krabu", ha ha.

Then she smack my shoulder, "hey! You better go look at the women or kachow them la, you look at food, now I got to try, aiyaaa". Ha ha.
But you know what? Later I'll show her someone's baby pic. Dia tentu pengsan...she a gorgeous 65! Instead of krabu. make baby. ARHAAAA HA HA.

Now you know one reason why I have so many Malay friends, ha ha. Saya ta'kasi chance. Bila pergi rumah kawan, sure ask, "Salmah, what you cooking"? Ha ha.

I gre up among Malay people and thats why I love Malay style cooking, especially sambal belachan.
And this much I can tell you, sambal belachan made in Alor Star different to KL, different to East Coast...everyone got their own hand me down nenek's recipie, like yours too.
How's your sambal belachan? Ada limau perut?
I better chabut before my drooling wet my Apple keyboard...ohhh wait, when you make donuts, send me telegram, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.
ps, jangan lupa saya ni 6'1" tipping the scales at a shapely, ahemmm, 195 pounds.
So masak extra rice. Don't worry, I will bring the ayam and ikan and pineapple...
You make ikan percik for me? Can ahhh? Ha ha.

Shera said...
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Shera said...

Oppss Ja,
Sorry terdelete my comment le...Penat seh type.

jabishah said...

Read it in my mail though ;-)