Friday, June 6, 2008

Taipei 101

Our short holiday in Taipei continued. The rain did not hinder us at all to explore this capital city of Taiwan. My girls had a marvellous time at Taipei Zoo. Rain or shine... But deep inside me, I was sure they preferred rain to sunshine. Back home, never did they have the fun playing in the rain or even parading in their ponchos.

Balqis, Wardah & Yasmin - final pose at Taipei Zoo.

Since the rain had stopped, the girls chose to take the MRT to our next destination. The MRT station was very reliable. Perhaps the turning off was the language barrier. But sign language worked perfectly. I should have taken the photo of the chips used for tickets. Luckily, HB was familiar with the MRT there. As he was busy handling Nadeen & her stroller, there I was looking for a slot to insert the chip. Then I heard my HB familiar voice saying something about touching the screen... So, that was what the round shape, colourful, blinking light for. To scan the chip! How would I know?

The girls in the MRT. We were lucky to get the front seats.

Nadeen eyeing the locals surrounding her in the MRT.

The MRT heading towards a tunnel.

HB had informed the girls earlier of going to 101. I doubted the girls knew, what 101 was all about. Told them, it was a tall building & that they could see the whole Taipei from the top floor. HB asked a local on how to get to 101 from the station. We were lucky to approach someone who spoke English. He at first thought that we wanted to take a shuttle there. But HB next question made me felt so proud of my girls.

"Is 101 far?"

"Not far. Just around the block." Signaled to the left.

We thanked him & continued on foot with Nadeen in the stroller. The building looked so near yet the walking was endless. I was very proud of my girls. They didn't complain of walking but of course the "Are there yet??" tag question was uttered so many many times... It was indeed a whole round of the block!

The girls posing with these robots (I was too tired to even bother going to the other side of the grass & read)

The walk

The trick - whenever in front of a camera, always present your best smile despite having blisters on the feet & aching leg.

How irony... Taxis were everywhere in the city. They were actually waiting for passengers but I guessed walking was the best to appreciate sight-seeing. Don't you agree? Hahaha!

We ran out of drinks. Upon reaching 101, we came across a vending machine & look at Wardah helping herself to the cold fresh juice.

At last nearing Taipei 101. We still had a road to cross!

Taipei 101

We paid NTD 15400 ( approximately RM154) for the tickets to the Observatory. Took a speed ride on the fastest elevator in the world. Rising at 1008 meters per minute (60.48km/hour) & descending at 610 meters per minute (36.6km/hour). The indoor observation area was at the 89th floor. Here we were provided with a radio kit for a quick tour of Taipei based from the beautiful sceneries of the city.

The only girl of mine who really appreciated listening to the radio was, of course Yasmin. In fact, some of the facts I wrote here, I double checked with her.

Wardah was all around the area & Balqis was either busy asking questions or posing for the camera!

At the 91st floor was the outdoor observation area. Just look at my 3-year-old Balqis amazed look... hahaha! She is fond of buildings & show houses replicas. I always have to stop for her to observe if there are such displayed at shopping complexes. Hmmm... future architect??

And she was still holding on to the pen, HB bought for her at the zoo!

The girls & their mom, Taipei 101 final 10 floors at the background.

Before we left, we climbed down to the 88th floor to have a look at the Damper. This 800 ton tuned mass damper helps to stabilize the tower in high winds & earthquakes.

The girls with Baby Damper.

Some facts of Taipei 101

Unofficially, Taipei 101 is no longer the tallest building in the world. Burj Dubai in Dubai, UAE overtook Taipei 101 in height on the 7th of July 2007, upon completion of its 141st floor. However, Taipei 101 remains the tallest building in the world until the completion of Burj Dubai in 2009. Taipei 101 surpassed our Petronas Twin Towers by 57.2 meters but Burj Dubai, completion at 818 meters will be 309 meters taller than Taipei 101.

Before going back to the hotel room, I purchased Vitamin C for the girls at a nearby pharmacy in 101 itself. It was indeed a long day for my girls but they did not complain at all. After a hot shower & dinner, they slept like a log. Perhaps dreaming of either Taipei Zoo or 101...

* to be continued


U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, before I change into second gear...I, wrong word, no thinking, have one of the loveliest smiles I know.
Holy Smoke, kalu under different circumstances...*wink*, ha ha...if I had seen you, habis florists jadi kaya, ha ha.
Okay, now where was I? Ahhh yes, your Taipeh holidays.
Jabishah, I really admire you...4 young kids with you and hubby on holidays.
Other people, even one dia tak berani...afraid of air travel for the baby.
I love your Nadeen, Jabishah...she is so cute. Got her mother's attractive looks for sure.
By the way, bila nak give Nadeen a brother...4 girls! Need a brother la. Ha ha.
Your Taipeh pics are awesome. You guys didn't go see the Mountain peoples?
I must tell you this...I took a day tour to see the mountain people...and the lady tour guide was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever day, I took the same tour, just to sit infront admire her beauty.
She noticed me saying, "didn't I see you here yesterday? Why you going again"? Ha ha.
Once again, I really admire you, take 4 kids on holiday and Nadeen so small still, but Jabishah, wayyyyyyy to go! Macham Indiana Jones adventures.
By the way, re your comment in my blog re 'fishing'...bila you ada time, Nadeen tidur...take a look at my archive, "among my many memories', D/d 12/20/07. I tied what your hubby tried, *wink*.
Jabishah...your beautiful sure one real attractive lady too...makes my day.
You stay beautiful and have a nice weekend. Hug Nadeen for me, Lee.

Yatie_T said...

Hi Jabishah,
thanks for dropping by at my blog. You have 4 beautiful girls and Balqis look a lot likes you. Congrats on your new baby Nadeen. Your husband is a captain at MAS :) I was a cabin crew once upon a time. He looks familiar but I don't think I ever flown with him before. I tak berani nak cakap dengan captain lah, takuttt.... :) Kadang2 cuma bagi report that the cabin is safe for take-off/landing. Kadang2 tu, ambil order kaptain nak makan/minum apa aje. I miss that job, it's fun, tiring and working like a dog too hehehe. I hope MAS still not working their pilot a lot of hours like before.
p/s: it is so illegal for your hubby (MAS employee) to wear a shirt "fly emirates". hehehe

jabishah said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
You never fail to make me smile... but Indiana Jones adventure??? Hahaha!
Thanks for the compliments. Am flattered, of course. I've read your posting that you mentioned. Will comment in your blog.
I didn't know there were Mountain people in Taipei. If I were with hubby traveling, might hv done that. But you taking the same tour twice? Hehehe.. funny thing you Uncle Lee!
You take care now. Will post an ending to my "Indiana Jones" adventure soon.

jabishah said...

Hi Yatie,
Thanks. Hehehe... takut? Why is that? But I think HB prefers crew like you. Kerja buat, less bodek.
Too much politics in the company now. Bet you've heard frm others..
Have a good day now!

ps- not only has he a T but also a cap! ;-)

wanshana said...

Amazing that you all could do all those and cover so much in such a short holiday...with a baby in a pushchair some more! Hehehe!

But, it's worth all the blisters and aching feet to see the kids having fun, kan?

Take care!

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Shana,
We are impressed too. But I reckon there's not much to visit in Taipei where kids are concern. In fact, food was another factor. One whole day is enough. We were lucky all the girls behaved except of course the soft toy episode at the zoo with Balqis... ;-)
And true it was worth it! Am so proud when I heard the older girls telling their version of verbal travel blog to their grandparents & our helper. They sure did get their facts right.
Have a good day!