Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Welcome of a New Cap

A new cap. That was the reason for last night get together. Little that my friends knew about the reason of our little gathering. They were like assuming us to make the big announcement. Sorry babe! Not that one... most probably it's a no.

Anyway, back to the cap. Some might be aware of how dear HB encountered with "TuanPuteri" of Mount Ophir & sort of presented her with my cap. My lens cap. He lost it during his attempt to conquer the peak. I hate to lie but I was a bit furious. Grr...!

My lens was uncapped for 3 solid months. It was quite a hassle looking for the right size. I am to blame really. Was rather too lazy to go to Jln Pudu or even Pertama Complex. Thanks to my good buddy Iesa. Appreciate you getting the cap for me... ;-)

I, to be frank knew nothing about this arrangement made by HB & Iesa. Was aware of their phone discussion of which weekend HB was available. In fact, it was me who confirmed to HB that we were free last night.

After the phone call between the two, HB with his infamous grin relayed a new piece of info. "Iesa tanya Ruby whether it's OK to have a pot luck gathering at his place. If Ruby hesitates we'll have it at ours." There I was gaping to swallow the abrupt plan & he added more, "Lagipun nak bagi lens cap you tu.." Deep inside me I knew that I would have to play host. It was quite recently that Iesa/Ruby hosted a kenduri aqiqah.

Right after supper Thursday night, as expected I won. It was decided that we were to play host. As to make things easier for me, HB promised that I need not have to cook at all. He planned to buy satay. Still... I love hosting. I felt bad for not preparing anything homemade at all besides drinks. Offered to fry noodle or beehoon. But the idea was rejected by HB. Didn't want to tire me, said he. Hmmm... OK then!

It was quite relaxing. After lunch, we even spared the time to go to Nickelodeon Carnival in Cyberjaya. But it was too hot for the girls to enjoy the games. After the carnival, we headed to buy satay. Straight home after that & started getting things ready.These are some shots snapped at the carnival. Balqis was moody & chose not to participate. Nadeen was as usual left at home.

Wardah with her attempt hula-hooping

I'm sure Yasmin won't agree with me uploaded this shot of her skipping... ;-)

Yasmin & Wardah as Katara posing with other characters in The Legend of Aang.

Back to the house. Guests started to arrive just before 8pm. There were 7 families altogether, 8 including mine. Would never change anything in the world for good companies, great friends & superlicious foods. To all, thanks for coming. I promise, the next time around, I will make an appoint to cook something... hehehe. To Iesa, thanks for the trouble. To HB, thanks for troubling. Hahaha... ! Nah..! Glad that you decided to have an occasion for actually welcoming my new cap. ;-) Let's enjoy the photos!

One of the potluck dishes - Spinach Dip. Thanks Shake & Fiza.

The superlicios foods

Good Companies, Great Friends!

I found these boys outside shooting ball. Was wondering where my girls were?

Was looking for them inside the house, instead witnessed Shake cutting the bread of his Spinach Dip.

The girls & their friends with Uncle Shake.

My new lens cap!


U.Lee said...

Hello Jabishah, beautiful photos. Yes, a lens cap is very good to have.
That was a fantastic party you guys had and the makanan sedup tu.
Glad to read you enjoy photography.
Jabishah, out of curiousity, what kind of lens you have for your canon? 50mm? Atau 35mm-75mm or smaller?
And is yours an accessory external flash. I too love photography, have a Nikon SLR filem....But more taking portrait pictures of people, friends, portrate well making women look beautiful thru my lens.
I was studying your photos...I always do that, ha ha...learning people's styles of taking pics...yours well taken. Ta'lama boleh free lance for Lonely Planet or National Geography? Ha ha. Lee.

jabishah said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
Thanks. I love photography yes. Back in college I took photography as my elective course for a semester. Then of course we used film & processed our photos in the dark room. I used my dad's Pentax. It was through that Pentax I fell in love with photography at the age of 10.
I own 18mm-55mm & 90mm for macro shots. Aiming to get a portrait lens in the future. For flash if not chaotic with kids I use Speedlite 430EX. But most of the time the built-in flash. Not enough hands!
Am still not satisfied with what I capture. Still learning & gaining experience.
Been studying my pics? Anything in particular that u like. I wld love very much for ppl to comment. Pls share the pics you snapped too. Am not sure which one of your uploaded pics are your touch... ;-)
Have a nice day!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Ja,
So you like photographing eh? I'm also an avid photographer. Since my high school years. Amik gambar but when pp order I malas nak print...he..he.. During that time I was in the Photography Club & blajar how to process the negatives etc in the dark room. Masa tu pakai b&w saja. I wish I had those pix!
I'm trying to get Canon EOS 400D ke macam tu... tapi tak betul2 cari lagi.. Kena ricky kedai2 dulu. Do you think it's a good buy?

leen said...


So happening and the gathering looks fun! Yeah..yeah, I miss it again. Tapi tak apa la kan, you didn't cook hahaha. I'll come when you cook :-)

BTW, congrats for the new cap. Iesa beli kat mana? I've searched everywhere - Pertama, Bukit one selling the Canon cap unless you buy the camera.

lizamurni said...

You share the same hobby with my tell the truth, he would opt for camera accessories rather than getting me an accessory...hihi

Yatie_T said...

Hi Jabishah,
What a great party you had going on there.... :) It was very nice of you HB didn't want to tire you out.... what a sweetheart.
I can't really talk about photography.... I gave that to my younger sister and now she's a photographer for a local newspaper in M'sia.

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Ja,
I love the pics you shot those birds in your blog. Which cam is that? My dslr is merely an adik to 400D which is 350D. I'm no PRO & 350D does great for an amateur. How about grab yourself the latest 450D. Besar skt screen. I bought mine at Pertama Complex - Selangor Photo or something. Recommended by a friend who is a photographer.
Ya lah.. since owning a digital I too malas nak print ni. What I normally do is to copy the pics in a disc & up to that person to print ke, tak ke... hehehe.
Take care!

jabishah said...

Hello Leen,
Lama hilang... Busy as always! N'way Iesa bought the cap somewhere at a shop in Jln Pudu (wherever that is..). Tx for also troubling yourself mencarikan the cap for me. See, I love my friends.. mmmuahs!
Nx TT try to make it lah. Miss you. How's your mom? Take care...

jabishah said...

Hi Dikny,
Seniman Jalanan tu pakai cam apa? Not Nikon pls... hehehe (Canon tak ngam with Nikon ;-)) But true, I pun dah ada accessories yg I nak baru jeling2 kat handbag.. (tipulah tu... klu boleh handbag, kasut, cam accessories semua nak)
But not only that I love photographing, also like to be photographed. Since Jemir tak minat, skt je gambar I ( but I can see that he sort of is giving in to my hobby too)
Have a good day babey!

jabishah said...

Hi Yatie,
Tx. He's a sweetheart..;-) I felt so relaxed & pelik pun ada jgk. Imagine, inviting ppl over but my kitchen was intact ;-) Shld do this often..
Take care now.

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, you doing fine with your pics, depth, perspective semua very good.
Mine is a Nikon SLR film, F601 with a 35mm-135mm Nikon portrait lens and accessory flash, as well have a tripod.

My models are friends wives...they bring what ever dresses, sarongs, cheong sums, cocktail dresses and I shoot several rolls of films, select the best...klik, klik, klik...mostly candid shots...and when they see the developed prints, my reward is hearing their loud exclamation, "OHHH MY GOD! Is that me"? Ha ha.
And some already grandmothers too, ha ha.

My dream is to get the Nikon D300 with the Nikon 18mm-200mm lens and the SB80 accessory flash...but dare not even dare to think about it as only two months ago spent a small fortune buying my new Apple Imac 24, plus a Canon 3 in 1 scanner, printer, copier and a Maxtor 500GB external wife will kill me if I mention the Nikon 300D, ha ha.
I use flash everytime I shoot...especially daytime to avoid shadows on women's faces, unless I want it...and never take pics around noon, the sunlight too harsh. Best petang or nights. And always candid.

Regret I cannot publish my pics as all of other people, ha ha. You have a nice day, Lee.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Jabishah- ADA NICKELODEON CARNIVAL??? My kids will not forgive me if they found out!

lizamurni said...

Hahaha....Seniman Jalanan pakai Nikon D70......he's aiming for D300....Canon tak ngam ngan Nikon eh....hihihihi.....

Yatie_T said...

Hi Jabishah,
you felt so pelik coz you are not used to it. You should take a break and do some of other relaxing stuff. You're only working 24/7. So... relax and take a break. :) I have a tag for you and take care.

Razmyn said...

miss this again!!!
loks like you guys had fun at the potluck gathering...
too bad no "special" announcement...aku dah ready nak organise welcoming party...hehehe..
must get shakey to bring his spinach dips next time we meet up larrr...

Razmyn said...

oh ya...forgot to add...