Monday, June 9, 2008

Taipei - The Journey Back Home

Our flight to KL was at 0800 local time. Taipei even though is like 3000km away, shares the same time with KL. Obviously, we had to be at the airport as early as 0700. In my previous post about our journey to Taipei, I mentioned about the hotel was far from the airport. Hence, at 0605, we departed in the hotel shuttle ( a double-decker this time & the girls were again so thrilled!) to the airport. Any idea what time we had to wake them up? Yes... 5 am in the morning!

It was rather fun though. Seriously! Having to handle our children, OURSELVES! Waking them up one by one. The eldest first, the youngest last. Watching HB made a fuss over them. Prepared milk for Balqis & Milo for Yasmin, Wardah & yours truly. He is a great dad... After all a Cancerian!

Wardah & Balqis couldn't hide their excitement. They chose the very front seats of the double-decker.

At Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, formerly known as Chiang Kai-shek International Airport.

The girls with the cabin crew & Second Officer of MH 69

Waiting in line for the Immigration

At the waiting room. To kill time, these girls' mama loved to play with her toy.

The journey back home was not difficult for me. Maybe I was feeling like a Pro, handling all 4 girls in the cabin ;-) The flight from Taipei to KL was rather relaxed for the crew. One of them even volunteered to have a look at Nadeen as for me to take my breakfast. That was so very thoughtful of her. Of course I needed breakfast... I was breastfeeding. The girls of course enjoyed their bread so much & since it was breakfast, they were served their favourite - croissants.

We reached Kota Kinabalu after 11am. This time around, we chose to check out the new KK International Airport. The last time I was in KK was when Wardah was a baby like Nadeen. Nothing much to explore really. HB treated the girls ice cream & they admired things at a souvenir shop.

The girls never missed the chance whenever offered to go to the cockpit.

After departed, I could sense that Balqis was not in a good mood. I understood her whining so well. She was sleepy & tired too. I had no choice but to handle both Balqis next to me & Nadeen, on my lap. Alhamdulillah... she was served noodle for lunch. Not simply noodle but the yellow noodle which she loved. Chinese style cooking with soy sauce & tofu. She finished up her lunch in record time & once done she dozed off... With Balqis asleep, I managed to rest. Nadeen was easier to handle of course. Remember? I am her human baby bottle plus pacifier! Hehehe...

Some of the pictures shot. Erghhh... I have no idea where. If not mistaken in KK.

Finally, our Taipei escapade came to an end. Who would have thought that I could manage all of my 4 girls alone in the plane? HB, obviously... because he got us the tickets, didn't he?. Thanks, for having the faith in your wife ;-) I do not mind at all doing it again. Their excited laughters, their curious expressions & their non-stops tales about the journey... those are all priceless!

I learned that Yasmin & Wardah are mataured enough to handle situations when needed. Responsible in helping me to take care of the younger ones. Yasmin was always tailing after Balqis who was once lost in Dubai!(I blogged about this). Wardah on the other hand, never failed to entertain Nadeen & making sure she was in happy moods. I was totally wrong about my girls. They are indeed ready for responsibilities. It was merely a matter of time...

The end.


U.Lee said...

Hello Jabishah, I am prepared to bet dua glass iced coffee, Maxwell House or Nescafe or teh tolak pun boleh, and 5 plain donuts one of your girls will be joining the a pilot for MAS or Cathay Pacific or Air Canada, *wink*.
Pergi balek masuk cockpit, the memories will be with them as they grow up....hope I'll still be around to read their blogs of "sitting in an old fashion jet plane". as by the time they reach 21, not sure what will be flying, ha ha.

Would you believe, your kids at this age sitting in a plane cockpit...I sat in a bullock cart, and was invited to sit infront with the "captain"...this was in 1950's when Malay people celebrate 'Mandi Safar' in Malacca, and about a couple of hundred bullock carts will go to Tanjong to celebrate...and my friend's father owned one. So saya pun ikut, ha ha.
The beautiful smiles on your kids face tell the whole story of their trip to Taipeh.
Jabishah, that husband of yours don't grow on trees..manjah dia. Making breakfast for 5 girls! Outstanding! Lee.
ps, oh yes, we have a friend kid, 2 year old...we asked her bila nak balek kampong to Penang, she replied, "aiyaaa, you know la, so lecheh travel with a kid".
Jabishah, I told her I know a beautiful lady who took 4 kids, one a breast feeding baby still to Taipeh, no problemos...I didn't mention about the cockpit business, ha ha.
Dia satu baby = 'lecheh'? give tuition on taking babies air travel? I register her, arhaaa ha ha. Lee.

MrsNordin said...

Well done! Must take off my hat to you for managing it well. But I suppose, knowing that your husband is sitting infront at the cockpit helped, huh? :)

jabishah said...

Hello Uncle Lee,
My girls become pilot? Emm... not as a career I hope. But at their age, soooo excited to be a flight attendant. To them those aunties are pretty & glamorous. Hahaha! A big NO though frm their dad. Hehehe...
Aiyooo Uncle, you made me laugh so loud. Good thing Nadeen is not napping. Bullock cart? I told the older girls about it just now & Wardah didn't even know what it was. Kids nowadays... but hv to blame myself. Will hv to take them to Malacca soon.
Class for babies air travel? Hahaha! But at the age of 2, it is very difficult to handle. Curious with things & of course able to not only walk but run, definitely wants to venture more. Not strictly at the given plane seats. Plus, if a boy. I surrender. Have no experience at all with boys & based frm my friends they are very hyperactive. ;-)
Take care now..

jabishah said...

Thanks. Perhaps I was just lucky... hope next time I still hv the luck ;-)
Yup, even knowing that he was around made me more confident to tackle the girls. There was once, while cruising, Nadeen pooed. Needed to change her diaper & saw him coming out frm the toilet. Instead of going back to the cockpit, he helped me minding Nadeen. Was so sweet of him...
Take care!

Yatie_T said...

Hi Jabishah,
I am one of the mothers in the world who admire you. I am afraid to travel with one baby on my own but you manage to do it with 4 beautiful daughters. "salute" :)Did you keep Nadeen's stroller in the cargo or overhead bin compartment?

Please tell your girls not to be a flight attendant. Not all of them are bad (hehehe... like me, I am the good one hehehe) but it was so hard to get a friend you can trust. I only have one very close cabin crew friend but lost contact with him since he got married. Afraid to call him, don't want his wife to think something else is going on.

Love to see more of your adventures. Do you know who is the MAS chief captain now?

Shera said...

Ja darling,
Wow, u r the supermom now! Ramainya peminat. Hehehe...that includes me, I sometimes hesitated that i could handle two to even go to Jusco! I take age as a contributing factor. Mine baru 5 and 2. Both at the peak age of running up and down, exploring, bla bla....but promise u this that soon i will test them out. Will go to Subang Parade for a start, any problems can just drive back quickly to shah alam.hahaha....

Shera said...

Ja darling,
Wow, u r the supermom now! Ramainya peminat. Hehehe...that includes me, I sometimes hesitated that i could handle two to even go to Jusco! I take age as a contributing factor. Mine baru 5 and 2. Both at the peak age of running up and down, exploring, bla bla....but promise u this that soon i will test them out. Will go to Subang Parade for a start, any problems can just drive back quickly to shah alam.hahaha....

MrsNordin said...

He helped you mind the baby ? Wow... you must be the envy of all the ladies on board that day !

jabishah said...

Hi Yatie,
Aww.. tq. Hahaha! Well, actually I stopped traveling until recently. My 2 elder girls who are 9 & 7 helped me a lot. I doubt it I cld do it without them. Imagine me with a 3-yr-old girl & a baby? Pengsan...! Didn't know it's allowed to keep in the compartment. Mine was in cargo.
Wow...ok. That's a piece of advice frm someone with experience ;-)
Mmmm... no idea. Must be one frm jumbo. HB is still young..hehehe. Still in narrow body after like 7 yrs! I pity him. NB is tiring.
Have a nice day..

jabishah said...

Hi Shera,
Hahaha.. Boleh buat fan club ni. I have to agree that age difference contributes a lot. I started to travel again end of 2006. Then Yasmin was turning 8 & Wardah turning 6. I only had to concentrate more on Balqis who was 2. The furthest Wardah traveled as a baby was to KK. But HB was not flying.
Wardah had her 1st passport at the age of 5 unlike her sisters belum sethn dah ada.
So, if I were you Shera, I rather think of an activity at home for your girls rather than take them out without their dad ;-)
Bye babey!

jabishah said...

Hi Mrs.N,
That's something he doesn't do often. Some sort like precious moment lah. Hehehe..